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If I was a gamer or a computer geek the one thing that I would want for sure is the best computer casing for my computer. I mean, who doesn’t want their computers to function beautifully?

Especially gamers love collecting things like these. They keep your computer cool and when your computer is cool and functioning smoothly, you remain cool and function smoothly. Computers usually have a lot of problem with getting overheated and losing its control.

Most of the times, computers just shut down and all your work and data or games just gets deleted or erased. Why keep yourself in such a misery? Computers casing are the best solution for your overheating problems.In order to decide what casing is best for your PC, you go on and search the whole internet and market. Specially gamers, they want the best for their computers and they want it in low price.

The following article will save you the trouble of searching your heart out. By just this one article, you can find out everything you need to know about the kind of casing you need and you can make an effective decision. So go on and choose what’s best for your computer!

10. Deep Cool Mini-ITX Computer Case TriStellar SW – Best Computer Cases Review


What can be better than using a completely unique and durable casing? Here we have the Deep Cool Mini-ITX Computer Case TriStellar SW. The company is working for many times and has gone really successful in providing people with exactly what they need. The company has used the SPCC + Toughened glass (Panel thickness – 0.6mm; Cabin Cover thickness – 2mm), which make it really strong and steady.

The casing is not much heavy, so you can easily consider carrying it around with yourself. The company has also used Mini-ITX in the casing, which is really great. The product comes with the 3 Slots (1 way) expansion slots.

These are some of the ports that the product includes 2x USB3.0 Port, 1x Audio, 1x Mic, so you won’t feel any difficulty while attaching any external component with the casing.


​The completely unique design allows users to enjoy better performance and design.The company has kept in mind to manage the proper cooling system in the system, so don’t worry as everything will stay completely the way they are in the casing.

The moderate and durable sizes of the product allow users to easily carry it around with themselves. If you are on a tight budget and want to buy something good and unique, then I would suggest you to consider buying this for yourself as you won’t be bored after using it for sure and I am sure you will love its performance.

9. Case Labs MAGNUM SMA8 Computer Case – Best Computer Cases Review


Here we have another imported product by the Case Labs, which is a well-known company across the globe and has gone really successful in terms of providing people with the technology they need and I really appreciate that. The product comes with the Aluminum Construction, which makes it really lighter in weight, so you won’t feel any difficulty while carrying it around with yourself.

The company has taken special care on providing people with a completely cooling system. There are some additional places in the casing where you can install cooling fans if you want, but those fans aren’t included in the casing. The product comes with the Integrated Radiator Mounting for PC water-cooling applications.


The product is capable of supporting full-size motherboards, so you won’t feel any difficulty while installing the motherboard and comes with an enough space that it will make completely comfortable for you to install heavy and big components.

Overall, the product is delivering for what it is designed for and I really appreciate that. If you are on the good budget and want to buy something reliable and durable for yourself, then I would suggest you to consider going with the product.

8. Thermaltake Extreme Cooling XL-ATX Computer Case – Best Computer Cases Review


To deliver the perfect user experience Thermaltake has developed a great product named TT Premium which is made by the combination of the perfect quality products. This user case is not just the guarantee of quality.

This product represents the passion, Modding and the desire of the developer for the most innovative brand in the market of PC Hardware. This product comes with the excellent quality core values, diverse combinations, boundless creativity and very Unique and Impressive Design to provide the users with the high performance PC product.

This product has Dismountable Modular Design which means that it is the challenge for makers to start building from zero and put every single piece together for the completion of a high-end system and you increase its interior space because it has removable drive racks and interchangeable cage sections so in this way the product offers maximum interior space for the users to take advantage to include high-end maximum capacity and a cooling allotment without the reduction of GPU limitations of length when incorporating a liquid cooling for the expansion of ultimate cooling performance.

This product is configured with the extreme liquid cooling configurations to ensure the users with the best performance from the best features and fitment.


This product is placed with more than 20 drive trays and 10 PCle slots, the core W200 can be used as another workstation for the purposes including scientific and technical, hoding data and hosting a number of different features between computers. With the latest Intel processors and graphic cards the Core w200 delivers exceptional performance and creates effective environment.

The product is designed for high-end gaming systems and compatibility of the work station, the Core W200’s modular drive racks will allow makers to easily install up to more than twenty data storage devices, a 635mm in lengthdual slot VGA, and a tower CPU cooler as high as 200mm. There is also a large room for the cable management.

The outstanding cooling ability offers fan brackets with the various mounting points to support any type of cooling the user dream of including DIY/AIO liquid-cooling systems and air cooling units. With its amazing design when it is stacked with Core P200, the chassis opens up the space to incorporate externally modular upgrades.

7. Phanteks Primo ATX Ultimate Tower Computer Case – Best Computer Cases Review


Here is an amazing product from Phankets. The Phanket’s Entoo Primo features a unique, thermally isolated PSU location, multi functional cable/reservoir cover, exclusive brackets and massive cooling potential. This new product features a shifted design allows for a unique PSU configuration.

The PSU is thermally isolated, creating cool temperatures. A clean look is created by this product and a better management of cables due to the PSU allocation in the back of the case of the product. The brackets in the product help to make everything a breeze to install. The bracket of the reservoir may be used as a cover for the cables with the modular cover on or as a reservoir bracket with the pre-drilled holes when the cover if off. The main and important key features are the full tower chassis, dual PSU capability, innovative reservoir brackets, ultimate water cooling solutions, removable dust filters, modular HDD cages, drop-n-lock Double Stack SSD Brackets and Aluminum Brushed Front and Back Panels of the product.

Clean and elegant design can be recognized by the refined aluminum front ant top panels of the product. The product has controllable LED lighting. The polished chamfers are used in the product to subtly accentuate the intake and exhaust areas of the product.


The product is designed with the dual repositionable and removable HDD cages for the unrestricted airflow and the more flexibility for the installation of more devices. It has the closed HDD panel which strengthened the chassis when all HDD cages are removed.

The removable Drop-n-Lock Double stack SDD brackets can be installed on three different locations. The product comes with the extreme cooling capability that provides 16 different fan mounting locations inside the product.

The thermal isolated PSU keeps the radiant heat away from the other components of the PC who can be critical. It is also installed with extensive water cooling support system. There are also cable management tools behind the motherboard tray that can be fastened and released in the product. The ports of the product include two 3.0 ports for USB, two 2.0 ports for USB, microphone port, 3.5mm audio jack and LED switch. The product also supports two PSUs.

6. Corsair Graphite Series 380T Mini-ITX Portable PC Case – Best Computer Cases Review

1-2179492  Here is an amazing product from the Corsair. You will be surprised to know that this product comes the five years of parts guarantee and five years of labor guarantee along with its amazing specifications. The mobile Mini-ITX cases are usually built for the speed enhancement.

The Graphite Series 380T is packed with a powerful punch in a portable Mini-ITX PC case. Transportation of this product is very easy due to the built-in carrying handle. It is very easy for the user to make the road ready PC of their dreams with a spacious, easy to access interior with room for an extra-long graphic card. A convenient front panel three speed fan controller and mounts for up to five fans helps the users to keep their things cooler. One of its best features is that this product in made the user who have the need of traveling around.

This 380T is specifically made for travel. The built in handle makes it very easy for the user to grab their rig and go, and the handles integral design means that its there when the user needs it, the handle of the product visually blends into the smooth, molded form when you don’t need it.


The product is installed with the easy access transparent side panels. Both side panels of the product are made to easily come off with the lift of a flush mount latch attached to it, no thumbscrews, no complicated alignment is included. The metallic hex mesh and dust filter are combined together in this product for the purpose of air flow.

The product includes five fans mount and three-speed controller. The mounts on the front support one 200m or 140mm or dual 120mm fans. The mounts on the side panel of the product supports the radiator and there is also support for a 120mm fan the rear.

The panel in the front allows the user to choose the exact level of cooling they need. The clever interior design allows big performance in a small size. It fits a power supply up to 160mm long and a GPU of up to 290mm. the front panel of the product includes the headphone and microphone ports. Front panel also includes two 3.0 ports for USB for the high speed data transmission and other storage purposes.

5. Tripp Lite 15U Wall Mount Rack Enclosure Server Cabinet – Best Computer Cases Review


The SRW15US Smart Rack 15U Low-Profile Switch Depth Wall Mount Rack is designed to hold EIA-standard 19_inch rack equipment in network wiring closets, retail places, classrooms, offices and other areas with limited floor space where you need equipment to be secure and in an organized and out of the way.

The product is made with some heavy duty steel and with finishing of durable black powder coating. The cabinet of the product has the maximum load capacity of 200 pounds. The SRW15US when arrived will be fully assembled and will ready to be mounted to the wall.

If the user wants to make it a mobile rack then there is Tripp Lite’s optional SRCASTER rolling caster kit available for the users. To make the installation easy for the users the company has included square and threaded mounting holes and numbered rack spaces.


For the purpose of allowing the user for the easy back door access to equipment and cabling during the process of maintenance and installation of the product there are cabinet swings away from the wall on the study hinge. The product saves valuable space as it is perfect for network wiring closets, retail locations, classrooms, back offices and other areas with limited floor space where the user wants the product to be secured, organized and out of the way.

The hinged cabinet is installed in the product for convenient access to the product. User can rotate the cabinet 180 degrees before mounting to open reversible doors left or right. The side panels and the locked doors provides the security of the theft and also helps to prevent damage.

To keep the product cool there are vented panels that allows generous airflow for this purpose. The product has the maximum load capacity of about 200 lb’s. The product is designed specially according to the demands of users even providing security for the theft and it also includes period of five years as a worldwide guarantee.

4. NZXT Phantom 820 Full Tower Chassis – Best Computer Cases Review


The Phantom 820 is one of the best products introduced by the NZXT which includes countless features including its amazing and beautiful design made according to wishes and desires of the users. The Phantom 820 has integrated HUE lighting for the purpose of illuminating the exterior and interior of the user’s enclosure with the option to turn it on and off according to their wishes and allowing the users to customize the colors according to their hearts content.

The product includes removable HDD cage and large amount of storage capacity for 6 hard drives. The product is equipped with a stylish pedestal that helps the users to lift their product easily off the ground for the sake of increasing the airflow in the product. There are high end water cooling solutions up to three fans for the purpose of push-pull configuration in the product. 90mm of internal top space with top 280/360mm and bottom 240/280mm radiator space for unmatched liquid cooling is included in the product.

1-2179492 There are two 3.0 USB ports, four 2.0 USB ports, microphone port, audio jack and SD media card reader is included in the product for the purpose of high speed data transmission and for the quicker access to the multimedia. There is four channel fan controller with 15 watts per channel and Led indicator that continuously gets brighter on high speed and gets dim for low speed. There is a stylish window with aview to show off the interior of the users rig unrivalled cooling capacity to mount up to nine fans for the flow of air.

Phantom 820 features next generation design and phantom carries the some bold, ionic and futuristic design that is simply out of this world. For preventing the entrance of the dust in your rig and easy maintenance the easy removable filters are located in top, front, sides and the bottom of the product. For the purpose of visibility in dark environments the rear I/O white light is included in the product with the toggle switch. There is also adjustable interior pivot 120/140mm fan slot for the directional airflow through the product.

3. Phantek’s Enthoo EVOLV ATX Mid Tower Chassis – Best Computer Cases Review


Like other EVOLV designs the EVOLV ATX has a minimalistic design with an all aluminum exterior but without sacrificing on features. The EVOLV ATX is a premium designed with full aluminum frame which is 3mm thick and mid tower chassis and is based on the original design from the EVOLV. The EVOLV ATX features Phanteks’s quick release side panels, innovative top radiator bracket and the new HDD mounting system. It has clean interior and HDD and PSU are hidden in cover. The product unleashes unlimited amount of possibilities.

The EVOLV ATX offer supports for the high end hardware, extensive water cooling system and is backed by a five year warranty. EVOLV ATX includes two 140mm fans in the front and one 140mm fan in the rear. It also comes with the possibility to upgrade to additional fans in the product. All the fans which are included in the product are Phantek’s new and redesigned and much better performing SP series fans.

As a premium mid tower that features a lot of room for custom cooling, fully hinged doors that easily swing out of the way for system access and a striking yet functional overall design.

1-2179492 The product is equipped with the Phantek’s Velco cable ties and with the PWM hubs. There is 35mm management space in the product. This also includes additional cable compartment in the bottom which can be used for the better management of the cable configurations. The product is installed with power LED lighting system which can be altered up to four different colors according to demands and wishes of the users.

The Phantek’s Enthoo Evolv ATX is an excellent design with excellent casing, with features the users don’t find on the most other models in the same price market. Features like built in fan hub, dedicated support for the liquid cooling components, hinged side panels and slide out radiator mounts makes this product very useful and easily manageable by the users.

Also with all the nice flat panels this would make for an excellent black canvas for some killer vinyl or some air brush work. The product comes in two amazing colors including Satin Black and Anthracite Grey. So this is the deal all users will love to get advantage from using this amazing product by Phantek.

2. Corsair Graphite Series 780T Full Tower PC Case – Best Computer Cases Review


This amazing product by Corsair is known for its stunning looks, premium space and premium cooling features. The stunning Graphite Series 780T Full Tower PC case is capable of satisfying the most hardcore gaming users or over locking user with ample room for nine drivers and nearly a dozen large cooling fans.

The users will appreciate the large space for dual 360mm radiators. Users will be satisfied by this product as they will be able to do everything faster and quicker. The tool free removal of side panels, hard drives and graphic cards is offered by easy maintenance shortcuts in 780T. There is a three speed fan control button and a generous options for peripheral connections in the product which make the front panel a truly time saver for the users.


The 780T is also known for the rounded corners and a sleek, cohesive design of its. A nicely built high performance PC can be a thing of beauty and this is truer than ever with the artfully crafted exterior. There are latched side panels for easy access due to which there will be no need for the tools or twisting to get one’s components for the sole purpose of their maintenance and upgrading. The user will be able to get in, get out, and get on with their work and play.

Dual 360mm radiator support system makes the product further cool. The 780T has covered users dream of art cooling system. 120mm and 240mm cooling goes in just as easy if users heat transfer needs to be little more down to earth.

The 780T gives the user ample airflow right out of the package due to presence of two intake fans and of exhaust fan of 140mm. large diameter front intake fans delivers plenty of cool air to the one’s high performance components. There is three mode fan controller in front panel and it also includes two 3.0 USB ports and two 2.0 USB ports so that device management can be easy for the user.

1. Cooler Master Cosmos || – Best Computer Cases Review


If you want the best computer casing for yourself then here is the best computer casing for every user. The COSMOS Ultra Tower features a design with a streamlined shape accentuated by a pair of distinctive handles like on other. The uniqueness is the smoothly brushed aluminum slide panels which unlock and swing open like the doors of a luxurious racing car. There is a stack of hot swappable drive bays which are hidden behind the front slide cover of the product. The enough spacing is provided by the black interiors for the oversized XL-ATX system boards which are equipped with four double width graphic accelerators.

The second slide cover on the top hides the advanced control panel for the management of up to 10 fans and their respective LED lights. The combination of its elegant looks, numerous expansion options and features make the COSMOS || a dreaming case for every user.


The side panels of the product which are inspired by the race cars door have become a signature for the cool master COSMOS series. COSMOS || provides a sense of luxury and elegance with its aluminum and steel side panels along with the stylish handrail and stand.

The COSMOS || not only offers a powerful and efficient system but also provides a true piece of art. Extra inner space in the product can support extra wide and long XL-ATX main boards, four extra long high end dual width VGA cards or two super high end triple width VGA cards, extra long PSU’s and can accommodate up to 13 HDD’s or SDD’s with ODD, HDD and SDD hot swapping. The retention holes for water tubes at the rear of the casing of the product and the reserved space and mounts for water cooling radiators allows easy liquid cooling setup and maintenance.

COSMOS || in capable of supporting ten fans (five pre installed Fans) that can be arranged into four separate fan management groups. The fan speed and the LEDs can be managed using the advanced control panel given in the front of the casing. Clip on air filters protects the system from dust blocking heat sink and fans, prolonging the systems

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