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What can be better than playing games in our homes? Off course it is the best activity to do in our time of leisure. The games do not only provide the joy, but they also provide users with the complete real experience. So the most important thing to play a game with is a Keyboard. If you love action games, then good keyboards are the best choice you have to go with.

There are lots of companies that are making keyboards, but only few companies have gone really successful in providing their users with what they need. Finding the keyboard is easy but finding the perfect keyboard can be hard, so to make it easy for you we have gathered the information about top 10 keyboards in the world and it will be explained to you in this article. So don’t worry and relax if you know about keyboards then you will be on right track to find the best keyboard for yourself. So read this article carefully and choose the keyboard that is best for your needs and demands.

10. Yanni SADES Blademail USB Gaming Keyboards – Best Gaming keyboards Review

Here we have an SADES k8/Blade mail Computer USB Gaming Keyboard with multi-colors backlight. This product comes with 7 colors backlight, two modes, and breathing and fixed. It has a USB plug and braided cable which is more durable. It is designed with metal plate high end and stable.

It supports Multilanguage and sound volume wheel. The company has taken special care to keeping the product durable and easy to use so you won’t have any difficulty using it. It also has 13 FN composite keys, multimedia playback, gaming entertainment control more conveniently.

It also has feature that its WIN keys can be disabled when gaming, laser engraved keycaps. Support keyboard into dormancy when not in use with 10 minutes, press any key to wake. You won’t have any difficulty while accessing any of the buttons. The keyboard settings include 7 switchable backlights colors, different LED brightness levels and adjustable brightness rates.

9. HAVIT HV-KB380L Wired Gaming Keyboard – Best Gaming keyboards Review

Here is another mechanical featured keyboard form HAVIT. HAVIT products are built to the highest quality standards and come with the one year’s manufacturer’s guaranty. This backlit keyboard is associated with membrane keyboard where all keys are same membrane and backlit is like a central light shared by all. This keyboard has really gone successful in providing people with exactly what they need and I really appreciate that. It’s having removable keycaps which are good for supporting DIY. This is very easy use due to having 8 sets of anti-ghosting combination keys; it makes no conflict when each set of these keys is conducted.

It comes with the backlit brightness adjustment system which makes it really cool. The product also comes with the 10 breathing rate options to either speed up or speed down the breathing rate. This product has gold plated USB interface guaranties and it’s having efficient and stable data transmission. The company has used completely appropriate material over the key board so that user doesn’t feel any discomfort.

It has the USB interface. Removable keycaps is supported for DIY, constructed with floating keys and it has mechanical-similar typing/gaming experience. HV-KB380L LED backlit wired membrane gaming keyboard is a simple plug and play keyboard and there is no driver needed for the installation of this device, just plug it in the USB cable port of your computer and start enjoying the features of this lovely keyboard. This keyboard has the metal base and enhanced weight designed to keep you’re your keyboard in place for better gaming experience. Its gold plated interface and magnet ring can to a large degree guarantee stable data transferring. 2 stands on the back of the keyboard can adjust the height of the keyboard for your easy use and playing games.

8. BlueFinger Adjustable Gaming Keyboard – Best Gaming keyboards Review

Gaming Keyboard, BlueFinger Mechanical Computer Keyboard USB Wired LED 3 Color Red/Blue/Purple Backlit Gamer lighted Keyboard with Customized MousePad
  • ABS Gaming Keyboard: The BlueFinger USB wired keyboard is made of durable and high quality ABS materials. Designed with crack surface, which makes it fashion and novelty.
  • Illuminated Keyboard: This backlit gaming keyboard comes in 3 LED red/blue/purple colors and 3 breathing modes. You can easily change the backlit luminous mode to your favorite settings by tapping "Fn" and PS/PB/SL keys.

Here we have another amazing keyboard which is a product of a new emerging company naming KINGSLIGHT, which specializes in keyboards, mouse, USB charger and many other computer accessories. This keyboard is one the important achievements of the company. They enhanced this Blue Finger keyboard with two breathing modes. This keyboard has three color breathing light cool crack pattern. Adjustable color with red blue and purple with the adjustment of the brightness makes it cooler to use.

The surface of the keyboard is designed with the crack pattern, more fashionable and novelty design. The company has made sure to provide their users with the exact performance they need and I also appreciate that. The keyboard is also enhanced with the 19 keys does not conflict approach which bring you a new peculiar experience. For the accessibility and relax for the users the material which is used to create the keyboard gives makes you comfortable due to its soft and cool touch. It is much lighter in weight just to make it easy for the user to use.

Its supports the many operating systems i.e. Windows 98, XP, 2000, ME, VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 8.  It comes with the plug and play simplicity so that user can use it smoothly and easily. It is also customized with the gaming mouse pad. If you are one among those people who love to play action games then it can be the key to your fighting and it won’t upset you at any cost and you will even love play your games using it. This product has also returned and exchange policy to ensure the satisfaction of the user.

7. DBPOWER DB-A8  Gaming Keyboard – Black – Best Gaming keyboards Review

 Here is another cool and good product named DBPOWER DB-A8 WIRED LED GAMING KEYBOARD. It’s one of the best-looking gaming keyboards on the market. It’s one of the best features is that it’s a mechanical feel keyboard so this product is a good opinion for those users who like the looks and styles of a mechanical keyboard but on the other hand they also prefer a silent and subtle key press sound to loud and disturbing original sounds. DBPOWER DB-A8 is a really high performance gaming keyboard with a competitive price tag. For the users who love mechanical looks they would want to get their hand on this classy weapon.

For a casual and a highly competitive gamer this keyboard is an excellent choice. It is made according to the wishes and desire of users having 104 keys in total and having 19 conflict keys. For more enhancements the spacebar of the keyboard is reinforced and strengthened for extra longevity. It is also designed with the multimedia function keys so you could control sound, browser access etc. it can be connected to a computer by a braided cable. It is a plug and play so you don’t need to worry about messing with the drivers and others things as such.

It does not only have these qualities but it is also cheaper. The compact designing around the top, edges and bottom of the DB-A8 bring you the best features of the LED lightning in its finest and coolest form. It is also designed for changing the color schemes of LED between purple, red and blue. To avoid the risk of skidding and ruining your play there is high quality rubber prices under the keyboard so that it can work easily on any surface including glass. Its body is made from the laser etched and non slipping ABS material. It makes you feel very firm and stable. We highly recommend this keyboard for anyone for a new, cool and mechanical replacement.

6. Logitech RGB G910 Orion Spark Gaming Keyboard – Best Gaming keyboards Review

Logitech G910 Orion Spark RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – 9 Programmable Buttons, Dedicated Media Controls
  • World's fastest RGB mechanical gaming keyboard: Exclusive Romer-G Mechanical Switches with up to 25 percent faster actuation
  • Customizable RGB illumination: Personalize individual key lighting from a palette of 16 million colors ; Cable Length (Power/Charging): 6 feet (1.8 meter)

The Logitech RGB G910 mechanical gaming keyboard is another one of the great keyboards. Logitech products have been one of the most favorites for gamers for a long time. Many of products from Logitech are well regarded for their affordability and reliability their range of homes and gaming focused products in many places. The G910 Orion Spark is the first RGB keyboard which is mechanical and is nothing like the keyboards in the past. The exclusive new Roomer-G mechanical switches make Orion Spark their fastest keyboard ever. With up to 25 percent faster actuation you will have the edge in battles where every millisecond matters.

The improved durability of this keyboard ensures the best gaming keyboard will weather the wear and tear of intense gaming for the many years to come. It is customized with over 16.8M colors. Mark keys by color to keep track of spells and game commands. The key feature customizable lightning from a palette of 16.8M colors. Each key letter is entirely illuminated for a beautiful, evenly-lit glow.

It allows you to customize your favorite game with 9 individually programmable G-keys. It has gone really successful in providing people with what they need using the dedicated media controls to play, pause, and mute audio or video. There is also a roller bar on the keyboard for adjusting of the volume. It can reliably register input through even most strenuous gaming sessions with 113 key anti-ghosting protections. The keys on the keyboard have been designed for the gamers. G-keys have been replaced for optimal and maximum speed and accessibility. It requires Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and powered USB port internet connection and 100MB hard drive space (for optional software download). It will allow you to play as soon as you are connected to the system.

5. Corsair STRAFE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Best Gaming keyboards Review

Corsair CH-9000088-NA STRAFE  Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Red LED Backlit - USB Passthrough - Linear and Quiet - Cherry MX Red Switch
  • 100% Cherry MX key switches - Gold contact Cherry MX mechanical gaming keys deliver the ultimate competitive advantage.Two year warranty
  • Dynamic backlighting - Brilliant RED backlighting enhances the experience with virtually unlimited lighting adjustability.Gaming Grade Circuitry - 100% anti-ghosting with 104 key rollover on USB ensure no matter how fast your play, all your keys register

Game better with the Corsair Gaming STRAFE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. It has a very good list of excellent features in it and one of the most important and beautiful feature is having the CHERRY MX RED key switches. Due to this feature it is included in one of the most desirable keyboards in market thanks to excellent build quality and stylish design. It is also including the keys for the adjusting the backlight brightness and locking the windows keys. This keyboard is a fast precise and a durable.

The brilliant red backlighting enhances the experience with virtual limited lighting adjustability. You will be able to choose from six unique presets and crafting your own. The Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) unlocks the most amazing keyboard programmability. Reassign any or setup the most extreme Marcos for outrageous gaming control. This keyboard is positioned for uninterrupted game play, the built in USB pass-through provides easy connection for your mouse, USB drive, or wireless headset adapter. It is designed for 100% anti-ghosting with 104 key rollover on USB ensures no matter how fast you play, all of your keys registers.

The enhanced easy access multimedia keys efficiently allow the user for the fly audio changes, while gaming or typing. When you are not gaming you can efficiently play, pause and skip adios tracks using multimedia control buttons on your keyboard. Textured and contoured keycaps allows the user for maximum grip and enhanced feel. User can personalize their experience by selecting between FPS and MOBA kits. The best part about the product is that the company has kept the price of this product completely durable, so users won’t have any difficulty purchasing this and I sure that you would love to play with it as well for great comfort and easy accessibility.

4. Redragon S101 Vajra USB Gaming Keyboard  – Best Gaming keyboards Review

Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard with Multimedia Keys Wrist Rest and Red Backlit Gaming Mouse 3200 DPI for Windows PC Gamers (Black)
  • PC GAMING KEYBOARD AND GAMING MOUSE COMBO: Includes Redragon RGB Backlit Computer Gaming Keyboard and RGB Backlit Gaming Mouse. ALL-IN-ONE PC GAMER VALUE KIT, Fantastic for Gamers (New Improved Version)
  • RGB BACKLIT GAMING KEYBOARD; 7 different RGB Lighting modes & effects, 4 backlight brightness levels, adjustable breathing speed. The keycaps offering clear uniform backlighting WIN key can be disabled for gaming. The PC Gaming Keyboard has been ergonomically designed to be a superb typing tool for office work as well. The gaming Keyboard is built to withstand the average liquid spill. The integrated wrist rest gives you the comfort you need for marathon gaming sessions

Here we have another keyboard used for the gaming purposes by the users all over the world. This is an amazing deal because user cannot only have the keyboard but user will be also avaiicle with the centrophorous mouse. This is an amazing keyboard with 104 soft and easy keys. There are 19 keys which are without conflict. This keyboard includes the laser-engraved keys which make this keyboard cooler. The keyboard is soft in touch and has excellent grip because high quality ABS construction material is used in its manufacturing. It is also enhanced with the LED lights along with the high quality ABS. it comes with a 5 feet long and high speed cable with USB port.

It has also 3mm diameter high-strengthened fiber cable. 12 multimedia keys are included in this keyboard for the easy accessibility of the user. The best feature of the keyboard is that it is water resistant and splash proof. It has got interchangeable WASD keys, arrow keys, WIN keys can be disabled for gaming. There are 11 holes in the bottom of the keyboard which are made for the user’s guidance.

There are 2 input speed adjusting gears installed in this keyboard. It has 1000 grams of the vertical pullout force; 55 grams of the best key pressure grams, 12mm large diameter comfort the silica-gel bowl and 150cm high speed USB cable. The mouse available with this keyboard has a super fast gaming engine. It is easy to use due to its easily sliding capacity. The mouse is also made with the high quality ABS material. It is designed with the 6 different function buttons for the ease of the user. it has long lasting Teflon feets pads which help the mouse to move smoothly. It has also 5 foot long and high-speed cable with USB port

3. Corsair Gaming K70 RAPIDFIRE Mechanical Keyboard – Best Gaming keyboards Review

CORSAIR K70 RAPIDFIRE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Backlit Red LED - USB Passthrough & Media Controls - Fastest & Linear - Cherry MX Speed,CH-9101024-NA
  • Corsair fastest mechanical Keyboard, ever
  • 100 percent anti ghosting and full key rollover on USB/ 100 percent Cherry MX Speed gaming key switches with ultra fast 1. 2 millimeter actuation and light 45G force

To compete at the highest level, you need the fastest mechanical keyboard there is. RAPIDFIRE’S lightning quick keyboard is one of the fastest keyboards built by the CORSAIR company sole for the purpose of gaming. According to CORSAIR this is the fastest keyboard ever built by the company. It has many good feature including  a 100% anti-ghosting system which means no matter how fast you in game actions the rapid-fire can keep up, registering every key press correctly and for everytime and there is full key rollover on USB. This keyboard is enhanced with the 100% Cherry MX speed gaming key switches with ultra fast 1.2mm actuation.

The forged aluminum frame is built to withstand storm after storm of keystrokes, so you will always live to fight the day. CORSAIR Utility Engine (CUE) enables sophisticated macros and dramatic lighting effects. The USB pass through port is positioned for uninterrupted playing of games and a detachable wrist rest keeps you playing for the hours without stopping.

It unleashes the blistering speed due to 1.2mm mechanical actuation and durability of gold contact Cherry MX mechanical gaming key switches. Wield the ultimate performance advantage over your opponents with light operation 45g key switches and actuation 40% faster than any standard Cherry MX Red switches. While using this keyboard the user can experience the dynamic, variant multi-color backlighting for virtually unlimited customization. Intuitive and powerful Corsair Utility Engine (CUE Software) enables advanced macro programming for virtually unlimited game customization. It provides all the comfort the user needs for the marathon gaming sessions. There are dedicated multimedia controls so that user can adjust their audio and video without any disturbance. The USB pass trough port is positioned for uninterrupted game play and ready for your mouse or wireless headset adapter.

2. Razer DeathStalker Essential Gaming Keyboard – Best Gaming keyboards Review

Razer DeathStalker Essential Gaming Keyboard - Ergonomic Gaming-Grade Membrane Keyboard With Wrist-Rest
  • Actuate as many keys as you have fingers, and have all of them register accurately and quickly in-game.
  • With the Razer DeathStalker's anti-ghosting capabilities, you can deliver overwhelming destruction to your opponents, and ensure that every command is registered and executed perfectly.

Razer is best known for its Black Widow mechanical gaming Keyboards. This one of the best mechanical gaming keyboard the company has ever assembled. It is very easy with soft touch and designed according to the needs, demands and wishes of the users. The Death stalker Essential Gaming Keyboard is having slim 2mm Chiclets keycaps that ensure that less time is needed to actuate each key so you can react faster to situations and enemies. Your fingers can move quickly between keys, this ensures the user entire master plan for gaming domination is executed instantly. There is a 10 key Rollover in gaming mode in the keyboard, so in this way the user can actuate as many keys as they have finger and have all of them reregistered accurately and quickly in the game.

With the razors death stalkers anti ghosting capabilities, the user can deliver overwhelming destruction to their opponents and ensure that every command is registered and executed in perfect way. Razers Synapse 2.0 is cutting edge, intuitive software that functions as the Razer’s death stalkers brains, automatically syncing the gaming keyboard to a cloud server to download driver and firmware updated, while saving users individual settings. These keyboards in having green LED Backlit keys and 1000Hz Ultra polling.

It has dedicated gaming mode for the easy use of user. There is an anti ghosting capability of the keyboard for up to 10 simultaneous key presses. There is a fixed wrist rest in the keyboard. The System requirements are the Windows 8, Windows &, MAC OS X. razers Synapse 2.0 registration, software download, license acceptance, and internet connection needed to activate full features of product and for software’s updates. After activation, full features are available in optional offline mode.

1. Razer BlackWidow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Best Gaming keyboards Review

Razer BlackWidow Chroma: Clicky RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - 5 Macro Keys - Razer Green Mechanical Switches (Tactile and Clicky)
  • Multi-Award winning Razer Mechanical Switches - Razer Green Switch with tactile bump and audible click for the best overall gaming performance
  • Extreme Durability- Razer mechanical switches are rated up to 80 million keystrokes and come with a 2-year warranty

So finally here we have the best of the best by Razer. This amazing keyboard is designed specifically for gaming, Razer Mechanical switches actuate at an optimal distance, giving you speed and responsiveness like never before. Razer Mechanical Switches have been lauded as the new standard for all the mechanical gaming keyboards since their introduction. This keyboard was engineered for durability. Razer mechanical switches have consistently proven themselves to be best for gaming, delivering both top-notch performance and reliable durability without compromise. This very same razer technology and design is now being manufactured in-house end to end, ensuring even stricter requirements are met for each switch produced, resulting in a life span of up you 80 million keystrokes.

The razer black widow chrome features individually programmable backlit with 16.8 color options, all easily set through Razer synapse. This keyboard is fully programmable keys with on the fly macro recording. There is also an option for the gaming mode in the keyboard with is easy user interface for the user. It has a braided fiber cable which is very good for the data transmission. It is very light weighted and easy to move.

The multimedia buttons on the keyboard helps the users to change the audio, video and to increase or decrease volume with the volume bar without disturbing your work. The system or MAC with a USB port is required for this keyboard to work. It can be easily accessible in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, MAC OS X. internet connection is also required for the keyboard. All the buttons are at completely comfortable place, so the user doesn’t feel any difficulty while playing around any games using this keyboard, which is really amazing and I am sure that you would love to use it as well. Overall, I must say that the company is delivering its users with the performance that the user needs.


So, it was the review of Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards In 2017. If you have used any of the product listed above, then make sure to share your opinion and review with us because we and our audience would love to read about it. If you have any question, then feel free to ask us and we will make sure to answer your questions as soon as possible.

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