ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike Review – [Guide]

If you love to get a ride on electric mountain bikes, then we have reviewed this ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike for you. After going through its honest review and feedback, you can well decide whether you are interested in buying this mountain bike or not.

We have clearly explained the details of every single feature present in this subjected mountain bike.

ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike reviewed!

ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike


Installed With Strong And Durable 350W Motor

Most importantly, this mountain bike is injected with strong and durable 350W Motor. The presence of 350W high speed and premium brushless motor makes this bike more powerful. This motor makes sure to be enriched with enough amount of power and capacity so that your daily commuting needs can be fulfilled.

This much amount of power is necessary and essential so that you can enjoy your ride no matter you are cruising on the mountain, or any of you is meandering along his favourite trail. Furthermore, this motor offer speed range up to 20 mph.

It means you can reach your desired destination seamlessly and swiftly. We can say that in terms of specs, this bike truly meets our expectations. It is because of its 250W motor that it becomes one of the most powerful bikes that you can have and buy under current law.

Removable Battery

Besides, this ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike has a removable battery. All of its models and latest versions are packed with 36V 7.8Ah Lithium-Ion battery.

This battery lets you reach to your destination up to 30 miles per charge. It means, upon fully charging this battery, you can cover 30 miles easily and hassle-free. This much mile range is enough for your daily adventure time.

Even more, in these 30 miles, you can conveniently cover most of your trips. It is on your convenience regarding when you want to charge the battery of this mountain bike.

You can unlock its battery with the help of a key and free to take it indoors. This way, you can charge it in your home. Its full charging takes about 4-6 hours.

Premium Construction

Next, this ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike shows premium construction. It is made of high-end quality materials. Besides, it has got an Aluminum Alloy frame. This bike is extremely light and strong. It is designed in a way to last for years and years.

This frame makes it easy for the user to manoeuvre. Most noteworthy, this bike is composed of aluminium Alloy and double-walled rims.

Their presence ensures greater durability and you are provided with a faster ride time. Lastly, its high- strength and durable front suspension fork is going to take your riding time to the utmost comfort and also to the next level.

Working Modes

You might be wondering how many working modes are present in this ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike, we will tell you. In this mountain bike, you are going to see the injection of 3 working modes.

And they are named as Ebike, assisted bicycle and the last mode is of a normal bike. The installation of LED 4-speed smart meter button allows you to choose the model according to your needs.

Through this button, you can easily and smartly decide which of the electric-assist power you need! Besides, it is with the help of a throttle that you are free to add a burst and range of speed. You can even combine and fuse three modes. By doing so, it may turn out to be a better choice for you.

‘High’ Assistance Mode- Works Great To Pedal Up Steep Hills

ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike



This ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike works best when you operate it on the ‘High’ assistance mode. This way, it will be trouble-free for you to climb up on any kind of hill.

While trying out this mode, you may laugh out loud. And you are going to notice how little amount of effort is needed and required to pedal up even some of the steep hills.

Easy Assembly Job

You might be surprised to know that this ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike comes 85% assembled. There is a little bit of assembly job that you need to complete at your end.


No hassle will be given to you. Only read the instructions carefully and enjoy a ride on it. You need to attach the handlebars and pedals. The user has to connect the front light and quick-release saddle and its front wheel.

All in all, this assembly and installation will take around 30 minutes of yours. Before you start this job of installation, make sure to remove all of the cable ties and packaging.

It will be better if you use your tools like screwdriver and spanners. Because it is seen that the supplied tools are of low and poor quality.

Gives Outstanding And Comprehensive Performance

ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike


It is promised by this bike it will always give Outstanding and Comprehensive Performance. And that can be proved if you buy this bike. Furthermore, this bike makes your journey of exploring new trails in the utmost epic manner.

It makes your weekly ride routes more enjoyable. This bike shows the perfect blend or one can say the ideal combination of trail performance and superpower. It enriches your riding time with full of life.

Strong And Incredibly Responsive


Even more, this bike is incredibly responsive. It is strong as well as lightweight. Its frame is specifically constructed and made of Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy.

This frame design is made and incorporated by keeping in mind the human body mechanics. The fusion of dual disc brakes, as well as high strength steel fork, makes your riding experience more comfortable.

Shimano 21-Speed Gear

Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike Review - Tech Advisor

The installation of Shimano 21-Speed gears amplifies and increases the power potential of this bike. It gives it stronger and enriching hill-climbing power. Beyond, Shimano 21-Speed gear provides this bike with a greater amount of terrain adaptability.

These are entry-level Shimano gears (21-speed). And they are packed with three chainrings present at the front. These gears have seven sprockets right at the rear. As Ancheer’s gearing is low, so you need to make sure that you do not go much faster beyond than 20-25mph.

Mechanical Disc Brakes

Talking about the disc brakes, they are present and located at both front and rear sides. The brakes of this Ancheer bike are mechanical. They are not hydraulic.

However, its disc brakes manage to do and perform still a better and decent job. Furthermore, these brakes bring you with maximum swiftness.

Tyres Offer a Good Balance

ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike


Regarding its supplied tyres, you will experience a good balance when off-roading. Moreover, these tyres offer satisfactory speed and balance for road riding time of yours.

As this bike comes with standard 26in wheels, so it is up to you whether you want to put up fancy bikes or not.

Drawbacks of ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike

As we all know that electric bikes come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. And talking specifically of this Ancheer’s mountain bike, it usually and generally sits at the entry-level position. It does not have that much top-notch and top-quality components at its end.

Though it is one of the cheapest and budget-friendly electric mountain bikes, its design is not reaching to that elegance benchmark and standards. It has got one frame size.

And that frame size is also comparatively and fairly small. So, if you are around 5ft3 up to 6ft, then this bike is suitable and appropriate for you.
You may have seen that a large number of electric bikes have their batteries as well as the wiring is hidden completely inside the frame.

In this case of Ancheer, we have all wires and batteries on display. If you are riding this bike without the motor, then you may get a feeling as if you are carrying and holding an extra 10kg.

ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike – Pros And Cons

ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike


  • It is packed with a powerful 250W motor.
  • It takes out all the pain while cycling up hills.
  • It is budget-friendly.


  • Its design is not much elegant.
  • Is components are not of 100% premium quality.

Our Verdict

Buying this mountain bike will be great for you. It looks extremely dynamic. Moreover, all of its latest models are available in amazing colour schemes and options. This bike version has so far won the favour and hearts of many customers.

Its upgraded configuration settings have made it immensely popular. We are hopeful that this e-bike may grab lots of love, praise and recognition from your side.
This reviewed and subjected electric bike is adopted with the 36V 7.8Ah Lithium-Ion battery and also 350W stable brushless motor.

For the reason that, these features will empower the performance of your mountain bike with every passed out day, All these features give this electric bike more speed and more freedom and 100% more fun.

So, if you are looking and hunting for a faster commute, then try this bike. It is best to be utilized to make your workout effective or use it for weekend riding thrills.




So, what’s the bottom line? Buying this ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike is a good and useful deal for you. No doubt, this bike is a suitable option for you if you eagerly want to get an entry-level electric bike for yourself for on- and off-road riding time of yours.

It is according to the experts rating that this e-bike is of good value. It is constructed and built to a price. It is simply as powerful as more of the costly and expensive electric bikes you may have come across! Stay tuned with us.

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