10 Best Gaming Earbuds of 2020- [Updated Guide]

Here we have shared an amazing review of the best gaming earbuds.

So, let’s get started…

We have shortlisted the top 10 gaming earbuds for you, you will love their quality. These gaming headsets can be connected to various gaming devices and options.

You might be wondering which kind of gaming earbud you should go for and purchase? Here can help you out. The demand and popularity of using these gaming earbuds cannot be denied.

Our recommended products are quite comfortable and easy to use. They are fitted and equipped with memory foam so that your ears may not face any sort of inconvenience.

It is because of the presence of this memory foam that you will get a perfect fit. Moreover, these gaming earbuds are built to last. They are way far a better option if you are tired of using traditional earphones.

So, get your hands on any of these gaming earbud options and share your feedback with us. They come with zero risk purchase. Feel free to buy them and share your ratings as well.

More of such kinds of reviews are coming on this web page so stay connected. Apart from these gaming earplugs, you can read the reviews on the Best Earplugs For Sleeping as well.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Gaming Earbud

Buying A Gaming Earbud

High and Excellent Audio Quality

Most importantly, before you plan out to buy a gaming earbud for yourself, make sure that it gives out high-quality sound. If it manages to give out and deliver the excellent audio quality, then that is great!

Avoid buying that gaming earbud which gives out and serves mediocre quality. It is because of this trait that you will be able to enjoy listening to your favorite music and watch your favorite movies.

The provision of excellent audio quality does not give out any sort of crackles and bass issues. High-quality audio does not produce any of the echo sensations.

You can also buy these External Sound Cards to upgrade the overall sound quality of your computer.

Comfortable and Innovative

Most certainly, you should only buy that gaming earbud which is innovative and comfortable to use. It should be packed with memory foam tips.

Moreover, its foam construction should be extremely comfortable.

The induction of this trait is going to prevent and avoid ear pain. Memory foam is going to allow the user to use that gaming earbud for hours and hours.

High-quality gaming earbuds are often packed and accompanied by four replacement earbuds. In this way, you can easily exchange the earbuds in order to find out and look for the best fit.

Carefully Crafted

In addition, if your chosen gaming earbuds are carefully crafted, then that is super great. You can only get a confident gamer look if you have put on carefully crafted and uniquely designed earbuds.

Besides, they need to have the tendency to sustain all sorts of wear and tear situations. Look for the gaming earbud option whose cable does not easily breakdown.

All in all, your shortlisted and the purchased product has to be packed with reinforced construction aspects.

Comes With a Carrying Bag

It will be great if your gaming earbud comes with a carrying bag. This way, you can easily take care of your earbud.

Most of the manufacturers, they pack their gaming earbuds in a very thin and also very soft sleeve. It is in that sleeve that you can conveniently place your gaming earphones.

It becomes convenient for you to place and keep them in your jacket or right there in your trousers and thus always manage to avoid wear and tear.

Best Gaming Earbuds – A Complete Guide

Best Gaming Earbuds

So scroll down below and grab the desired gaming earbud for yourself. We have put up a detailed review for the readers:

1- Mad Catz E.S. PRO 1 Gaming Earbuds

Mad Catz E.S. PRO 1 Gaming Earbuds for PC, Consoles & Mobile Devices

Buy Now!

First of all, on the 10th spot we have Mad Catz E.S. PRO 1 Gaming Earbuds for PC, Consoles & Mobile Devices for you, the is the best multiplatform gaming earbud which you should buy for yourself.

You can play and use it anywhere as it is attached and comes with a 35mm audio cable. This cable will be able to link your laptops and also your mobile devices directly.

This ES PRO 1 comprise and consist of a 13.5mm speaker. do you know that this speaker capacity is actually larger and bigger as compared to the rest of the gaming earbuds?

It has a bigger ear-can, which means the user will get a fantastic kind of sound clarity and too bass response.

It has dual mics to that a clear chatting experience can be given to the user. This device can just go beyond as compared to the quality of PC headsets.

Its ergonomics are wholly adjustable and you will remain comfortable while using these gaming earbuds. It has the easy-in-line controlling system and you can adjust the game volume or can even mute the mic easily.

So, what have you decided? Do not miss the chance to buy this Mad Catz E.S. PRO 1 Gaming Earbud. It will for sure give you an amazing time.

And if you have decided to buy it, then do convey to us your experience as well. We are waiting for your feedback and rating.


  • It has a 35mm audio cable
  • It comprises of 13.5mm speaker
  • Dual Mics
  • Adjustable Ergonomics
  • Easy In-line Controlling system


  • None

2- MKK 2 Pack Mono Chat Game Gaming Earbuds

MKK 2 Pack Mono Chat Game Gaming Earbuds

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Then on the ninth spot, we have next recommended gaming earbuds for you and they are MKK 2 Pack Mono Chat Game Gaming Earbuds.

These gaming earphones have their compatibility right with ps4 controllers. If you have original ps4 mono earbuds then you will see that these earbuds also work in the exact and similar way.

You can directly and easily connect these gaming earbuds with these ps4 controllers. It comprises of On/Off/Mute microphone controlling system and settings.

There is a 3.5mm connector present in it, these earbuds which are used for gaming purpose, they are quite lightweight and they offer portability features.

We recommend you to use this gaming headset, we are sure that exclusive and satisfactory results will be received by you.

And we are also confident that once you use and try out this MKK 2 Pack Mono Chat Game Gaming Earbud, then you will also give your thumbs up to this recommendation.

Replace your old gaming earphones and have this one! Amplify your gaming time and enjoy every bit and moment of it.


  • It is compatible with PS4 controllers
  • MKK 2 can be directly connected to ps4 controllers
  • It has an On/Off/Mute microphone controlling system
  • 5mm connector
  • This product offers a portable use


  • Limited compatibility

3- VANTEN Gaming Earbuds

VANTEN Gaming Earbuds for Android Phones, Tablets, Computer PC

Buy Now!

We suggest you get this VANTEN Gaming Earbuds for Android Phones, Tablets, Computer PC systems as well! If you think that your current gaming earbud device is not up to the mark and you need to get more latest earbuds for yourself then try this one!

These gaming earbuds can offer superb and best kind of sound experience, they are light in weight and you can easily adjust them into your ears.

There is a magnet attraction feature present on these earbuds, which means they can simply stick and be there on your ears for the as much long time as you want!

You can use and plug these gaming earbuds into your laptops and computer systems or into your Android phones, iPhone sets.

So, we can say that great number of features and qualities are present in this VANTEN Gaming Earbud? What else you want and need from such a product?

So, book this gaming earbud, use it and enjoy your music listening and gaming time. We hope that more of the positive and thumbs up reviews are going to be gathered by this VANTEN Gaming Earbud.


  • Superb kind of sound quality
  • Ergonomic


  • None

4- Venom Universal In-Ear Sterio Gaming Earbuds

Venom Universal In-Ear Stereo eSports Gaming Earbuds

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On this seventh spot, we have for you these Venom Universal In-Ear Stereo eSports Gaming Earbuds, these earbuds are made of sports style. They have 13mm drivers so that all users can have a superior sound quality result and experience.

Its microphones are adjustable, as it comes in a twin headset form, that means its adjustable microphone positioning will give you maximum comfort.

With the headset, you will get three sets of earpiece grommets of varied sizes. You will too get a 1.2m cable along with 3.5mm jack, 2.5mm adapter so that you can use it with Xbox 360)

These great looking gaming earbuds offer universal compatibility options, they can be worked with PS4 and Xbox One and PSP as well as with Xbox 360 and with the rest of the other 3.5mm devices.

These gaming earbuds have arrived on the top ten spots and you can get them for yourself if you want to receive and experience amazing and high-quality sound quality.

By looking at the review and verdict side, as you can see that we have given true thumbs up to this Venom Universal In-Ear Sterio Gaming Earbud.

So, what are you waiting for? Book one model for yourself and try it. If you like it then give it a thumbs up. And if you are dissatisfied with this product, then share your honest reviews about it.


  • Sports style headset
  • It comes with 13mm drivers
  • It offers a superior and amazing sound quality
  • Twin headset
  • It has an adjustable microphone position
  • Universal compatibility


  • Its design is not user-friendly

5- ROCCAT SYVA High Performance In-Ear Gaming Earbud

ROCCAT SYVA High Performance In-Ear Gaming Earbud

Buy Now!

Moving to the 6th spot, we have ROCCAT SYVA High-Performance In-Ear Gaming Earbud, this gaming earbud can actually give you top-class and high-quality audio experience.

It has deep bass and too crisp cables which will make your audio experience more enjoyable. These gaming earbuds come in an ultra-low in weight option, they are extremely easy to wear and you can wear and put on them for an as much extended period and span as you can!

They have the in-cable microphone in them, it means that the user will always get an enhanced clarity while he does voice chat with his friends.

The element of premium comfort is delivered by this device, as it is available in 3 ergonomic ear tip sizes, this basically means that people with an ear tip size can wear these gaming earbuds.

It has colored cable tangles, so all in all, this gaming headset is a must buy at your end. Share your review when you get this ROCCAT SYVA High-Performance In-Ear Gaming Earbud.

We are eagerly waiting for your reviews and feedback. Do buy this suggested product as it has garnered lots of reviews, praises, and thumbs from the rest of the customers.


  • ROCCAT SYVA has deep bass and also crisp trebles
  • It is easy to wear for an extended period of time
  • ROCCAT SYVA offers the most enhanced clarity
  • It is available in 3 ergonomic ear tip sizes


  • None

6- Tt eSPORTS ISURUS PRO Detachable Microphone In-Ear Gaming Earbude

Tt eSPORTS ISURUS PRO Detachable Microphone In-Ear Gaming Earbud

Buy Now!

It has 13.5mm neodymium drivers and you will be delivered with an unbeatable in-ear audio experience.

No doubt that this headset is attached to one of the natural and high-reliability options, it has crisp trebles and also powerful bass.

It has a flat cable which is tangle-free. Now you do not have the mess with frustrating kind of cable tangles. Have fun with these gaming earbuds and share your feedback.

Its design is basically of dual-inline nature and completely detachable.

If you want to play games or want to listen to music if you want to watch a movie or want to have a voice chat with your friends then get this headset.

It works on the premium audio technology aspect and possesses an exceptional design as well.


  • It is made of stainless steel
  • It has a detachable kind of microphone design
  • You will get a clearer amount of voice communication
  • 5mm neodymium drivers
  • Tangle-free flat cable
  • It has a dual inline as well as detachable microphone design


  • Limited in stock

7- Granvela G10 In-Ear Headphones

Granvela G10 In-Ear Headphones

Buy Now!

On this fourth spot, we have Granvela G10 In-Ear Headphones, they are high-quality gaming earbuds which comprise of 9mm drivers along with these neodymium magnets.

Its design is made according to the noise-isolating aspect. You will get a superior fitting experience while availing and using these Granvela gaming earbuds.

This headset can easily block any kind of ambient noise and any sort of distractions. It is packed with adapters as well so that you can use these microphones with your PC system.

Now you do not have to wear these heavy and too hot gaming headphones because these lightweight and easy to wear gaming earbuds have arrived now.

It has a 5.5-feet-long cord and a jack, its body is all sleek looking, it has an aluminum body.

This product is convenient to carry, it has a compact looking carrying case and moreover, its ear gels are interchangeable.

You will get two  Memory Foam ear tips and three of the different ear gel sizes with the product.


  • It has large 9mm drivers and further consist of neodymium magnets
  • Noise-Isolating Design
  • 5-feet-long cord
  • You will get a killer sound
  • It has a sleek aluminum body


  • None

8- Zahara Gaming Earbuds with Dual Mic

Zahara Gaming Earbuds with Dual Mic

Buy Now!

For those who want to buy durable, longlasting gaming earbuds, they can have Zahara Gaming Earbuds with Dual Mic as an option for them.

This earbud is the best solution for all gamers if you are one of the pro-gamers and you enjoy gaming at your fullest then get this decent looking headphone for yourself.

It can deliver just an unbeatable in-ear audio result and it also possesses a secure kid of fit systems in it. It is designed in a manner so that it can be nestled in your ear easily.

With the package, the buyer will get three sizes of silicone sleeves.

It is lightweight and constructed by a stainless steel material, we suggest you buy this detachable omnidirectional microphone which can absolutely give a clearer and best of the voice communication settings.

It has an Extension cord attached to it which has a total cable length up to 7.2ft and this gaming headphone can be worked and be made compatible with Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS and.


with the rest of the Mobile Phone types and iPhone sets and with Samsung Galaxy. You can use it with your PlayStation 4 and Xbox, Laptop systems and computers.


  • It gives unbeatable in-ear audio experience
  • You will get a true and actual gaming atmosphere
  • It is made of stainless steel
  • It has an omnidirectional microphone design


  • Bit heavy

9- Symphonized XTC 2.0 Earbuds with Mic

Symphonized XTC 2.0 Earbuds with Mic

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These Symphonized XTC 2.0 Earbuds with Mic are handcrafted and made of real wood, do you know that these earphones can primarily and simply give a crisp and powerful sound experience.,

Its silicone ear tips are available in three sizes, it is eco-friendly and convenient to be used product.

These headphones comprise of a sleek cord and this cord is packed with different colors.

It has the most stylish design and just the high-end sound quality experience is given out by these gaming earbuds.


  • Symphonized XTC 2.0 are handcrafted and made of real wood
  • They have a strong kind of deep bass
  • It has a sleek cord which is available in different colors
  • They are eco-friendly


  • None

10- Marsno M1 Wired Metal In-Ear Gaming Earbuds

Marsno M1 Wired Metal In Ear Gaming Earbuds

Buy Now!

Lastly, for the readers, we have Marsno M1 Wired Metal In-Ear Gaming Earbuds, they offer a stereo bass sound as well as noise isolating experience.

This product has been brilliantly engineered and further installed with high-quality and dynamic drivers. It is these drivers which can pump out powerful and deep bass crisp highs and a fun and enjoyable listening experience.

These gaming earbuds are made of solid in form sound-insulating material, it is packed with a full aluminum alloy housing and this housing is also corrosion-resistant and more durable.

Its design is compact and these gaming earbuds are best while you are doing exercising or traveling or while you are enjoying music.

It has a built-in microphone and this element can easily eliminate all kinds of exterior noise, you will get a lifetime warranty once you buy this product.


  • It has high-quality and dynamic drivers
  • You will enjoy a fun listening experience
  • It has an aluminum alloy housing
  • It has 3.5mm gold plated jack so that you can have a reliable connectivity experience


  • Limited in stock

10 Best Gaming Earbuds – Buyer’s Guide

Gaming Earbuds

Wide Application

The very first and important point which you have to keep in mind is to get a gaming earbud which offers wide application usage.

In other words, it should be compatible to be used with an extension cord, desktop adapter or with a microphone and even with your sports headphones.

Moreover, look for the option which is compatible and can be operated with your iPhone, Samsung.

Also, high-quality gaming earbuds can easily be used with an iPad, PC, notebook computer versions and also with other compressors.

Comfortable to Use

In addition, always hunt for that kind of gaming earbud which is made of memory cotton. It should be packed and accompanied by an inner earring so that you can comfortably use that gaming earplug.

That gaming earbud should remain fixed in your ears no matter you are walking, yoga or reading.

High Fidelity Performance

At the same time, buy that gaming earplug which gives high and top fidelity performance. It means it should give excellent audio.

Its sound quality should always be up to the mark. Most importantly, the presence of strong bass stereo eventually makes and turns out the beat more energetic.

Size Variations

Shop for that gaming earplug which can be used by everyone’s ear.

We have normally seen and observed that high and reliable quality earplug versions, they are generally packed and comes with three pairs of inner rings and also silicon earplugs.

It means large, small and medium-size options should be available. In this way, that specific headset can be used and availed by everyone. And you no longer have to worry about the size factor.

Noise Cancelling Stereo Bass

If your chosen and purchased gaming earbud has the capacity to block out all sorts of outside noises, then that is quite amazing.

This is one of the exclusive features which are always searched by the game players whenever they have to get a gaming earplug for themselves.

The induction of noise-canceling stereo bass systems will always let the user experience HiFi performance. You will automatically feel immersive and completely involved when you play games.

Even more, the feature of noise-canceling stereo bass amplifies your sense of a picture.

FAQs about Gaming Earbuds

How is their Sound Quality?

How is their Sound Quality?

It is often seen that exceptional sound quality is delivered by high-quality and top recommended gaming earbuds. They cancel out and block all outside noises.

And just give a hi-fi and excellent audio quality time to the user. Most of them run and operate on the stereo deep bass system.

It means that the subjected gaming earbud will always give you a clear voice, crisp sound, and crystal clear audio. Reliable and top models of gaming earplugs offer deep rich bass.

They are also called in-ear headphones as they are placed and embossed in the player’s ear. So, all in all, they give a great sound quality time and experience to the user.

Which Gaming Earbuds Best Suit You?

Which Gaming Earbuds Best Suit You?

The best of all gaming earbuds which may suit you, they can be HyperX Cloud Earbuds, Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 earbud for gaming or Cooler Master Masterpulse MH710 Gaming Earbud.

It is commonly observed that the best of all gaming earbuds, they have an ergonomic design encompassed in them. They appear and design in the form of an oblique angle so that your wearing experience can be maximized.

Moreover, such a design isolate and block out all background noise. Lastly, the best gaming earbuds working on the Super Noise Cancelling Microphone technology.

These are High sensitivity dual microphones and deliver you with more clear and smooth audio.

How We Choose Gaming Earbuds?

How We Choose Gaming Earbuds?

It is on a large number of factors that you have to choose and get the best gaming earbud for yourself.

Most importantly, your chosen wired in-ear headphone needs to be adopted and installed with advanced technology as well as novelty design.

It should always and consistently give you a vivid and excellent sound experience. Furthermore, choose that gaming earphone which has a memory foam design and runs on the noise-canceling mechanism.

Lastly, your gaming earplug should have an ergonomic angled and user-friendly design. In this way, the earbuds are going to reach deeper right into your ears and give you a snug fit a well.

How We Tested the Sound Quality?

How We Tested the Sound Quality?

To test the sound quality of any gaming earbud model, make sure that it does not let you hear any outside noise.

If it blocks out all unwanted noises, then your chosen gaming earbud has passed the sound quality test.

However, if it does not give clear and crisp audio, then it means your gaming earplug has failed in this sound audio test.

Hence, it is on the basis of decent and high-quality sound performance that you judge the overall quality of a gaming earphone.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

Pick out the reliable gaming earbud for yourself from the above-mentioned list and share your review with us.

We are confident that you are going to love all of these recommendations. The best thing about them is that they let you enjoy your music time as if you are in some concert.

You can easily them with iPod, iPhone or mp3, iPad or even with any tablet and android devices. Moreover, the presence of Adjustable Microphone in them allows your voice to be picked up at the 360-degree rate.

So, are you ready to use these gaming earbuds which always give HiFi performance? You should be! All of them are impressive recommendations.

Also, share your reviews and rating with us if you choose any of the gaming earphones from our list. And to take your music listening time another up level, try out these Best Boom Boxes.

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