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The speedometer is an instrument on a vehicle’s dashboard indicating the speed of the vehicle and odometer is also an instrument that usually records the distance travelled.

In any vehicle speedometer and odometer is necessary because it helps the driver to know the stats of his car and also maintain the record of his vehicle which is very important.    

GPS speedometer is a positional speedometer which will show the speed of the car based on the average distance covered in the last few second or minute.

GPS speedometer is an electronic instrument, which is made up of many sensors.

GPS is a Global Positioning System that allows the user to trace the location of anything. Nowadays these GPS systems are very in use many people use this to find the locations.

Basically, GPS is a navigation system works through satellite.

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Accuracy of GPS Speedometer

GPS speedometer is very accurate, they are very reliable. In GPS speedometer there are many ways to calculate the speed of the vehicle. 

Basically, it measures the speed of the vehicle based on the wheel turn in per second or in a minute. This is the most accurate way to calculate the speed of the vehicle.

This modern Gps Speedometer is better than the normal Gps system. Nowadays many people use GPS speedometer instead of the normal speedometer.

Best GPS Speedometer of 2020

Best GPS Speedometer

Here is the list of some of the best GPS speedometers in the market. Below down you can also find out the links and also find the key features of each of the speedometers.

10- Samdo 85mm GPS speedometer

Samdo 85mm GPS speedometer

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Samdo GPS speedometer has a 160 MPH odometer. Which records the data or information regarding speed distance it is compatible with ATV and UTV motorcycles and boats.

It has a backlight and functions like total mileage and current speed and distance.

The Attach GPS has a backlight display and a higher speed recall for bikes, cars, and boats as well. With an antenna, the work rate of this speedometer is very quick.

These types of speedometers are very fast and they are very accurate

These GPS speedometers are waterproof, rainproof, dustproof and they are anti-fogging. So if we talk about the indicating range so its indicating range is 0-250 Km/h; 0-160MPH.which is quite impressive.

They are less power consumption, Have a long life, have higher precision and also have quick response time and they locate very fast and easy. 

Samdo Gps speedometers have a GPS speed sensor which receives the signals. It has a power-off memory function and also has an odometer that keeps the record for the user.

Key Features:

  • They have a very quick response time.
  • The indication range is very good.
  • Consume less power.

9- Attach 60mm GPS speedometer

Attach 60mm GPS speedometer

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Attach 60mm GPS speedometer is waterproof and dustproof and also have anti-fogging protection.

Odometer, the power feature, having backlight and its software all are very quick and perform functions smoothly. These types of GPS speedometers are easy to install and also easy to use.

If we discuss the features so Attach 60mm GPS speedometer has instant speed (km/h, mph).They have maximum speed recall.

In this GPS speedometer, the antenna is inside the guage so there is so need to install antenna externally.

They are 100% waterproof and have only 2 wires to connect to a power source (12/24V).

Key Features:

  • Easy to use.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • No external installation.

8- Eling Universal MPH GPS speedometer

Eling Universal MPH GPS speedometer

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Eling speedometer has it own odometer with a very fine range of 0 to 160 MPH .compatible with tractors, trucks, and bikes.

It is compatible with all moving vehicles such as bike, cars, Boats and etc.

GPS motors and the bent glass both have many rich features. The work rate is very quick, and the results on it are always very accurate and very reliable as compared to others.

These types of GPS speedometers are very trendy, They are easy to use and hook up easily,  Three (3) wires connection for power, ground, and lighting.

They are waterproof and dustproof which makes this to last very long.

Key Features:

  • They consume very little power.
  • Have an anti-fogging technology.

7- Vjoycar C60 Universal HUD head-up display GPS speedometer

Vjoycar C60 Universal HUD head-up display GPS speedometer

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This speedometer has a trip mileage system. An odometer windscreen protector.

They are very useful and easy to install, and there is no professional installation required you can easily install this by ourselves.

Collecting driving speed from GPS satellites. They have no relation with the car engine speed, therefore, it’s 100% universal for all vehicles including truck, car, pick-up, SUV, scooters, trains, motorcycles, bikes, boats and etc.

In this GPS speedometer, there is a speed alert option that alerts you when you drive very fast, This makes your drive safe and secure.

The setting alert is 120 Mph which is the default you can change it by ourselves. They also have a projected display which helps the user to view it more clearly.

Key Features:

  • They have a speed alert.
  • Waterproof and dustproof.
  • Have windshield protection.

6- Latnex waterproof digital GPS speedometer

Latnex waterproof digital GPS speedometer

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 This Latnex GPS speedometer is mainly used for bikes, cars and other automobile vehicles.they are waterproof and dustproof product and also has a backlight attached to it. 

They have a powerful driving speed system install in it, This Latex speedometer has very good features such as satellite positioning, real-time monitoring, and analysis, the current speed of the vehicle, max speed viewable, an over-speed alert can be settled also.

The price is quite reasonable and easy to afford and the product works very smoothly.

The green backlight is comfortable and the low power consumption feature makes the device better and excellent.

This GPS speedometer comes with a unique design Including easy installation. Their waterproof rate is IP65. Odometer save all data automatically.

Key Features:

  • They are Budget-friendly.
  • Latnex digital has a unique and compact design.
  • Super fast and have a clock function.
  • Voltage indicators.

5- Oxygentle Universal Car GPS speedometer

Oxygentle Universal Car GPS speedometer

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Oxygentle GPS speedometer has a projected display and also has an over-speed alert. The 

They have a power supply from 12 volts. The quality of this GPS is very high, They also have projected display.

The performance of this GPS is very good that it will easily calculate all the basic functions like speed record, speed alert, Distance record and etc.

They are waterproof, dustproof and they are anti-fogging protection. The installation process is also very easy just plug and play.

Key Features:

  • They are super budget-friendly.
  • Very accurate.
  • Waterproof, dustproof, and have anti-fogging protection.
  • Easy plug and play.

4- Turui GPS MPH speedometer

Turui GPS MPH speedometer

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Turui GPS speedometer is another excellent device that will provide all basic features and also have an odometer in it which helps to maintain the record of the vehicle.

This GPS is made for all vehicles but mainly used in motorbikes and in boats.

In this Type of Gps Speedometers, we have both MPH and miles in a single display meter.

The quality of this GPS is good and the material which is used is a notch. This product lasts very long.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use.
  • In this GPS, they have both MPH and mile features.

3- MOSKC8060A GPS speedometer

MOSKC8060A GPS speedometer

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This type of GPS speedometers is compatible with all moving vehicles including cars, motorbikes, trucks, and etc.

Moskc8060a GPS speedometer is easy to use, we just have to plug and play.

It has a multi-functioning ability, and the features are simple to use which makes it a good and better device.

Key Features:

  • Have Green bold light which is viewable from a distance
  • Projected display

2- LeaningTech Original Digital GPS speedometer

LeaningTech Original Digital GPS speedometer

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The LeaningTech speedometer has an over-speed alarm that alerts you when you cross the certain set speed which is 120 MPH default set.

The size of this Gps is very compact and they are light in weight. The driving time and mileage are both calculated very quickly, accurately through it. 

This GPS has only one display but can display speed in MPH, KMP and in miles. In the display, there is a green light which makes it very comfortable to see and viewed from distance easily.

Greenlight also gives the user very comfortability if the user drives for very long.

The odometer also saves the record of the data or information of the vehicle including your speed, distance, and average mileage of our vehicle.

LeaningTech Original Digital GPS also have auto bright sensors in the display which can auto adjust the brightness in days or at nights.

Key Features:

  • Pocket size 
  • Comfortable display
  • Speed alert
  • Provide speed in 3 various types (MPH, KPH, and in miles)

1- SEI GPS head-up display speedometer

SEI GPS head-up display speedometer

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The unique feature that speedometer has is a projected display on the windscreen that makes drivers view it more purely.

The package comes with only the main unit, the display screen, the power adapter, and many other things that come along the product which is also very important, and an over-speed warning can also be set with a button on it which is a very useful feature.

These Gps speedometers are very fast and receive signals very quickly and hence it is a very fast device the size is very compact and light in weight.

In the display, they have an auto-brightness sensor that can easily maintain the brightness in the day or in the night. The performance is very good and has a very long-life performance

SEI GPS work with all moving vehicles, The built quality is also very fine and very impressive.

Key Features:

  • Pocket size. 
  • Amazing Built quality. 
  • Projected display.  

Best GPS Speedometer – Buyer’s Guide

Best GPS Speedometer


Accuracy of the GPS is always mattered because this is the most important factor, Every GPS has its own accuracy but we have to buy the best GPS and the best accurate GPS always consider as the best GPS


Portability of the product always gives the user comfortability, Same in this case all users want GPS meters to be very compact because it looks good of vehicles’ dashboard.


Although all GPS speedometer has a long last life but always check the durability of the product before buying, speedometer which has the best durability is always ranked first.

Easy to use

GPS speedometers are very compact gadgets that are now commonly in use all over the world but the prime objective of this speedometer is that it is easy to use.

Quick response Time

A fast gadget always makes the user happy, GPS speedometer is very fast and very quick.

It only takes 3 to 4 seconds to start.

FAQ’s about Best GPS Speedometer

Best GPS Speedometer

How Do You Test the Car’s Speedometer?

 There are many ways to check or test your speedometers but the best ways are; You can use a stopwatch to test how accurate your speedometer is and how quick is your speedometer is.

Turn on the watch as you pass a one-mile marker while on the long highway, and then turn off it once you pass the next marker. The second hand on your stopwatch will be your speed.

This is the best way to test the accuracy of our speedometer.

Can I Use My iPhone As a GPS Speedometer?

Nowadays your smartphone performs all your tasks. The smartphone is one of the most important and useful gadgets in the world.

So we can also make your iPhone a GPS speedometer just by turning GPS location on and just need an application that receives signals.

RightNow in the app store there are many many applications for this some of them are paid one but many of them are free to use.

So the answer is yes we can make your iPhone a GPS speedometer.


Above mentioned GPS speedometres are tested and reviewed in a good manner. The following list is very accurate and ranked according to the features.

All of them are very good having almost the same basic features like recording speed, distance, and mileage of your car, etc.

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