AXESS PP3129RD 6,600 mAh Power Bank Review

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AXESS-PP3129RD-6,600-mAh-Power-BankHere we have reviewed the AXESS PP3129RD 6,600 mAh Power Bank!

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The AXESS PP3129RD is one of the best Power Banks that you will find this year, it possessive all the desirable qualities that a person might be looking in a perfect power bank. It comes with a high capacity of 6600mAh which is more than enough to charge any two of your cellphones up to 90%.

The best thing about this Power Bank is that it is compatible with almost all the charging devices, be it an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy, the AXESS PP3129RD has covered it all for you.

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It has two ports so now you can easily charge any two of your devices simultaneously without worrying about the devices battery getting damaged.This amazing power charger comes with a complete security system to protect you from issues of over- charging, over- heating and short circuits.

AXESS PP3129RD 6,600 mAh Power Bank – Lets Review!

The design of this power charger is all about Perfection, it gives fancy yet simple look and the AXESS PP3129RD comes with a multiple choice of colors, so now you can pick up any of the color which suits you the most.

Not only the design of the AXESS 6,600 is Perfect in fact it is extremely light in weight as compared to the other power chargers in the market and it also is small enough to fit your front pocket along with your cellphoneIt has a Lithium ion battery cell which makes it completely durable and it also possess the feature of an LED torch light on top of it which can be a great aid to you when it’s dark around you.

The market nowadays is full of power banks which vary in features and functions but it is difficult to decide which one is more durable and reliable. So, here we have reviewed the AXESS PP3129RD so that you can easily choose the best power charger for yourself.

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Here are a few Pros and Cons of the AXESS PP3129RD that might help you in making a much wiser decision for the best power bank in the market.

  • It has two USB ports so you can charge any two of your devices at the same time.
  • It has a Precise IC Protector which protects you from short circuits and other damaging conditions.
  • Affordable and low in budget.
  • It is not a rapid charger so it will take quiet a lot of time to charge your device.

The users of this Power Bank have reported it to be excellent in terms of its performance and quality and the cons can be neglected as they are very few in number. Overall the AXESS PP3129RD is an excellent, simple and durable power bank that will give you the best experience of your life.

So, if you are someone who has to travel a lot and can’t find a charging socket everywhere for their device then the AXESS 6,600 is a choice worth to make.

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