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This buying guide is for all the music aficionados who are looking to buy new music equipment, particularly mic stands.

Whether you are performing with live music instruments, recording in a studio, reading a speech or producing web content such as vlogs and podcasts, or you just want to have a high quality voice equipment for online voice chatting in games. A good microphone stand will work with you for a long way.

There is no big science to how a microphone stand works, their purpose is to hold your mic steady, so that you can work on your performance with all the concentration. There are many types of mic stands. Arm stands are quite useful as they easily attach to your desk and are pretty easy to use because of their size and moving ability.

Best Mic Stands In 2017 Review

Then there are boom stands which stand up via tripod or base and normally have an extension piece that is attached to the microphone. These stands are good for capturing live instruments, ambient sounds or other performances.

Regardless of what kind of microphone stand you are looking at, there are some common features that you must keep an eye for. The most important feature we consider is the construction and the stability of the stand. If the stand has a high quality metal frame it will make sure that it doesn’t wear down. Additionally, you would like to have arm stands that have steady joints and won’t fall under the weight, and for boom stands it’s important that they don’t quaver, during the operation.

Extra versatility can come with adjustment of the height and other useful configurations. If you are planning to take your equipment on the road, then using a lightweight stand can really make a difference.

​Types Of Stands:


When it comes to different types of microphone stands, there are six basic categories as follows:

  • Tripod Stands – These are the most common types of mic stands and are designed for the general purpose usage.
  • Tripod Boom Stands – These stands offer a longer reach as compared to the normal tripod stand.
  • Round Base Stands – These stands are perfectly ideal for singers on stage, because they don’t occupy a lot of the floor space and are harder to trip over than the tripod stands.
  • Low-Profile Stands – These stands are mostly used for guitar cabs and kick drums.
  • Desktop Stands – These are look-alike of low-profile stands, but are mostly used for bedroom recording or podcasting.
  • Overhead Stands – These stands are the biggest and most expensive of all the stands, and are used when quite difficult angles and heights are required, such as with drum overheads.​

Once you are clear with which stand you want the next step is….

Things To Consider For Picking The Best Microphone Stand

  • Money – Even though the best of the microphone stands are not that expensive at all, but the overall cost of the stand, microphone and other required accessories may start to add up in the bill. I will highly recommend that you should opt for a high-end model like the Pyle-Pro since it will cost you only a few extra bucks as compared to the standard cheap stands. It will provide longer life of the stand, better quality and will keep your work going in a flow.
  • Projected Use – The basic two differences in the usage of the mic stands is either performing live or recording in a studio. In this review I will give you some of my picks.

How Do I Choose The Best Mic Stand For Myself?


When selecting a mic stand, you need to need to consider some of the aspects that will effect on the usefulness and quality of the stand that you purchase. Since a microphone can be used in various different settings and for many different reasons, your stand should accommodate your particular needs.

Hence the factors you need to consider are, how you will use them, how heavy it must be and how you will place it. First of all the most important thing you need to decide is what is the purpose of the microphone stand.

A home musician will need a different mic stand than the professional musician and an actor in the music field will need a different mic stand than a public speaker. So before you get all excited about buying a new mic stand, first determine what you will be using it for. If you understand the purpose of use for it you will be able to spend better on it.

A basic stand which is good for home usage or other normal uses is lightweight and is compact. It is less expensive than the other models and it comes with foldable legs that can be expanded in to a tripod. These tend to be slightly less sturdy than heavier-duty stands with a round-bases and are heavy in weight, but if you are looking for a normal and less-expensive mic stand, a tripod-style, foldable stand may just work fine.

The stands with a round base are more expensive but are stronger. They are perfect for professional use. The most basic type of stands are the ones that are straight and can be built with a tripod or round base.

The straight stand is mostly attached to a base and the pole normally telescopes are given to adjust according to different heights. A mic clip is attached at the top. A boom mic stand comes in two variety round base or tripod style.

It has the same straight pole just like the straight stand, but at the top telescoping pole is dissimilar kind of attachment that fixes a boom to the stand. The boom is for more versatility in how the stand can be located, and it keeps it farther away from the speaker or performer. Other kinds of stands that are right for your needs include a podium stand, which in short sit on a tabletop or podium; a drum mic stand, which is small in height can be located in front of a kick drum and the mic clip which can be attached to a shirt or other parts of the clothing.

So let’s start with the reviews of my handpicked ten best mic stands:​

16. On Stage Stands MS7701B Tripod Boom Microphone Stand​ – Mic Stands Review



Reliable, solid and portable these are the three qualities of On-Stage Stands MS7701B Boom mic stand. It is one of the most popular stands on this planet. The stand is surprisingly affordable and its features are a 30’ boom that allows you to position microphones with a greatest of ease.

The best feature of MS7701B stand is that the mid-point locking clutch is adjustable in height and you don’t have to worry about your mic stand from collapsing, even under the weight of the heaviest microphones.



Hybrid sheet metal and a merged leg housing makes the MS7701B rugged and ready for the tough road life.

Whether you need a mic stand for your next tour or for your studio, you can definitely work well with the On-Stage Stands MS7701B which is the best mic stand.​

Here are some features that makes MS7701B stand out of the crowd:

  • It is an all-purpose mic stand, perfect for the stage and the studio.
  • The height of this stand is adjustable for 36” to 64”.
  • It has a wide tripod base of 23” which provides the ideal stability.
  • The 30” boom stick makes it very easy to position the microphone.
  • It collapses flat for easy storage and transportation.Weigh only 5.15lbs.
  • It comes in an affordable price.
  • The mic stand is all-purpose and can be used in studio or on stage
  • It is light weight.
  • The mic stand is not really durable for a road trip if you want to use it in a rough and tough situation.

15. Samson MK10 Professional Microphone Stand – Mic Stands Review



The Samson MK-10 mic stand is the basic concept of what a good mic stand should be like. It has bother the brawn and beauty with its durable steel construction which is complemented by a smooth black finish.

Additionally, it skins a stacking tripod stand, which increases the portability and combine it with its lightweight at only 3.5 pounds.



To be honest I find moving it around to be effortless. In terms of performance, the stability of the MK-10 stand is brilliant and it features a mic clip for a steadier grip on the mic.

All around the Samson MK 10 the microphone boom stand is an amazing stand that supports all the essential features that you need a mic stand to offer and it comes at a highly modest price so it won’t leave your pockets empty.

Here are some features that make Samson MK10 an amazing mic stand worth buying:

  • It comes with a sleek black finish.
  • The collapsible tripod boom stand is great.
  • It comes in a sturdy steel construction
  • It includes a mic-clip
  • The microphone boom stand comes with all the necessary features that arte required from a mic stand.
  • The price of this stand is modest.
  • It comes in lightweight so it is easy to handle.
  • The only problem comes with the stand as it is made of steel so if not take proper care off it might get rust.

14. Pyle-Pro PMKS5 Compact Base Black Microphone Stand – Mic Stands Review


Pyle-Pro PMKS5 is a solid high-performance mic stand which comes with a stable dark-themed steel construction. It is durable in features, a sturdy die cast base and has a stylish bass-style body that can be adjusted somewhere between 33.5 inches and 60.24 inches.

So if your height is short or small you can easily adjust this stand as per your height.



The mic stand is very lightweight, so you won’t find any difficulty in transporting it and it can be easily bought from online stores at a less expensive price.

Here are the features of the outstanding mic stand Pyle-Pro PMKS5:

  • It is ultra-light and is easy to transport, the mic holder is included in the stand.
  • Die-cast and comes in steel construction with a sleek black finish.
  • The height is adjustable between 33.5” to 60.24”
  • The mic stand is pretty lightweight and easy to move around.
  • It comes with adjustable heights so you can set it according to your height.
  • The sturdy steel construction mic stand has a stylish black finish.
  • The only drawback that I see is that even though the price of this mic stand is pretty less, it’s only available on internet stores and is not available in the local stores.

13. Nady MSC-3 Center Stage Microphone – Mic Stands Review


The Nady Center Stage MSC-3 mic kit is all you need for you’re on and off stage needs. It’s a high-performance mic and comes with a sturdy metal adjustable tripod mic stand along with a microphone clip and 20”ft cable.



All you need to do is plug it in your audio amplifier or mixer and you are ready to rock.

The MSC3 is a dynamic microphone that offers a superior professional performance with its powerful, rich and full of frequency audio.

Here are some key features of Nady MSC-3 Center Stage Mic Stand:

  • It is low handling noise
  • Super cardioid reply for best feedback rejection
  • Rugged all metal construction
  • Includes a microphone stand with adjustable heights and comes with a mic clip
  • It is an all in one kit that includes a high performance mic and strong adjustable tripod stand with a clip.
  • Dynamic mic offer rich sound quality and a full frequency audio.
  • It can withstand high pressure levels.
  • The kit includes a mic stand which comes with a tripod base and has an adjustable height of 34” to 60” and comes with foldable legs for storage and transport.
  • The all in one kit is a great package to buy but the only issue with this package is that it is quite difficult to set up.

12. PYLE-PRO PMKSM20 Microphone And Tripod Stand – Mic Stands Review



The PMKSM20 is a perfect live or studio vocal performance kit. With this set you get a crystal clear audio that includes a handheld dynamic mic, comes with a smooth mid-frequency presence that raises of an excellent voice projection.

The set includes a microphone stand you mount the mic on the complete glassy black finish stand and can start using it.

There is a microphone cable included in the set its 15ft and quarter-inch. The height of the stand is adjustable so you can easily adjust it according to your height.

Here are some classy features of the classy PMKSM20:

  • The kit includes a handheld dynamic microphone.
  • Dynamic vocal microphone comes with a smooth mid-frequency presence for excellent voice projection.
  • Shock mount system is there to cut down handling of noise.
  • It comes with shiny black finish.
  • The kit includes a microphone and a mic holder with boom stand.
  • It is lightweight so it is easy to maneuver.
  • Even though the price of the stand is great but the effect seems to come on the quality of the product.

11. Ohuhu Microphone Stand – Mic Stands Review



The Ohuhu mic stand is a folding design and is 360 degree rotating stand with three adjustable legs. It is a perfect gadget for on stage, band practice rooms, meeting rooms, other public places and recording studio.

It comes with two different design of microphone clips, these are the most useful kinds of microphones. The stand can be easily adjusted according to the height of the person using it by releasing the clamp.



And the three adjustable legs make the stand totally steady and flexible even on the most uneven surfaces.

Here are some features of the Ohuhu Microphone Stand which makes it the most diverse stand:

  • ⦁ It is made of high quality steel and has a glossy finish.
  • ⦁ It has a 360 degree rotating stand.
  • ⦁ The mic stand can be easily adjusted according the height of the user.
  • The stand has a 360 degree rotation.
  • It is made of high quality steel construction and comes with a glossy black shine.
  • The stand is light weight and can be easily maneuvered.
  • Because of it’s lightweight it needs to be adjusted properly in order to hold the mic steadily. Overall the stand is a great product in less expensive price.

10. Samson MB1 Mini Boom Stand – Mic Stands Review



Samson MB1 by the Samson Technologies is a not so attractive mini boom stand that is good for drum sounds, projecting speaker and for use on tables.

It is easy to use, affordable and features an original counterbalance system that increases constancy when in use.

It is also extendable, work well on different orientations and angles and has a metallic boom attachment with dual rubber wafers that don’t scratch neither it decreases it’s over all look.

Here are the key features of the Samson MB1 Mini Boom Stand:

  • Heavy duty telescoping boom are with counterbalance.
  • It comes with die-cast and steel construction.
  • Perfect for the speaker cabinets and miking kick drums.
  • Mic clip included.
  • The MB1 mini boom stand comes with a die cast steel construction.
  • It is an ideal stand for kick drums and speaker cabinets.
  • Mic clip is included in the stand.
  • It is only available in online stores.

9. On Stage MS7201B Round Base Microphone Stand – Mic Stands Review



The On-Stage Stand MS7201B has a round base stand that gives that toughest dependability which you need, plus it is light weight and very easy to use.

The MS7201B features a round base that is compact enough to take up the minimum space in your studio or onstage, but it offers a stable support.



This stand can be moved around easily and it offers a height adjustment between 33 inches and 60 inches. With this stand you get a zinc clutch that makes your height adjustment stay in place. You get a pro-quality performance from this stand at a very economical price.

Here are some classic features of On Stage MS 7201B:

  • It comes with a black finish.
  • It has an adjustable height between 33” to 60”.
  • Die cast zin clutch allows you to easily adjust it.
  • Compact weight base takes less space and provides stable support.
  • It comes with shiny black finish.
  • It is lightweight so it is easy to maneuver and it occupies less space.
  • It is durable, dependable and most important affordable.
  • Even though the price of the stand is great but the effect seems to come on the quality of the product.

8. Pyle-Pro PMKS7 Compact Base Microphone Stand – Mic Stands Review



I feel that Pyle Pro PMKS7 is the most ideal microphone stand for many user’s requirements, as they are mostly looking for a traditional stand and is highly rate when it comes to the effective use of the features that it offers.

The PMKS7 holds a die-cast steel constructing and has a very appealing sleek black look with a nice finishing and has a decent weight, though it’s not exactly light weight, weighing at 8.8 lbs if you have to travel with or need to move it around often.



The added mic clip keeps the mic in place. In case you have multiple users of the mic stand, which means people with different heights you can easily adjust the height from 33.5” to 60.24”.

I absolutely adore the Pyle Pro PMKS7 because it comes at an affordable price, but isn’t too cheaply made as compared to other mic stands that are being sold at low prices. I personally feel that this mic stand is best for buying, particularly if you are working in a studio or in a live performance.

Here are some classic features of Pyle Pro PMKS7:

  • The compact mic stand is both durable and lightweight.
  • It has an adjustable height between 33.5” to 60.24”.
  • Compact weight base takes less space and provides stable support.
  • The adjustable boom stand makes it the most worthy of buying stand in the industry
  • It comes with shiny black finish.
  • It is a highly durable stand.
  • It can be used by multi persons as the height can be easily adjusted.
  • The stand can be moved around easily.
  • It has a glossy black finish.
  • It comes at a highly affordable price with quality product.
  • The drawback which I felt with this mic stand is that even it is lightweight it is still not that easy to move around.

7. LyxPro TMS-1 Tripod Boom Floor Microphone Stand – Mic Stands Review



Sound Isolation and optimal pickup for the studio LyxPro TMS-1 tripod mic stand offers flexible positioning of the mic for sound isolation and optimal pickup.


The mic is made from heavy duty metal which means that it will easily last for years. Even though the mic stand is 3.3 pounds it is easy to carry around when on the go. The price of the mic is affordable.

Here are some features of the LyxPro TMS-1 Tripod Boom floor mic stand:

  • The mic positioning is perfect for sound isolation and optimal pickup for onstage and in-studio performance.
  • It is light weight, compatible and sturdy.
  • The construction of the mic stand is durable.
  • The height can be easily adjusted as per the person’s needs.
  • The mic stand is made of heavy duty metal which means that it will not get spoiled easily.
  • It is sturdy, compatible and is easy to handle.
  • The mic stand is ideal for optimal pickup and sound isolation.
  • It is only available in online stores.

6. AmazonBasics Tripod Boom Microphone Stand – Mic Stands Review



To be honest I really like this microphone stand as you can hold hands-free with this AmazonBasics tipod boom mic stand – perfect for small stages and recording studios and large performance halls.

Additionally it can function in two ways, you can use it as a straight mic stand and you can also use it horizontally thanks to its long boom arm.



The stand’s optional boom is connected securely at the top of the stand and comes with a molded plastic counterbalance for steady positioning. The boom arm is adjustable, the extension and tilt makes it easy to place the mic in front of the sound source without taking a lot of floor space.

Here are some features of the Amazon Basics Tripod Boom that holds the microphone securely in place.

  • Long boom arm with molded plastic counterbalance for the horizontal placement.
  • Versatile design that folds flat for the usage as the straight mic stand.
  • Ultra-light for easy transport and sturdy steel construction.
  • It is sturdy and lightweight.
  • It is easily compatible with the mic connectors.
  • The mic stand offers two clip on cable holders for attaching and running a microphone power cord with the stand.
  • The stand is light weight and can be easily maneuvered.
  • Because of its lightweight it needs to be adjusted properly in order to hold the mic steadily. Overall the stand is a great product in less expensive price.

5. Lyxpro KDS-1 Kick Drum Mic Stand – Mic Stands Review


Now comes the LyxPro KDS-1 which is a convenient solution for desktop or kick drum, if that’s what you are looking for. It is one of the cheapest and lightest microphone stands in the market.

The lightness in weight and the smaller size is actually what one needs. You have an adjustment of 13.75” and 23” and light weight base.



The stand comes with a book lock. If this thing is what you need make sure that it is compatible with your microphone as it is lightweight we have heard many microphones are not working well with it, so just be sure that the weight of both the products is compatible with each other.

If your microphone is not that heavy and you feel it will work fine with this stand then we recommend that you should grab is as soon as possible.

Here are some key features of Lyxpro KDS-1 Kick Drum Mic Stand:

  • Keeps your microphone stable and perfectly positioned at the right height and distance.
  • Ideal for kick drums, guitar amps, and desktop applications.
  • Adjusts up to 23″ – Boom length 19″
  • Weighted base with non-slip feet, includes cable clips.
  • Fits 3/8″ and 5/8″ mounts.
  • It comes with shiny black finish.
  • It is lightweight so it is easy to maneuver and it occupies less space.
  • It is durable, dependable and most important affordable.
  • Even though the price of the stand is great but the effect seems to come on the quality of the product.

4. Samson BL3 Ultra-Light Boom Stand – Mic Stands Review


Samson’s BL3 mic boom stand is a combination of some crucial elements like durability and lightweight with a functional and attractive design.

This foldup boom stand has a steel construction and durable die-cast that offers great resilience with super flexibility positioning, so it is always convenient and never visible.

The glossy black finish of this stand makes sure that it looks elegant and its lightweight design enables maximum portability.

Below I have listed the features of BL3 Ultra-Light Boom Stand:

  • Steel construction so it will function for years.
  • Glossy black finish.
  • It comes in a foldable tripod boom stand.
  • The ultra-light weight of the stand makes it easy to move around.
  • Most of the customers have given review that this stand is sturdy for holding a light weight microphone. The result is that it works great with small tasks like home recording studio or rehearsal room.
  • I have come across reviews in which many customers have pointed out that the stand becomes unsteady as you start adding additional weight to it.

3. Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-0821 Short Mic Stand – Mic Stands Review



The Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-0821 is a short microphone stand with a weighted base that is ideal for recording or multi-use mic stand. The weighted base is ideal when using it with heavier mics.


The Gator Frameworks short mic stand can be used for different purposes like bass drums, bass guitar amplifies, keyboard amplifiers, boundary, theater and many other applications.

The GF-MIC-0821 includes a 16” single section boom arm, with twist clutch for height adjustment.

Below are some key features of the Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-0821:

  • The base is weighted for stability and balance.
  • The maximum height of the stand is 23 inches/584 mm.
  • ⦁ It is ideal for different uses like bass drum, keyboard amplifiers.
  • The mic stand can be easily assembled and is easy to use. It’s been observed that the value of money for this stand is worth it.
  • Many people who have been using it for the home recording also liked the ability to place the mic at anywhere and any angle required.
  • Many customer reviews also stated that the stand is not so good if being used in PA system reporting as the legs flop around when moving and the clutch wears put with continuous causing of the stand to slide down.

2. On Stage SMS7650 Studio Boom Mic Stand with Casters – Mic Stands Review


Similar to the name this stand is designed to take heavy load and set the work requirements than the stands above with heavy die-cast thicker tubing and leg housings.

This mic stand has some cool features, it’s definitely usable so you don’t need to be too rough with it. The adjustable height of this stand is an added touch to it. It is very simple to use, as long as it stays where you have placed it so you don’t really get a chance to complaint.


The adjustable weight on the arm is also a very nice feature. Well, if we see it from the money point of view you can’t complaint a lot. It’s not exactly a dream mic stand but it is better than the next models as they are pretty expensive. As long as you take care of these things you should hold together.

It’s not the kind of mic you should take on the road because it’s not built for that. It is cheap in terms of value, so you what you pay for, it’s worth that amount.

Features Of On Stage SMS7650 Studio Boom Mic Stand with Casters:

  • Height Adjustment: 40”-82”.
  • Boom Length: 82” with 7” arm extension.
  • Base Spread (with out casters): 18”.
  • Base Spread (with casters): 24.
  • Well-built, solid, rugged are the terms that I have frequently observed in the customer reviews. Many people used these words as the stand definitely fit them well from the previous stands they have used. It has got good reviews and rating from both the gigging musicians and recording.
  • There are few people who complained about that is was heavy and it is difficult to move it, a small number of people also complained regarding the price, but I think that is a little unfair as you get the right kind of the product in the price offered.

1. ZRAMO Desk Top Adjustable Stand for Retro Microphone – Mic Stands Review


Designed to be used on desktops and tables the ZRAMO desk top adjustable stand is compact and is lightweight mic stand that works far better than many expensive and larger in size models.

It is easy to use and easy to assemble. It has a solid round base that maximizes the stability when the stand is being used.



It is perfect for home recording or when addressing a press conference or gathering. With the purchase of this stand comes a two mic clips but no mic is included in the set.

Features Of ZRAMO Desk Top Adjustable Stand:

  • Height adjusts from 35.4″ to 63.2″.
  • Folding legs with sockets.
  • Steel tubing.
  • Zinc die-cast base.
  • Weight: 5.3 lbs.
  • Strong and robust is how most of the reviewers have described this stand – one person also said they placed the stand near the speakers and it worked perfectly.
  • According to one reviewer the base of the stand is perfect in terms of stability.
  • There were no consistently reported negatives

What Should I Look For In A Mic Stand?

It is not a difficult task to find a good mic stand, all you have to do is to remember the elements that are needed to be considered while you are buying a mic stand.

You don’t really have to buy the cheapest thing you find, remember paying less and not getting the right product is also wasting money. So keep your focus on the use and quality.

The way to recognize a cheap mic stand are constructed with metal for the arms and other extendable portions but the bolts that lock the arms are made out of cheap pot metal.

As the time passes and you use these cheaper parts they will bend or become stripped through the usage time which in turn will disturb the functionality of your microphone.

So whatever you do remember that the mic stand you purchase is made of good quality. A good mic stand won’t be too cheap nor it will be too expensive, it will be in a budget friendly price and will last you for ages.


Like always, I have tried my best that everyone who read my reviews find something useful from them and find the right product they are looking for. So in this review I have covered mostly those mic stands that are popular in terms of their use and are not so expensive. Still if you are not sure about your mic hunt? You can always contact or comment below in order to get more information from me.

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