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Here we have shared an amazing review of the ACORN Men’s Acorn Moc Slippers.

I am sure you would love to read our updated guide in 2020.

For all the slipper lovers, another option available for you is to try this ACORN Men’s Acorn Moc Slippers and it is available in charcoal colour.

The most durable fabric is used in the manufacturing process of this slipper, it carries an imported design and the rubber sole present on this slipper makes it more longlasting.

They are premium and classic looking slippers which will give you an ultimate comfort.

They comprise a slip-on kind of closed back design so that a complete amount of indoor and outdoor support can be given. The upper side of this slipper is made of soft fleece and faux fur and they manage to give a timeless style and appeal to your personality.

The elements of warmth, style- they are the part of these slippers. Below are the more features and all tiny little details about these slippers:

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A Complete Review On ACORN Men’s Acorn Moc Slippers

Features of ACORN Men’s Acorn Moc Slippers:

  • These slippers are attached with a presence of a moisture-wicking Berber lining so that your feet can remain dry and comfortable for the most part of the time. Most of the slippers lack the element of this moisture-wicking lining and that is why by wearing such kinds of slippers, your feet are always filled with moisture.
  • They have a memory foam cushioning, there is a resilient kind of multilayer memory foam so that further support and a proper amount of cushioning can be given to the user. No matter you are going to walk in these slippers for hours and hours, no matter you use them for any purpose, they will remain comfortable.
  • Their sole is quite durable and they are fused with a real suede sidewall. It is because of the presence of a durable rubber outsole that an excellent walking time will be delivered to the user.
  • These slippers are wholly weatherproof, they offer skid-resistant properties and can be easily used for indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Versatility is the main element which is noticed is seen in these ACORN Men’s Acorn Moc Slippers. You can take care of them easily, just give a machine wash cold to them, air dry them and give a new and clean look to your slippers for one more time. You need to wash these slippers only by using a cold water and avoid using hot or warm water, otherwise, the actual shape of your slippers will be lost.
  • Air dry these slippers completely so that no wetness remain there on them while you wear these slippers.
  • These are perfect slippers for men of all kinds of ages, you can call them all-day slippers because you can wear them in your house, you can use them during travel times.

Why Buy the ACORN Men’s Acorn Moc Slippers?

  • These slippers are a perfect choice if you are going out for adventure filled activities. You shall be going to experience a happy time while wearing and putting them on your feet. Do you know that since the time of 1976, these Acorn slippers were spotted and seen right on sherpas present in the Himalayas and on the space shuttle missions as well as they are worn by X-Game extreme athletes?
  • These reviewed slippers are primarily designed so that the best walking and a standing time can be provided to the user of this product. These slippers have skid-resistant outsoles and too moisture-wicking linings. These are exceptional slippers especially for outdoor set and bunch of activities.
  • These slippers have been armed and installed with the Cloud Cushion technology. This technology is encompassed with a premium multilayer and memory foam sort of cushion footbed so that a cloud-like comfort can be handed over to the individual while he takes every single step.
  • The fleece Berber or you can say the presence of cotton blend linings, they will continuously keep your feet all dry and comfy.
  • To make your life adventures more exciting one, these are the best slippers in front of you. By wearing them, you will be able to take and walk some extra steps more. They are handcrafted so that the best shape and the best fit can be achieved.
  • The makers of these slippers, they believe in creating and making a premium and high-quality product always. These great looking slippers can make your lifestyle more active.
  • So slip on a pair of these slippers and you will discover the fact that these are the most comfortable slippers which you have ever wear. The stylish craftsmanship, Cloud Cushion memory foam technology, ultimate softness, ultimate comfort- these are the main qualities of these slippers.


  • It has a closed back design.
  • It offers indoor and outdoor support.
  • Soft fleece gives a timeless style.
  • It is attached to a moisture-wicking Berber lining.
  • Resilient multilayer memory foam.
  • Real suede sidewall.
  • Durable rubber outsole.
  • One of the best-Selling slipper.
  • Made of natural material.


Try these ACORN Men’s Acorn Moc Slippers and share your feedback then!

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