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Here we have reviewed the Anker PowerCore+ mini Portable Power Bank!

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Cellphones are now very essential to almost every individual in this age and what’s essential next to it is their batteries showing them a 100% charged sign which is only possible by some high quality Power Bank that has the capability of charging your phone up to 80 or 90% without damaging the battery’s life.

Here we have the Anker PowerCore mini with an amazing and huge charging capacity of 3350mAh which is quiet enough for you to go a week without worrying about your cellphones battery.

The variety of features it has and its high performance might impress you to a point where you will consider the Mini 3350mAh to be the best power bank of 2017.It possess the PowerIQ which detects the nature of the device that you’ve plugged in and gives it the fastest charging speed up to 1amp. 

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The design is unique and the size is just perfect to fit your pockets, it has an aluminum body that gives it a sleek and decent look and its shape is that of a lipstick so you can take it almost anywhere that you want to without feeling any weight on your pocket.It takes 3 to 4 hours to charge it and then it will always be on the go for you.

Another best part about this power bank is that it is compatible with almost all your cellphones including an iPhone and not only this but it can provide an extra talk time of 14 hours to an iPhone user without causing any damage to the battery life.

It is that time of year where a Power Bank is considered to be on top of a gadgets wish list and every one wants the best for themselves.The Anker 3350 is one of its kind and till now it has given a very positive review, the users are highly satisfied by its quality and performance.

Here are a few Pros and Cons of the Mini 3350mAh which may help you in picking up the best for yourself.

So, if you want to have the Best Power Bank experience in extremely low rates then the Anker PowerCore 3350mAh mini is worth your money!

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