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Here we have shared the top 10 Best Butt Lifters of 2020.

The curve-shaped woman’s body is loved by all the men. Some women have loose butts and many have small butts.

To enhance them and make them look big and attractive, there are some medicines and lifters which are made for butt lifting.

More or less your body relies on butts when sitting, the bigger they are the more comfortable it will be your sitting.

Fashion models need a curve and hot body, most of the girls who want to pursue their career as a model grow their hips and breasts to get in shape.

So they use lifters, there are types of lifter which help your breast and hips to get in shape. 

Some companies make such butt lifters which turn the hips into amazing shape.

An amazing figure of a woman is important for many film industries, that’s not the only reason for butt lifting, house woman and normal working women also have desires to look fabulous.

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Best Butt Lifters of 2020

To make curves in their body, coming in the new shape and figure some lifters help to lift your breast and butt. So top 10 best butt lifters of 2020 are as follows

10- SAYFUT Women’s Butt Lifter

SAYFUT Women’s Butt LifterSAYFUT Women’s Butt Lifter

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The SAYFUT women’s butt lifter is loved by many women because this lifter has a boy shape cut in the hip area which lifts your butt from the bottom.

This butt lifter wear has soft and comfortable panties that pump your butt up and it begins from the abs to the bottom. 

The black colour makes it hotter as it is open from the hips to make it look large.

It cannot be worn during pregnancy as it is tight from the stomach area but it is the best when you wanna enhance your butt as it tightens your butt towards upward.

Key Features:

  • Controls your tummy from getting out of hands
  • Shapes your midsection and hips
  • Considered as one of the best gifts for your lover
  • It is a suite which converts your body into an awesome figure

9- EMPETUA Shapermint Body Shaper

EMPETUA Shapermint Body ShaperEMPETUA Shapermint Body Shaper

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Empetua shapermint body shaper can be worn all day long because this shaper is soft and breathable.

It is considered by many women because it does not harm your body as the cloth in which it is made is 100% pure and it does not lose its shape. It comes in black colour as the black makes the figure hotter.

All in one as these panties cover the abs also and end to the booty. Lifts the butt to shape it up and it maintains its figure in every move.

The flatter the tummy with a grown-ass makes you fit in the outfit more easily with the curve you want is only possible with this Empetua body shaper.

Key Features:

  • Smooth outfit with panties
  • The best shaping outfit body shaper
  • Uplifts the butt 
  • You can comfortably do work while wearing it

8- Lover-Beauty Women High Waist Body Shaper Butt Lifter

Lover-Beauty Women High Waist Body Shaper Butt LifterLover-Beauty Women High Waist Body Shaper Butt Lifter

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The body shape controller by the lover-beauty. This butt shaper is soft and tight as it brings your body in a hot figure. It comes in many colours and sizes as it is made from nylon and spandex which is of high-quality material.

The interesting thing about this wear is that it is breathable as it covers the tummy also so that the belly won’t go out at the same time when it is lifting the butt up.

This lover-beauty women butt shaper is the best butt lifter for women. It is tight from the hip and pulls them up.

This product can be worn inside the dress because it is comfortable and takes its position very well. The bottom is an epoxy border so that it won’t roll up while sitting.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and skin-friendly
  • Takes your butt into a hot figure
  • Takes care of your abs and belly also
  • High quality built makes it easier to breath

7- KIWI RATA Women’s Seamless Butt Lifter

KIWI RATA Women’s Seamless Butt LifterKIWI RATA Women’s Seamless Butt Lifter

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Kiwi rata women’s butt lifter is famous for lifting small butts. It is soft and made from fabric to make it breathable.

Most of the women are in love with this product as this product is great for them as it enhances the butt lift. This panty can be worn inside also and is adjustable. 

The boy short women panties have pads with them, which can be removed easily and the panty can be worn as a short. Epoxy borders at the end so that it won’t roll up when sitting on a chair.

The pad is so smooth that it can’t be seen and felt easily by other people.

Key Features:

  • Butt paddings are detachable
  • Brings the body in a hot figure
  • Is elastic and uplifts the butt
  • Best for making butt curves

6- Nebility Women Butt Lifter

Nebility Women Butt LifterNebility Women Butt Lifter

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Nebility women butt lifters have steel inside to keep the body in shape. Don’t need to worry the steel inside won’t harm your skin.

It is breathable and has a great lace on the side of it as this can be wear while sleeping also. Strong and stretchable material that has a panty also.

This nebility butt lifter is hard in looks but it is soft when it is worn. The butt lifter comes with a belly controller along with it which is detachable.

The frame of this butt lifter is double stitched so that the steel inside won’t come out and the butt is lifted. The stretchable cloth fits the back and hips with the help of elastic stitched along the side of lifting.  

Key Features:

  • Elastic and fits great
  • Lifts the soft and small butt easily
  • Can be worn inside the dress 
  • Durable and reliable

5- Shape Concept ​ Butt Lifter Shorts

Shape Concept ​ Butt Lifter ShortsShape Concept ​ Butt Lifter Shorts

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The double-layered butt lifter shorts which cannot be felt while worn inside the dress. The butt lifter which looks like a short work to lift your butt.

It goes from belly to the butt and brings both into a hot shape. So tight and smooth in black colour that it controls the skin and muscles to remain in shape.

The desired shape that every woman wants is given by this product. This butt lifter can be worn inside a dress and remains in its position.

The powerful fabric is stretchable and it lifts the butt with more ease as it is made from an elastic material. The shorts are tough and can lift the butt at the right height which you want. 

Key Features:

  • Does not harms the skin
  • Cannot be felt while it is worn inside a dress
  • Lifts the small butt 
  • Built from smooth and high-quality fabric

4- BRABIC Panties for Women Butt Lifter

BRABIC Panties for Women Butt LifterBRABIC Panties for Women Butt Lifter

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The Brabic panties for butt lifting are loved by many women. This butt lifter has steel wires in it which are double stitched so that the steel won’t come out.

The steel is used to support your back and 3-row hook at the bottom which helps in an easy washroom. The butt lifter is of high back support and it also helps to control the tummy from getting out.

The double-stitched panty lifts the butt inside a dress. The size of the waist can be adjusted with the help of steel hooks attached to it.

The upper part can be removed and it can also be used as a panty but most of the women prefer it to wear it with the tummy controller also.

The steel wire inside is tough and holds the support of the back and lifts the butt and prevents the tummy to grow while maintaining its figure.

Key Features:

  • It can be used by postpartum women
  • Best for lifting butt with back support
  • Can be worn in the house 
  • It has hooks at the crotch for washroom

3- NINGMI Women Butt Lifter

NINGMI Women Butt LifterNINGMI Women Butt Lifter

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The NINGMI women butt lifter can be worn inside a dress without hesitation. This butt lifter is strong as it is made from high-quality nylon which is stretchable.

The butt lifter comes with a pad inside it which can be added and removed easily. The high waist panty covers the belly area so that it won’t come out.

You can do yoga while wearing NINGMI women butt lifter and can easily roam around without hassle.

This butt lifter has pads in it and can be worn inside any dress whether it is a skirt, pant or formal dress the butt lifter won’t be seen easily.

The black colour high waist butt lifter lifts the butt and you can adjust the size of rising by the pads   

Key Features:

  • Detachable butt paddings
  • High waist which covers belly control 
  • Comes in hot black colour
  • Can be worn as an underwear 

2- Gotoly Women Body Shaper High Waist Butt Lifter

Gotoly Women Body Shaper High Waist Butt LifterGotoly Women Body Shaper High Waist Butt Lifter

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Gotoly women’s body shaper is of high waist butt lifter.

Women who love to wear designed clothes and undergarments, then this product is best for them because it is not only designed good but it is also a butt lifter which also prevents the tummy from growing out.

The panty can raise your butt long enough as it is reliable and durable.  The product lifts your butt and makes the desired curve of the hips which all ladies want.

It is designed high waist so that it can lift the butt with the support of back and abs. It also has an epoxy border which prevents it from rolling up.

High quality built from the breathable material which helps you move easily without any breathing problem.

Key Features:

  • Can be worn in clothes
  • Comes in two colours
  • Made from high soft quality fabric
  • The design of lace and stitching are hand made

1- Sliot Women Waist Trainer

Sliot Women Waist TrainerSliot Women Waist Trainer

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Sliot women’s waist trainer shapes up the butt. The material from which it is made from is stretchable, comfortable and tightens the hips and lifts them.

It can be worn during postpartum recovery, the high waist controls the belly also while lifting the butt. Made from polyester and spandex to make it more stretchable with grips because its main duty is to lift the butts

This sliot women waist trainer can be worn in regular daily activities and it will lift your butt entire day whether you do exercise, yoga or other work.

It’ll not lose its position because of epoxy lace borders. This waist trainer your air won’t choke by this high waist trainer as it is breathable and skin-tight which is best for lifting the butt.

Key Features:

  • Shape waister that controls the tummy
  • Lifts the butt into desire figure
  • Firm grip and tight control 
  • Doesn’t roll over 
  • Can be worn inside any kind of dress

The above products are the best in the world. Each product has its own ability and task.

Some are produced to enhance the butt while some are produced for multi-purpose work as they control the tummy as well as lift the ass.

Some lifters have pads with them which are detachable while others have steel wires stitched at the back for the support of lifting the butts. 


Every woman wants a curved shaped hot figure. Some woman has small butt which looks bad in a great dress, to overcome these issues butt lifter were made so that the small butt should be lifted and get in proper shape.

These butt lifter which is discussed above are the best in the world as they remove extra weight and makes curves of the body to bring it in a hot figure.

Buy these butt lifters without any hesitations as they do not harm the skin, body and works perfectly to make you look more fabulous. 

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