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Choosing a good graphic card for yourself can prove to be a pain in the ass. There are a lot of graphic cards available in the market that people are using and they all are having their own opinion about the graphic cards.

There had been a war between the AMD and the Nvidia since ages and believe me they both are great in terms of their performance.

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Both companies are providing their customers with the best performance as they can, so it would wrong to say that, this specific company is better than the other because they both are providing us with the best as they can.

But, there are some people who love to use the AMD card while on the other hand, some people love to use the Nvidia cards, but it all depends on the budget you have to buy a card for your PC.

Every year people spend a lot of money on graphic cards, but still they don’t like the performance of their card, so it becomes really important for you to search for some graphic card before buying because cheap graphic can also give you the performance as the expensive one, it all depends on the knowledge you are having related to the graphic cards.

There are several other companies that are selling graphic cards as well, so don’t worry you can also consider their graphic cards as well.

There are a lot of gamers who always first consider graphic card’s size before buying it, but it’s a big mistake because the performance of the graphic card depends on its bandwidth.

GDDR5 graphic cards are capable of delivering more bandwidth as compared to the DDR3 graphic card at the same clock rate, so if you are using a 1 GB GDDR5 graphic card and your friend is using 4 GB DDR3 graphic card, then your card is more preferable than your friend’s card. Sometimes people use 2 graphic cards at the same time.

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There are a lot of people who are using AMD and Nvidia graphic cards for increasing the performance, but actually, the point is, using double graphic cards won’t increase your performance instead it will make your PC make more and more noise.

Don’t get me wrong because there are few problems that can be caused by using double graphic cards, so we would suggest you use a single high-resolution graphic card.

There are a lot of people who buy graphic cards immediately before analyzing it with their PC, so it is really important for you to consider few points before buying a card. Make sure to check, whether your card would be fit in the casing or not? How many watts does it take?

There are a lot of graphic cards in the market with a low cooling system and sometimes the graphic card burn due to overheating, so it becomes really important to choose a graphic card with proper cooling. If the temperature of your PC increases up to 55 degrees while playing games, then it becomes really important for you to consider buying a graphic card that exhausts all the heat out from its back.

There are a lot of other more things that are necessary to be considered before buying a graphic card. If you are a beginner and have no idea about choosing the best graphic card, then don’t worry because here in this article we have shared each and every single thing about the best-selling graphic cards on the Amazon in 2017.

People usually get confused in choosing the right one for themselves, so I would recommend you to first analyze your need and prepare a list of specifications that you want in your graphic card, then consider looking for some graphic cards that match your needs and your specifications. If you will buy a graphic card that delivers more performance than your need, then it would be a waste of your money and similar is the case with buying a low performing graphic card because you would have to buy again another card, so preparing a list first would be great. Shopkeepers always try to make expensive products to their customers, so you have to be very careful in this regard.

Well, there are some graphic cards that are suitable for graphic work and some are good for gaming, but don’t worry because here we have shared the list of all the graphic card that can deliver their best performance in the graphic work and while playing games.

Now,  let’s discuss some important graphic cards!!

It is really important for you to consider the size (Length, Width) of the graphic card before buying because as I said above in the article that choosing a big size graphic card can cause unnecessary issues in your PC if you try to fix it with the force.

There are a lot of people in the market that are selling low-quality graphic cards, so it is important for you to keep yourself away from them. Don’t worry because here we have shared the list of best-selling graphic cards on the Amazon in 2017, that will help you in choosing the good graphic card according to your need.

10- EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 SC Graphic Card – Best Graphics Cards Review

Here we have an amazing GeForce graphic card, which is known for its ability to perform while in use. There are a lot of people who are using this great card around the world and they all love using it and I am sure that you would love to use it as well. If you are from those people who love to play games a lot and have a limited budget, then we would suggest you to consider buying this great card and I am sure that you would love to use it because of its performance.

The product comes with the Base Clock of 1607 MHz and the Boost Clock of 1835 MHz. The best part about the product is that the company has kept the size of the card completely low, but the card is capable of giving more performance than any other average card under this price.

If you are looking to get one for yourself? Then consider reading the whole review!!

You can enjoy Ultimate 4K gaming (up to 120Hz + GSYNC). So, if you are using three side by side screens, then this card can prove to be a piece of gold for you because 4K performance requires a heavy duty gaming graphic card, so the company has made sure to provide all the cool stuff in a single box.

The graphic card supports DX12 OSD with EVGA Precision XOC, which is great.

Presently genuine things: the graphic card. The GTX 1060 SC is furnished with the ACX 2.0 VGA cooler. The ACX 2.0 is not another innovation, it has as of now been utilized by past GTX 980 and GTX 970. To appreciate the more up to date ACX 3.0, you need to take a gander at the GTX 1060 SSC or FTW.

The company is providing their users with the 3 years of warranty and EVGA’s 24/7 Technical Support, so if something goes wrong or the product face any damage, then the company will clear your problems according to their terms and the conditions.

The customers can also use an HDMI cable with the graphic card if they want better and good result. The card is really simple to use. All you have to do is to attach the graphic card with your PC’s motherboard and when you will turn your PC on you would have to install few drivers and then your card would be ready to use. It is also really important for the people to keep their driver up to date.

You can simply visit the official site of the company and can install the driver by putting your graphic card’s name over there. Well, the card is great in terms of performance, Durability, and design and I are sure that you would love to use it for your work.

9. ASUS GeForce 8GB Dual-Fan OC Edition Graphic Card – 8 GB Beast

Here we have another great graphic card by the ASUS company who is working for years and providing their people with the best products as they can.

There are a lot of products out there by the Asus company that is used by a lot of people around the world and they all love using it, so, in short, we can say that the company is providing their users for what they have promised their users for.

The card comes with the boost clock of 1797 MHz (OC mode), which is great for gaming and graphic purposes.

Well, the card has 8 GB of memory with GDDR5 bandwidth, which is great because there are some people who consider the memory first and the bandwidth later, so as we have discussed above in the article that the 1 GB GDDR5 graphic card is more preferable than the 4 GB GDDR3 graphic card.

I would suggest you to consider buying this card if you need to build a monster gaming PC for yourself.

The company has included double fans in the product so that they can provide their users with a dual cooling system for better air flow and the card is capable of delivering 3x better and quieter gameplay.

The card supports the 4K performance and it will work even great if you are using 3 side by side screens. Overall, the product is amazing with 2 HDMI ports. The product is having a lot of positive reviews on the Amazon and people love using it because of its performance and I am sure that you would love to use is as well.

ASUS Dual arrangement of GeForce GTX 1070 is flawlessly coordinated with your ASUS X99-An II motherboard. ASUS Dual arrangement of GeForce GTX 1070 graphic card and X99-An II motherboards share splendidly coordinating shading topics and are prepared for Windows 10. Double arrangement of GeForce GTX 1070 is furnished with DirectX 12 to squeeze more graphics performance from the CPU and anticipate GPU bottlenecks.

8. EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC Graphic Card – Best For Gaming

What can be better, then having a high-performance card that you can use for your graphic work and for gaming as well. Here we have a product that comes with the base clock of 1594 MHz and the boost clock of the 1784 MHz. The product comes with the 8 GB memory and with the bandwidth of GDDR5, which is great for gaming. If you are looking for some serious machine, then it’s also a perfect suggestion! I would suggest you to consider buying this product if you are having a good budget.

The card comes with the dual cooling system that will keep your card completely cool from getting overheated. There are a lot of cards that aren’t providing their users with the proper cooling system, so sometimes the cards usually burn, so we have to use proper cooling system in our casing, but don’t worry because here the company has provided us with the pre-Installed cooling system that will provide you with quieter gaming and I am sure that you would love to see its performance.

The graphic card supports Ultimate 4K gaming (up to 120Hz + GSYNC) and the use of direct X 12, so now you can enjoy playing heavy duty video games and as well as you can also enjoy doing your graphic work. The company is also providing their users with 3 years of warranty, so if something goes wrong with your product you can simply consider complaining to the company and they will fix your issues completely.

7. XFX AMD Radeon HD 5450 1GB GDDR3 Graphic Card – Best Graphics Cards Review

If you are on a tight budget, then here we have an amazing product for you that you would love to buy for sure. There are a lot of people out there who are using this great product around the world because of its performance and the durability. AMD Radeon HD 5450 is a great graphic card used by a lot of gamers around the world who are on a tight budget.

The card comes with 650 MHz engine clock, which is good for gaming purpose.

The graphic card also comes with the HDMI card slot that allows people to enjoy more good and high-resolution gaming.

The size of the graphic card is average, so don’t worry because it won’t cover a lot of your space and I am sure that you would love to use it as well.

The Radeon HD 5450 is effectively the least expensive card in the most recent scope of Radeons to date. Such a card is perfect in case you’re hoping to fabricate a media center PC for your room.

It’s additionally a decent decision in the event that you need to overhaul a more established PC, with a coordinated design output, to support multiple screens. It has DisplayPort and DVI outputs mounted on the card itself, in addition to a VGA output additionally on the backplate, yet associated with the card by means of a link.

Overall, the performance and the durability of the product is great and it won’t upset you because of its performance. Always make sure to keep the drivers of the graphic card up to date because updating drivers will let you enjoy more good graphics.

The product is having a lot of great reviews on the Amazon and people love using it and I am sure that you would love to use it as well after a day or two days of use.

6. ASUS GeForce GTX 750Ti GDDR5 2GB Graphic Card – Best Graphics Cards Review

Here we have another monster gaming graphic card by Asus. Well, the 750 Ti is a well known graphic card and a lot of people are using it just because of its great performance. If you are from those people who are looking for something is budget and want to have a perfect graphic card for the perfect performance, then I would suggest you go with this great product because I am sure that it won’t upset you.

The product comes with the dual cooling system that allows the user to use their card properly and you will enjoy the quieter performance. The card comes with 1150 MHz Engine Clock for better performance and outstanding gaming experience.

If you are using a 3 side by side screen display, then don’t worry because the card is capable of supporting all types of display and will deliver the users with its best.

While investigating the box, you can see that the overall design is like different ASUS cards we’ve taken a looked at. You can undoubtedly observe the brand and model on the front alongside a portion of the primary features, including the reality it’s overclocked, conveys a double fan cooling arrangement, has 2GB of GDDR5, and offers ASUS Super Alloy Power.

GPU TWEAK helps you modify Clock speeds, voltages, fan performance and more, which is great. The product also comes with the GPU TWEAK streaming that helps people to share on-screen action in real time, so others can watch live as games are played. Overall, the product is great and has great reviews on the amazon and I am sure that you would love to use it as well. Since a lot of people are habitual of playing heavy games, so don’t worry because the card is capable of playing all types of games.

5. EVGA GeForce GT 730 2GB GDDR5 64bit DVI/HDMI/VGA Graphic Card – Best Graphics Cards Review

Boost your PC Experience when you upgrade your system from built-in integrated graphics hardware to the NVIDIA Geforce GT 730 high speed and a dedicated card. Enjoy the best ever gaming experience and watch all your videos and pictures in a new mind blowing HD resolutions, and with faster and best ever pictures editing, and with the fastest video editing and mind blowing internet browsing as compared to built-in integrated graphic cards.

With its 2048MB GDDR5 and 64 bit Memory experience fastest and mind blowing gaming performance than built-in integrated graphic cards, making all your gaming experience smoother and faster than ever.

Even you can get the latest and updated graphic drivers and you can optimize the video game set within a seconds with a single click, using the latest GeForce Experience. This Graphic card is everything you need to boost and optimize and make your PC faster and smoother than ever.

This innovative technology allows players to get maximum PC performance through access to accurate monitoring tools and controls. The smart way it monitors the workload layout, providing access to advanced control functions, including the target temperature of the GPU overclocking and increasing the voltage, making GPU is always running at peak performance. Add discrete graphics to your PC with the GeForce GT 730 Graphics Card from EVGA.

This card highlights 1GB of GDDR5 VRAM, a base clock speed of 902 MHz, and 384 CUDA Cores for parallel preparing. Having a discrete GPU for design and equipment speeding up removes a portion of the handling load off of the CPU permitting your PC to run all the more effective.

This card is cooled utilizing a dynamic fan sink cooler which pushes cool air through the card, driving it through the heatsink, and disseminating the warmed air in various headings far from the card. This kind of cooler recycles air once more into the case and works best in cases which have sufficient wind stream.

NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync Nothing is more diverting than frame rate stammering and screen tearing. The initiative has a tendency to happen when framerates are low, the second when framerates are high. Versatile V-Sync is a more intelligent approach to render outlines. At high framerates, V-synchronize is empowered to kill tearing, at low frame rates, it’s handicapped to minimize faltering. It disposes of diversions so you can get on with gaming.

The minimum system requirements for the NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 are listed below for those who are experiencing issues after inserting NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 into their system. You may need a 350 watt or a greater power supply with a min of 18 Amp on the +12 v rail, a PCI Express or a PCI Express 2.0 or 3.0 motherboard with one slot for graphic card and Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10 32/64 bit operating system.

4. EVGA GeForce GTX 980 GDDR5 384bit Graphic Card – Best Graphics Cards Review

Here we have one another high-performance graphic card in our list by EVGA. Well, you can utilize this Graphics card to boost your PC performance plus you can even use this graphic card for your graphic works and for the best gaming experience ever as well. I will highly recommend this card to you if you have a tight budget and want to upgrade from integrated graphics to the end class performance dedicated the graphic card to boost your PC Experience. There are a lot of people out there who are utilizing this end class graphic card because of its out class performance.

EVGA is a Great fan most loved among PC aficionados and gamers, with their kick ass take a shot on virtuality each item they discharge. The Company is at the very high point of quality, with each item that the company launches being a top-class item.

The EVGA brand is one of the most grounded on the planet among the devotee and PC Gamers community, however their video cards are a unique part of the enthusiast community, with a standout amongst the most needed cards available right now, the GeForce GTX 980 Ti from NVIDIA, has been launched by EVGA as the GTX 980 Ti Superclocked+ ACX 2.0+.

The EVGA GTX 980Ti is a ton nearer to the power of the Titan X than the GTX 980 is. Presently don’t misunderstand us, the GTX 980 is one effective card and we wouldn’t kick 3 of them out of our proving ground by any methods yet a solitary EVGA GTX 980Ti is sufficient to diversion at 4k resolution with the Titan X and everything else we’ve seen battles with 4k gaming.

DirectX 12 guarantees to be a game changer for PC lovers. At this moment the best way to exploit that game changing is a Nvidia 900 arrangement GPU. AMD will right away discharge its new R9 300 lineup supposed to have HBM GDDR5 and it’s an energizing time in the GPU field, so energizing it sends this Geek into trembling frenzies considering the potential outcomes.

With the Nvidia Titan X out there Nvidia didn’t have a ton of approaches to go to flesh out the market situating. Nvidia managed to trick us on one point in this way, we thoroughly considered the following card would be a filler between the GTX 960 and the GTX 970, potentially a GTX 965 with 3 GB of GDDR5 and a 192-Bit Bus with somewhat more mph in the Transistor and Shaders offices. In any case, they needed to draw out the diminutive GTX 980 Ti with models like the EVGA GTX 980 Ti SC which looks a great deal more like a Titan X than it does a GTX 980.

EVGA has increased the Base and Boost Clocks on their Superclocked+ ACX 2.0+ card, up from the 1000Mhz on the reference NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti to 1102MHz on the Superclocked+ ACX 2.0+. The Boost Clock on the reference card is 1075MHz, while EVGA knocks it up to 1190Mhz. The 6GB of GDDR5 is still timed at 7GHz over its 384-piece memory, giving 336.5GB/sec memory data transfer capacity. The reference GTX 980 Ti has a Texture Fill Rate of 176GT/s, while the EVGA card expands this up to 194GT/s, because of its production line overclock.

3. EVGA GeForce GT 610 1024MB GDDR3 Graphic Card – Best Graphics Cards Review

Any PC’s performance can be optimized with the expansion of a NVIDIA graphics card. The GT 610/620/630 arrangement cards are stuffed with features and convey a mind blowing and best ever experience to the user.

 Perfect for video or photo editing, sound and perfect to play high-end graphics video games on your system and the faster internet browsing every one of the cards included on this page bolsters DirectX 11, CUDA, and PhysX advances.

This makes the cards perfect for anybody overhauling their PC. The powerful new GeForce GT 600-series design conveys more than simply cutting edge features and technology. It gives you genuinely game-changing execution that will change the way you encounter all your most loved titles now and later on.

NVIDIA is one of the world’s leading makers of the top of the line graphic cards. As pioneers of this intense innovation, NVIDIA has spent the most recent two decades making equipment that has changed the always growing representation industry.

In 1999, NVIDIA designed the GPU, which is generally thought to be the engine of current visual processing. Nvidia’s products go traverses all segments of the graphics industry, from the Quadro graphic cards supported by expert visual designers to the GeForce processors intended for high-intensity gaming.

GeForce is the forefront innovation that empowers NVIDIA graphics cards to be super fast. The architecture utilized makes them appropriate for all applications, however, the different specifications of this graphics card suit the users with different uses. In any case, GeForce isn’t the only and main technology NVIDIA uses to fuel their Graphic cards. Quadros processors, for instance, have been intended to meet the stringent requests of expert workstations. Engineers, Designers, and even creative users will benefit from the presence of a Quadro card in their Computers.

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