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Technology has surely taken over the world and it is but a fact that we are highly dependent on it now.

When we talk about technology, surely the first thing that pops up in your mind would be “the internet”.

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There is now no single person on earth who is living without internet or in other words what we call WIFI.

The demand and internet users are increasing on daily basis and so is the demand for gadgets and WIFI routers.

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There are so many products in the marketing that are promising when it comes to quality and reliability and it might confuse you that which one is just a hoax and which one is the best quality product. Well, here we are, reviewing the best WIFI router that you will ever find in the market.

The ASUS routers have always been a win in the market and one can simply not deny the quality features that it comes with. They have been winning their customer’s heart for a long time now and the users are highly satisfied by its quality too.

The ASUS RT-AC88U Gigabit Router is all about beauty with brains. It is beautiful in design and gives a very unique and professional look that one cannot resist. There are a plenty of other reason that makes this product a top priority.

this, in fact, it is able to reach our widest-ever coverage up to 5000 square feet. Isn’t it all so cool? It has powerful 1.4 GHz dual-core processor and super- fast USB data transfers, you can enjoy up to over 100 MB/s speed and the router download/upload speed (WAN-LAN throughput) up to 1.8 Gbps. This is probably all that you would look for in a perfect Wifi router.

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