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Here we have shared an amazing review of the best freshwater aquarium plants.

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Everybody wants his/her home to look attractive and hear some good words from everyone that arrives at his/her home. For this purpose, you spent a lot of money on buying some expensive and high-quality decoration pieces. For making your house more attractive most of the people also buy some freshwater aquariums for fishes or shrimps.

These freshwater aquariums also require some plants to put in as well but what type of plants, that is the problem found by lots of people. Now there is no need to worry about that because we have brought some of the best plants for your water aquariums that will be most suitable for you.

A Complete Guide to Choose the Best Freshwater Aquarium Plant

These plants will make your freshwater aquariums not only attractive but will also help in the removal of the pollutants from the water and provide some additional oxygen for your fishes and shrimps living inside the aquarium.

Some of the best freshwater aquarium plants have been listed below choose among them and make your aquariums look good. Here we go.

1. JAVA moss

Here we have a JAVA moss one of the best plants for the aquarium mostly friendly and loveable for the fishes and the shrimps as it provides them extraordinary places to hide, along with that it is also friendly with the ornaments present in the water aquarium because it grows along with it.

Suppose your aquarium contains the rock or wood it will grow outwards from that and due to its floating nature, the ornaments present in the aquarium will help it preventing from floating.

Moreover, it is able to grow in a less brightened area as well i.e. it does not require a very bright area where sun rays reach a lot. It will have a healthy growth even in a less brightened area too.

It endures of about the 70 F to 90 F temperature but it is best to keep it in a 70 F to 75 F temperature for a healthy growth.


  • Mostly likeable by the creatures present in the aquarium.
  • Requires a less sun lightened place for growth.
  • Can bear the temperature till 90 degree F.
  • Gives an attractive look to the aquarium.


  • Don’t put it in a high temperature place.

2. Amazon Sword

It can be declared from the name of the plant that it’s leafs has a sword type look. This Amazon Sword grows very large in the water tanks where they are placed so it should be kept in mind before purchasing.

They survive with a very low nutrients and is very easy to maintain therefore is most demanded in the market by the beginner customers. Along with the inclusion of the nutrient supplements, it also requires a very high level of sunlight on providing the requirements it will grow in very fast and healthy manner indeed.

These are mainly found in the central and South America but now a day also grown in the North America. They need a temperature of about 72 F to 82 F or a healthy and quick growth and gain a height of about 20 inches tall


  • Grows up to 20 inches tall.
  • Most suitable for beginners.
  • Does not require expensive nutrients for growth.
  • Only requires up to 72 F to 82 F temperatures for healthy growth.


  • It gains a lot of height during its growth.

3. JAVA Fern

JAVA Fern is mostly likewise to JAVA moss and is mostly likeable by the species i.e. fish and shrimps because of it’s providing the extraordinary hiding places for them.

It is great for your freshwater aquarium because of its attractive background look and requires dim light for growth. It grows well when its rhizomes are attached to the rock or wood, but make sure their rhizome does not get buried when attaching.

Its long leaves gains a great growth when they are putted at a 68 F to 82 F water temperature. It also discharge spores from the front side of their leaves and they float until they get something to tie themselves with it, onwards they will grow faster.

The most attractive thing about it is that they does not require any nutrient supplements for growth and is not expensive in price too. So what are you waiting for just order it and make your aquarium looks more attractive.


  • It is cheap in price.
  • Makes your aquarium attractive.
  • Very likeable by the shrimps and fishes in the aquarium.
  • Does not require any supplements.


  • Don’t place at a very high temperature.

4. Anubias and Anubias Nana

Anubias and Anubias Nana are easy to keep in the freshwater aquariums and are sold the rock or driftwood. It grows in a slow manner unlike the JAVA fern plants therefore is necessary to purchase a specie of it that is grown already and fits your aquarium tank.

It needs to be placed in the shady area of the aquarium to ensure the non-growth of the algae on it leaves. Moreover, it requires a less amount of nutrients for its growth.

It is most suitable for small water tanks as it don’t get tall more than 6 inches and is very suitable for the fishes that prefer to breed in a hidden place.

Their requirement includes the temperature range of about 72 F to 78 F and a less amount of sunlight indeed; also make sure to keep it above the substrate.


  • Perfect for the species that prefer to breed in hidden places.
  • Does not require a loop of trim as it grows only 6 inches tall.
  • Displays an attractive look.
  • Gives more coverage.


  • Don’t place at a very high temperature.
  • Expensive in price.
  • Grows at a very slow rate.

5. Crypt wendtii

Unlike other aquatic plants, the Crypt wendtii dissolves instantly on adding to the water aquarium due to its non-resistant nature against the change on comparison to other aquatic plants.

It requires more amount of light for its growth as compared to other plants. Anyways when it comes to the look it gives an attractive and charming look when added to the aquarium as can be seen in the image the growing leaves from the focal point.

It gives a look like if it’s fully dissolved in the water on adding to the aquarium tank. On continuous tending keep it will recover its full health as its having the capacity of growing new roots framework in the aquarium.


  • Gives an amazing look as if it’s completely dissolved in water.
  • Able to make new roots.
  • Recovers itself easily.


  • Requires more sunlight than other aquatic plants.

6. Cryptocorynes

The advanced aquarists consider it to be the next set-up from the Anubias and the JAVA fern as it also enjoys the dim light but along with that it also requires more care than that of other aquatic plants due to its complex root nature.

It’s found really attractive by the fishes and the shrimps due to its hidden places providing the feature. While placing it on the rock it should be placed at the depth of about 2 inches but at the same time taking care of leaves to put over the rock.

Like other plants, it also has some requirements for healthy growth. It should be placed in the water temperature of about 72 F to 82 F and moderated light.

You should be very careful while placing it as the sudden change of water temperature could stun its crypts and it may frequently start losing its leaves.


  • Requires no supplements.
  • Gives an amazing look in the aquarium.
  • Affordable in price.


  • Needs extra care as compare to other plants due to its complex roots.

7. Pygmy Chain Swords

One of the best aquatic plants due to its flexible nature of growth under many changing conditions and acquiring different colors and shapes on the variation of conditions.

It could have a thick tangle of foliage on getting proper lightning and can grow sparsely in low lightening conditions, thus proving to be the best and worth it plant among all plants.

Moreover giving the most attractive looks to your aquarium and demands no upkeeps. Hence is a great choice for both the beginners and the expert hobbyists.

It can grow in a spreading manner over the substrate of the aquarium and gives a charming look to it. it can grow under high and low PH and an extensive variety of light conditions therefore is the amazing plant ever.


  • Requires no fertilizers or supplements for growth.
  • Demands no upkeeps.
  • Suitable for both the beginners and experts.
  • It can grow in different conditions.


8. Water wisteria

The Water wisteria has been the most demanded aquatic plant in the market due to its fascinating leaf structure and ease of planting as well as less demand of upkeep. The shrimps and fishes are found to be happy in these aquatic plants due to consisting of its lot of hiding spots.

It is likewise the most easily propagated aquatic plant because of its easy planting. Simply take a long healthy stem of Water wisteria and bury it up to 3 to 4 inches down the substrate.

Its tall lace-like leaves display a green carpet like look in the aquarium which is found too attractive by the people. It requires direct light it does well in the temperature ranging about 75 F to 80 F degrees.

It requires no fertilizers or supplements for its growth.


  • Requires no fertilizers or supplements for growth.
  • Demands less upkeep for growth.
  • Its green fascinating leaves displays a green carpet like look.


  • Don’t keep in high temperature water.

9. Hornwort


Hornwort is one of the best aquatic plants ever found due to its simple growing procedure. Just cut a healthy stem and let it float in the aquarium but is highly recommended to properly bury it on the surface for high results.

It gives an attractive look to the aquarium when is grown up  due to its gaining height of about 24 inches tall, thus is most suitable for big aquariums.

It requires a less light and less nutrient supplements for healthy growth. It is also appropriate for the outdoor ponds and cool water tanks.

It is versatile to changing conditions and is able to take growth and survive in a variety of changing temperatures. Therefore is indeed worth it.


  • Requires simple procedure for planting.
  • Give an attractive look.
  • Can survive in a variety of temperature conditions.


10. Dwarf Lilies

Indeed the Dwarf Lilies can has an amazing look when planted in the aquarium but apart from that as can be declared from its name it cannot obtain much height.

Despite of not having a lot of hiding spots the fact should not be hidden that it’s really liked by the fishes and shrimps. Moreover, it’s too delicate and its leaves could be easily broken therefore is recommended not to plant if you are having a lot of shrimp or other species in your water aquarium.

It requires more time as compare to other aquatic plants for its growth therefore you should buy an already grown up Dwarf Lily plant.

It also is not able to reproduce once it’s broken.


  • Likeable by the shrimps and other species.
  • Gives an attractive look.


  • Its leaves are too delicate.
  • Does not gain tall height.
  • Requires more time to grow as compare to other aquatic plants.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up

The best and most suitable aquatic plants have been mentions for your aquarium in the article. Read the article fully and choose according to your need hope you will like it. These all aquatic plants are really worth it once you buy you will definitely give good comments.

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