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We used to live in days where TVs were not a common staple. But as the progression continued, everything changed. And so did the TVs.

Today, the majority of TVs available are 4k. With this amazing pixel density, one feels like seeing things live.

Have you ever imagined something even better than 4K? Well, brands like Samsung, LG and Sony have introduced 8K TV sets.

As the world is on a fast pace of advancement, soon everyone will have 8K sets.

And 4K would probably become a thing of past.

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A Guide to Choose the Best 8K TV


Though there are 8K TV sets available. But unfortunately, there isn’t any 8K material or content. So that is why these 8K TV sets upscale the standard, higher definition, and all 4K content.

People might not be aware of 8K TV sets and they still are using those 4K sets. Those who want to switch from 4K to 8K might need some help.

With so many options in the market, it can be hard to choose the best one. That’s why this article has a list of the best 8K TVs that you can buy.

Let’s have a look at them!!!

1- Sony 8K HDR Smart Master Series

Sony 8K HDR Smart Master Series

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Sony has always provided us with the most efficient, high-quality and reliable products. And once again, keeping its standards maintained, Sony brings this astounding TV set.

Coming from the Master Series, this is an excellent result of intricate engineering. 8K TV is a marvellous addition to the high-tech world.

In this new TV, all the old features, functions are now up-scaled. So one can enjoy a close to 8K experience. This new X-tended Dynamic Range provides a wider range of brightness.

Offering an extra-wide angle which makes the picture a lot different and amazing. So it won’t matter where you are in the rooms, the colour result would be great.

The most astounding feature is the built-in Google Assistant; Alexa. Also, it is compatible with Google Home. Hence you can control the whole TV without even the remote. Thanks to Alexa!


  • Smart processing
  • Ultimate realism
  • Full display


  • Non-economical

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2- Samsung 82-Inch QLED 8K

Samsung 82-Inch QLED 8K

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One of the most famous and well-established names in the market is Samsung. For years now, Samsung has facilitated us with its high-tech products. And this next TV set on the list is also a Samsung product.

With a real-time 8K resolution, you will have a life-time experience.  It offers a much more precise, in-depth detailed view of the pictures. This TV set is a far better option than that old HD and 4K sets.

This innovative step from Samsung comes with a quantum processor. Now, a lot more optimized picture quality, sound, and contrast are offered.

The smart AI reduces the noise and provides improved details with a sharp definition. Even in the darkest scenes, the elite backlight feature works like magic.

By auto-adjusting the contrast between deep black and pure white.


  • Alexa compatible
  • Wider screen
  • Ambient mode


  • High price

3- Samsung QLED Smart 8K

Samsung QLED Smart 8K

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Next on the list is this another Samsung product. Samsung has always succeeded in maintaining premium standards. This product also meets all those requirements.

Coming with a built-in Wi-Fi option and Ethernet connectivity. You can use this TV even for gaming. It provides you an amazing, 8K resolution that feels like real-life actions.

In order to reduce motion blurriness, this TV set comes with a motion rate of 240. Now, you can enjoy your quality pictures all the time.

Apart from that, there are also some more astonishing features that stand apart. Like screen monitoring, HLG support to name a few.

The whole kit comes with remote control alongside batteries for it. Then, a connect box, power cable, and even a warranty. Yes, that’s right!

If by any chance you want to return the set or any such worst-case scenario occurs. There would be a warranty in your hands.


  • 8K UHD
  • Large screen size
  • Quality processing


  • Not affordable

4- Sony 85″ 8K

Sony 85" 8K

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This next product is also from Sony. The TV set comes with a whole bundle of items including and Ultra HD HDR TV. Also, Sony 7.1.2” Dolby Atmos Sound Bar and a Subwoofer.

At such a reasonable price, you won’t get so many auxiliaries. The Master Series TV is a result of utter brilliant engineering to provide such high-tech. With this 8K TV set, the whole definition of pixels and picture quality has changed.

Imagine if we adore the results of 4K so much, what an up-scaled picture 8K would provide. The set has a picture processor x1 ultimate and 8K X-Reality Pro.

As there are also Dolby Atmos Soundbar included in this set, you get to have a lifetime experience. The 4K HDR and HDCP 2.21 allows you to maintain the source to screen quality.

So now you get to experience the rich colour and clarity in the results like never before. The ultimate backlight master drive can keep the contrast well-balanced.

And you can see even the darkest of scenes with a certain clarity.

Also, the built-in Google Assistant allows you to enjoy a hands-free search. You can control the TV from anywhere in the room by the voice search only.


  • Subwoofer
  • Dolby sound-bar
  • 4K HDR


  • Size is too large

5- Samsung QLED 8K UHD TV

Samsung QLED 8K UHD TV

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Next on the list is this another Samsung product. This superior quality, ultra-high definition TV is a dream come true for any gamer. It is not necessary that TV can be only used for watching movies, shows, etc.

This TV allows you to get a theatre-like experience with an 82-inch screen. The smart AI technology lets you enjoy a real-life experience. It upgrades the audio and video quality and content.

Even if the contrast is low, the 4k-nit peak can enhance the brightness to let you enjoy it. So even if the scenes are dark, it brings out the HDR content.

The whole set includes 82-inch QLED TV, a smart remote with batteries. Also, one connect box, power cable and a warranty of 1 whole year. The sleek design has a no-gap wall mount feature.


  • Wireless woofer
  • Sound-bar system
  • Warranty included


  • Screen size

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6- Samsung 75-inch Smart 8K UHD

Samsung 75-inch Smart 8K UHD

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This next product comes with the best AI technology in the market. With the 75-inch, large screen you can enjoy the high-quality movies in ultra HD.

If you are a game-lover, this is the best option for you. The fast responsive processor, the class QLED screen. All these features make this 8K TV worth buying.

The TV set comes with a whole lot of things that add up to enhance your experience. There are a power cable and remote control for smart access.

With one connect box, even if the contrast is low, the 4k-nit peak can enhance the brightness to let you enjoy it. So even if the scenes are dark, it brings out the HDR content.

The whole set also has a virtual 5.1.2 channel sound-bar and wireless subwoofer. These extra pieces of equipment are a dream for movie lovers. You can experience a theatre-like experience in your living room.


  • Virtual channel sound-bar
  • Subwoofer
  • QLED


  • Price

7- Sony 8K UHD HDR TV


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Coming with a whole variety of additional items, this TV set is from Sony. As we know Sony has always aced the market with its innovations and technologies. This product is another example of brilliance.

First in the set is an 85” 8K ultra-HD HDR TV. This master series TV is a marvellous result if rigorous engineering. Only to provide you with sheer perfection and high-quality.

This 8K TV has a premium picture processor with 8K x-reality pro and x1 ultimate. As a result, you can experience the best picture clear in ultra-high pixels.

Next, it also has a Sony Channel Dolby Atmos sound-bar. This 3.1ch sound-bar promises online radio, stream music, and even podcasts. Amazing, isn’t it? The subwoofer only adds up to the enhanced sound quality and rich-experience.


  • 85-inch screen
  • Dolby soundbar
  • Subwoofer


  • Not affordable

8- Samsung Smart 8K UHD TV

Samsung Smart 8K UHD TV

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Samsung has a lot of upscale, quality products and so is this one. The ultra-high-definition QLED TV can promise you an experience out of this world.

This TV has an exceptional level of detail, depth, and HDR. So you can instantly feel transported into another world. Such high picture quality won’t be available by any other 8K TV.

The whole set comes with a QLED TV at first along with smart remote control for facile access. But the feature that makes it unique is the Microsoft Xbox 1 with up to 1TB console.

All the gamers, get ready to have rich gaming experience. This 8K screen will make actions like a real-life scene. The anti-reflective system ensures an in-depth and pristine detail picture.

Further, the 8K depth enhances the dark and bright colours and lets you enjoy a realistic picture. With auto-adjust elite backlight, the contrast remains between blacks and whites.


  • Microsoft Xbox
  • Console box
  • AI upscaling


  • Need space

9- LG HD Smart TV

LG HD Smart TV

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This next OLED, ultra HD TV is from LG. With this 4K, a9 gen 2 processor, you will feel like seeing things live. The images, videos, actions are all brought to life so you get a rich experience.

Powered with the smartest AI technology, and integrated Google Assistant. You can control your TV from anywhere and enjoy a hands-free experience.

Now, you can enjoy a cinematic view and sound quality in your living room. This TV set supports Dolby’s vision and atmos to enhance sound and picture quality.


  • LG ThinQ IQ
  • Noise reduction
  • Affordable option


  • Problems with display

10- TCL QLED Smart TV


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TCL brings an amazing product with 4K ultra HD QLED. This TV has an amazing LED colour tech that delivers a high-quality picture. The smart functionalities let you enjoy easy access to streaming channels.

So you can enjoy more than 500,000 movies, shows and much more. The Dolby Vision allows you to enjoy an HDR for a real-life experience.

The backlights keep the contrast zones controlled and so you can get a deep black quality. The edge to edge glass display provides a contemporary view.

Also, it comes with an auto game mode to let you enjoy the low latency and smooth actions. With voice control over Google Assistant, the controlling is further easy.


  • Dolby vision
  • QLED
  • Contrast control zone


  • Needs better upscaling

10 Best 8K TVs – Buyer’s Guide

Best 8K TVs

If you want to buy 8K TV, and this is your first time. Well, you need to stop and take a look at these buying tips. Though 8K TVs are a far better option when it comes to results.

They do offer another level of the display with the highest resolution and pixels. One can feel instant transportation into the imaginary world.

But still, if you want to experience these features, you must ensure that you are making the right choice. These points can help you out before making a decision.


If you are actually bent on buying an 8K TV set, then you need to have some large, free space. These TVs are usually larger in size and need some extra area.

In the case of 8K, the pixels and resolution are so high that you need at least above 50 inches. Or else you won’t be able to witness those amazing enhancements.

Input Lag

Most of the old TVs have this drawback, but not anymore. Input lag is the time taken by the controller to register any input on-screen upon pressing a button.

Especially if you want to buy this TV for gaming, you need to ensure there is no input lag. One thing that you can do to avert input lag is to ensure the TV has a game mode.

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Though in this article, we have tried our best to cover all the possible aspects. The technology changes are drastic and happening at a fast pace. It can be sometimes hard to keep up with the trend if we lack knowledge about them.

That’s why we have listed down all the top-ranked, high-quality 8K TV sets for you. After you have read this article, a lot of things would become clear and you can choose your desired product.

Yet if at any point you feel confused or have any sort of doubt. We are always here to help out our readers and feel obliged to do so.

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