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The Beat Solo 2 Wireless On ear Headphones are probably the best headphones in the market for those who love to enjoy music without any wires attached.

Yes, with this innovative and one of a kind headset, it actually is possible now that you can hear music, attend calls and chat without any connected wires as this headphone pair works on Bluetooth connection.

Imagine yourself, travelling in a subway or walking on the street and wearing a good looking headset and enjoying loud and clear music, isn’t this feeling wonderful?

The Beats headphones have never failed to impress their users and they always come up with something new and innovative which surprises people and it becomes irresistible for them to buy it.

The Beats Solo2 is a live example of the quality and excellence that this company provides.

The SOLO2 comes with a very decent, beautiful, sleek yet functional design, wear it on your way to work and have a fresh start of your day and one thing is for sure that people around you are going to be impressed by the style and structure of this Bluetooth headset.

It comprises of so many excellent features that you probably would end up buying this amazing headset. Simply pair it with your phone and play within a 30 foot range. You might be questioning its battery and how it gets charged if it does not work with wires? Well, simply you need to put it on charge and within a duration of 6 hours it will be fully charged and always be on the go for you.

The sound quality of this headset is just exceptional and it will give you a whole new and fun headset experience like never before. It possesses a built in mic so you can attend your call and talk without having to worry about anything.

Here are a few Pros and Cons to the Beats Solo2 headset which will give you a short overview of what this product is.

  • Comfortable to wear and light in weight
  • In built mic
  • No wires attached, simple pair and play!

Almost all the headsets in the market have some kind of drawbacks and those can surely be neglected if we look on the positive features and qualities that the headset possesses.

The Beats Solo2 is one of its kind and till date its user have reported it to be highly satisfying and highly recommended. This pair of headphones have all those qualities which make a headset irresistible to buy. High in quality, excellent in performance, compact in design and good looking, what else would a person look for in a perfect headset?

So, if you want something that is worth the every penny that you spend and provides you with maximum facilities then the Beats Solo2 Headset might be the best choice that you will make this year!

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