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Today, we’re going to review the 10 best anti-gravity phone cases.

So, let’s get started.

As technology is being advanced to a very great extent and if we talk about the Upcoming technology and the ongoing technology related to smartphones is being increasing day by day.

And the Mind-boggling thing is that you can even control other devices like the VR drones with them.

As these smarts, phone cost more than 1K$ so we have to take care of such an expensive device for this Anti-Gravity phone cases have been introduced which play an important role in the protection of these expensive smartphones.


The question arises in everyone’s mind: Why do we need these cases?

Answer to this is very simple.

When you buy a product for daily usage, it undergoes a lot of wear and tears with time. So every person tends to devise ways to keep his/her product safe.

Same is the case with mobiles. These are delicate but have extensive uses. To put it into a nutshell, life without mobiles would turn out be pretty hard and boring.

You can’t carry your phones without making sure that they are well-protected.

Here’s the deal:

These cases provide the best protection to your lavish phones and keep them in good shape.

Designed in certain ways to please the needs and goals of phone safety, these cases are the best choice.

10 Best Anti-Gravity Phone Cases – Top Picks

These Anti-Gravity phones cases are made of very quality material like “Nanotechnology” and some other silicon + sticky tape backing.

These types of cases are very rugged and are very cheaply available.

BIG clients have the chance to live to stream their recordings.

Now: without stressing their hands or utilizing a tripod. You need to slap it on a divider, mirror or window. And you can go insane with anything you desire to show your watchers.

It additionally functions for huge gathering selfies. There is no need for the selfie stick any longer.

Staying the mobile on a high surface likewise guarantees the camera can catch-all. Though the selfie stick has a farthest point to which it can expand.

You tubers who manage cosmetics and wacky, physical shenanigans can take advantages from this.

As they wouldn’t need a costly camera, tripod or somebody to film them. They would now be able to do it without anyone else’s help.

With these cases, the phones are also somehow safe from the water in the rainy seasons. But for better protection, you should always use good quality umbrellas for yourself.

In this article, we will have a review on the top 10 best Anti-Gravity Phone Cases which will help us in our daily life to overcome the phone break cases.

We will have a brief discussion on these Anti-Gravity phone cases and will let you know about the advantages and disadvantages of these phone cases.

You might be wondering…

What is an anti-gravity phone case?

As the name describes, these cases are anti-gravity. There won’t be any effect of gravity, which means your phone won’t fall down.

It comprises of nanotechnology.

This tech provides high adhesion and allows your phone to stick on a place. The smooth and sleek design, keep the phone safe from any damage.

Now as we all are aware of the fact that with the passage of time, things wear out. Same is the scenario with our mobiles.

This is crazy, isn’t it? 

Yet true that mobiles are the most used gadget, so they have to face harsh conditions. The best part about these cases is, they protect your phones as well as keep you at ease.

Well dropping your phone can cause camera damage too. So if you are some kind of vlogger, you should definitely need the best vlogging cameras with you.

As I think this product won’t have any disadvantage because they only have one possible function that is to protect the phone when it slips off the hands.

Let’s begin…

1- Mega Tiny Corp – All Time Best One!

Mega Tiny Corp Anti-Gravity Case for iPhone 6/6s
  • Works with all new iPhone 6S and older iPhone 6 models
  • IPhone case that's better than a selfie stick

One of the best-selling Anti-Gravity phone cases is Mega Tiny Corp. This phone case protects the phone from every kind of scratches and prevents your phone from any kind of small bumps.

When this case is on your phone and the phone is placed on the level surface then it protects the screen and camera from scratches.

It is made or designed from a very great material and it can be effortlessly inserted or take off whenever you want.

The nano suction provides far better coverage and protection. It has a very high-quality material used to provide you with the best product.

It is easy to place anywhere like tiles, glass, cabinets, etc. Moreover, it comes in 4 attractive shades.

2- KIKO – Best Case for Samsung Note 8

KIKO Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Magic Case Cover - Anti-Gravity Material Sticks to Smooth Surface - Protector Skin Anti Scratch Abrasion Resistant Impact Defender Drop Protective - Sticky (Black)
  • Magic Anti-Gravity Material Case Sticks to Smooth Surface Protective Case Cover Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 , Note 8 2017
  • Magic Anti-Gravity Design Ridge Plastic Fitted Case Cover with Lightweight Unique Armor Shield Anti-Gravity compatible with Verizon, Tmobile, At&t, Sprint, Metropcs, Boost Mobile, Cricket, and more

The new KIKO phone cases are becoming better day by day. These Anti-Gravity phone cases protect your phone from any kind of mischance or from dropping of your hand.

This case has a very strong grip while holding it. You can easily take selfies and watch movies online while holding it in your hand.

One of the best phone cases for having a selfie in a group. You can make the recording of any special occasion while holding it.

This case makes your phone look awesome. There is 100% assurance of the back and the edges of the phone.

It adds a certain grace to your phone or your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The dual plastic layer and rigid inner case provide protection from any mishap.

Smooth adhesive provides easy sticking and coverage to the phone.

But here’s the kicker: It makes the access to buttons easier rather than causing any problem. And you can easily access all the button and ports while this phone is having a KIKO case.

3- Maia Mall – Best Case for iPhone 8 Plus

Maia Mall of the best Anti-Gravity Case for iPhone lover. This case is made of imported “Nano suction” material.

This case can be used more than one time of his usage. It can be used on the glass, tiles, wood or some other area where it can be placed.

This case makes the phone looks more beautiful and attractive. After the case is being used you can easily wash the back of the case without any hesitation.

And it can be used again and again. This case is protected from heat as well.

For all the iPhone lovers, this is bliss. The nanotech allows strong adhesion. That keeps the phone from falling and provides protection.

It is quite handy and perfect travel partner. The item takes a very small place and you can carry it around without any hassle.

Furthermore, the product is cheap and a perfect gift for others. You can send it to your loved ones or your husband/wife.

The unique design gives a complete protection to your mobile from any wear and tear.

4- DTTO – Best Case for iPhone 8

DTTO Case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, 4.7inch, [Romance Series] Liquid Silicone Gel Rubber Shock-Absorption Bumper Cover, Anti-Scratch Back, Rose Gold
  • Material: made with liquid silicone rubber, provide smooth skin texture, anti-scratch performance. Almost any stain that gets on the case wipes off easily with a damp rag.
  • The exterior layer features a soft-touch grip which feels great in hands and non-slip.

DTTO is also one of the best-selling Anti-Gravity phone cases with amazing features. Full scope design of the cases assures to the full safety of the phone.

This case protects the camera from dropping off your hands.

This case is having some guard’s material which makes it shockproof while it unintentionally drops off your hands.

The inner layer of the phone is just like a honeycomb which is made of an amazing material that extracts about 80% of the heat from the phone backside.

That protects the phone from overheating and made it more efficient. This case is uniquely designed and look amazing in the hands while using it.

Because of its attractive colors and design, the phone looks more interesting to use. It comes in 6 beautiful shades to choose from.

The liquid silicone rubber gives a smooth feel and high resistance to scratches. It also offers resistance to any sort of dampness. You can wipe it with a piece of cloth or paper towel.

As the case offers a soft grip, yet it won’t slip from your hands. Now you can hold it with ease and enjoy its usage.

5- Mystical Nano – Best for Samsung S8

This Mystical Nano Anti-Gravity phone case is exceptionally well. This phone case is recommended by many people because of its amazing quality and good usage.

This case can be placed on a smooth surface. It must be glass, tile, or some woods.

After the case is being used on the wall during the shower time or having a chit chat with someone on face time then after using it can be easily clean.

This phone case is recommended for everyone the one who is having a very busy life schedule. It doesn’t leave any mark where it is being placed.

There won’t be any sticky residues after usage. It is usable for more than once. The dust or dirt is easy to clean.

It comprises of PC and TPU. These materials are perfect sticky material and give an excellent grip. There won’t be any tension that the phone will slip or fall.

The charge port has big opening and buttons are easy to press. There aren’t any hardcover on them or the ports.

6- Smartish – Best for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Smartish Galaxy S8 Grip Case - Gripmunk Lightweight Protective Slim Samsung Cover -(Silk) - Black Onyx
  • SUPER GRIPPY TEXTURE - Just the right amount of grip … fewer toilet drops!
  • ULTRA-LIGHT & DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Thin and protected? It must have a life-coach

This phone case is made of very amazing and quality material like it is made of polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane material.

This Samsung essential phone case is very full just life other phone cases which we have been discussed above it also protects the phone form many unusual scratches.

It has some small suction innovation that makes it stick to any surface.

It doesn’t need anyone to take your photo outside your home just you need it to stick it to the wall and you can easily take a photo on your own self.

This case protects the phone form any kind of trouble and make it easier to use. All the ports and button are easily exposed without any hesitation we can use it.

7-  NB Magic – Best for iPhone 7 Plus

Just like all the other phone cases it also enable us to access all the ports and volume buttons and home button as well.

This case protects the phone from very unusual damages and scratches. One of the coolest phone case of all time.

It also has the same sticky function.

Whenever you want to do some important work and having some serious conversation while cooking something then you have to do only insert the case on the phone and make it stick it to the wall after that.

It gives you 100% assurance to the phone and gives the awesome look of the phone.

The suction level is strong enough to keep the phone stick at a place. You don’t need to face any trouble with multitasking.

8- ImpactStrong – Best for iPhone 7

ImpactStrong Compatible with iPhone 7/8 Case, Heavy Duty Dual Layer Protection Cover Heavy Duty Case Designed for iPhone 7/8 (Navy Blue)
  • TRIPLE-LAYER PROTECTION: The best type of protection for your iPhone 7/8, period! Constructed out of a "no stretch" soft TPU case + integrated shock absorbing tech + extra hard polycarbonate back plate. Your iPhone will be protected from all angles
  • 4 SILICONE SHOCK ABSORBERS: Unique silicone shock absorbing technology integrated into each corner of the case guarantees maximum shock protection

This phone case is also known as the wallet case.  This wallet casework precisely as compared to others. You can keep your cash or some other thing in this wallet case.

This wallet case has a 2-in-1 solution you can keep the phone as well as your money save. This phone case all have a sticky function just like other cases. Mainly people use it for the purpose of the selfie.

You can also stick it to the wall and window. While you are driving you can have in front of the dashboard for a conversation. This product is cooler as compared to others.

The case is not only best for personal usage but you can gift it to your beloved ones. Now: your loved ones can also enjoy the features and multi-functionality. There is a storage space for up to 4 cards. So it saves a lot of you from carrying a wallet.

The case stays on its place unless you peel it off. So your phone won’t fall or slip from any surface. The space taken by selfie stick can now be used to carry some other gear. You can select a high place and stick the case to capture perfect memories.

The strong suction is due to nanotechnology. This tech is quite functional and saves a lot of time.

9- Florent Bodart Quietude 2 – Best for LG V30

LG V30 Case, SUPCASE Full-body Rugged Holster Case with Built-in Screen Protector for LG V30, LG V30s,LG V30 Plus,LG V35,LG V35 ThinQ 2017 Release, Unicorn Beetle Pro Series (Black/Black)
  • Precisely designed for LG V30 / LG V30 Plus/LG V30 s/LG V35 ThinQ/LG V35. Prvides full access to phone ports, functions and sensitivity.
  • Built for heavy use, and perfect for the outdoors. Advanced dual layer protection with built in screen protector, shock absorbing core and impact resistant bumper.

Presenting you one of the most amazing and sensational phone cases forms one of the best French visual designer “Florent Bodart”.

He is one of the best visual designers who make the very creative thing for the betterment of the people. One of his best things is that he has introduced a board case in the market.

This phone case looks very attractive and very creative work has been done on it.

It protects the phone from very different aspects and keeps it more beautiful and attractive. It protects the phone from being damaging or some unusual scratches.

The unique designing offer high resistance from scratches. The graphical design is of high-resolution.

The material used is Polycarbonate. It is a hard shell material and protects your phone from any damage.

It resists dust and water. Also, it is very easy to clean, use a damp cloth only. It is light in weight, easy to carry around. Even the edges are well protected.

10- Cloud Valley

The last and the 10th number is of Cloud Valley Phone case. This type of phone cases is mainly built to protect the phone from many different unusual drop and scratches.

Raised edges that protect the screen from damage. This case comes with a glass defender which is mainly used on screen for the safety purpose.

This case is ideal for the purpose of the selfie or can be used for video calling. It also has a tendency of sickness while working you can use it.

For those who have an iPhone, no other product can beat this one. The high-quality PC and TPU provides some real protection against wear and tear.

The material used in manufacturing offers shock resistance. It is scratch proof.

It gets better: as it sticks to almost any surface. Either you are in the kitchen and wants to make some special dishes. Or driving and wants to read directions. The case sticks to cabinets or mirror or tiles with ease.

Best Anti-Gravity Phone Cases – Buyer’s Guide

Now: when you have made up your mind to buy a phone case, you will need some guidance through what to buy. Here are some tips to help you with this query.

You need a phone case, not some gold stuff. So keep in mind the cost and your budget. Don’t ever waste money only for the sake of show-off.

Buy such a case, which will meet your needs and will provide some actual safety. Rather than spending a handsome amount on a mere case, opt a mediocre one.

With the help of little research, you can always get in your hands the best product at the most reasonable cost.


Some people will only buy stuff to impress others, or to brag about their lavishness. Keep in mind your needs before buying any product. You must answer yourself following questions

  • Do I actually need this?
  • Where will it be useful?
  • How much does my life depend on this product’s usage?
  • Will it provide satisfaction to my requirements?

The most important tip one should keep in mind is the functionality of a product. You don’t want a product that is not functional enough.

If you are a lover of good and amazing sound, then you should pick these cases because they do not cover the speakers of your phones in every manner.

If you still want more sound to enjoy you can go with the Bluetooth connected boom boxes which would be amazing for you.

Make sure the case fulfill your needs and is well functional. It keeps the phone well covered and protected from any sort of damages. Also, it’s easy to use and carry.

The size matters too. No one likes to carry around a bulk. Choose a design that is sleek and provides you the ease of usage.

You might be wondering: why are these cases such a hype? Well as we all know, the new-gen is all a fan of selfies. Every person is somehow engaged with mobile phones.

They are a must-have item and we cannot move without them.

Now with the increase in usage level, you need some gear to protect your gadget. You can consider these as your phone’s guard.

In today’s world, everyone looks forward to finding something that makes life easy.

A gadget that saves time and effort yet provide versatility. Anti-gravity cases are becoming popular due to the vast features they offer. The amazing product lets you enjoy good pics anywhere.

Want to know the best part: they save time and money. You won’t have to find a spot to fix your phone. You can stick it around on mirrors, cabinets, tiles, etc and voila.

Without causing any trouble, you will use your phone. The nanotech assures perfect grip. The tension of holding the phone is now gone. The strong suction keeps the phone at a place and provides a firm hold.

From all of the above discussion, we have concluded that there are some phone cases which have many different features can be used in our daily life.

These top 10 phone cases have their own function and features.

You can now easily accessible one of the Anti-Gravity phone cases which will help yours in any difficult or any occasion of your life.

And I think having this kind of phone cases should be bought by everyone. Just take a wise person decision.

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