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Today, we’re going to review the 10 best postal scales.

So, let’s get started.

As today’s world is being digitalizing.

Everyone is having their business of selling some product which can be useful for human life.

There are thousands of business which is selling their product offline.

Due to digitalization everyone is converting their business online and selling their product through a website which can be very useful and time-consuming.

There will be thousands of product and to calculate the weight of each individual will be very difficult for these Postal Scales are being introduced which can be very useful in this regard.

The Postal Scale is a device which consists of a circuit having a pressure sensor which can be used to calculate the exact weight of the package. We can see the weight of the package through the LCD which indicate us the weight.

Here we have the top ten postal shipping scale option for you.

The best recommendations are put up in front of you.

You can try any one of these postal scales and share your feedback with us. You must know that these postal scales help you out in increase your mailing efficiency, it reduces the chances of overpayment on all of the outgoing emails.

It measures the exact weight of products and parcels and let the customer not to overpay for his parcels.

If you want to process any of the large volumes and packs of mail, then the easiest and simplest option or you are to buy and get a postal scale which can complete and efficiently integrate your existing postal system.

Check out these top ten options along with their reviews and let us know which postal scale you will pick:

In this article, I will collect some useful information regarding the best postal scale which will be very useful for you. Below the list of top 10 best postal scales that we have reviewed.

Let’s begin…

Top 10 Best Postal Scales

10- Accuteck A-ST85LB Heavy Duty Postal Scale – Amazing Durability

Accuteck Heavy Duty Postal Shipping Scale with Extra Large Display, Batteries and AC Adapter (A-ST85C),Black
  • Accuteck A-ST85 Digital Postal scale was capable of weighing packages up to 85 lbs with a 0.2 oz Precision
  • Convenient four reading modes

If you are looking for one the versatile and simple use of postal scale then I think this Accuteck A-ST85LB Heavy Duty Postal Shipping Scale is the best option for your which have many unique features and can be easily used.

This Accuteck A-ST85LB Heavy Duty Postal Shipping Scale is very affordable and has many different positive reviews on with a rating of 4.6 which I think the great rating that this product has got.

One of the best features of this Postal scale is having the memory function.

It means that after lifting the product you can see the weight of the package.

Which I think is a unique feature because no matter what’s the shape of the package is you can simply place on it if it covers the LEC display you can simply place it and after that, you can note the given reading.

It is quite an impressive postal scale of all time.

9- Weighmax 2822-75LB Postal Scale – Comprises Tare Functioning

The other postal scale which is diverting our attention towards itself is the only Weighmax 2822-75LB postal shipping scale.

This Postal scale is as affordable as that Accuteck A-ST85LB and they both had the same unique function that is of memorizing.

After placing the parcel it and if the parcel is being that big that cover the whole surface of the scale including the LEC display so after taking off the parcel you can simply see the weight in the LEC display.

It has also some other unique function that is “Tare” function. Which can be used for the kitchen purpose.

You can simply place the bowl on it and after that press the Tare button and then simply you can add the ingredient according to your recipe without any disturbance.

This Postal Scale has also got some positive review on from about 550 happy customers.

So as these people are using this product with so many positive reviews so you can simply buy it without any worries. As it will dislike somewhere.

8- Weighmax USPS Style 25 Lb. Digital Postal Scale – Affordable 

USPS Style 25 Lb x 0.1 OZ Digital Shipping Mailing Postal Scale with Batteries
  • Capacity: 11kg/25lb
  • Sleek black platform with hold up mailer folder

As if you are sending many Package at the same time then I think this USPS Style 25 Lb. Digital Shipping Mailing Postal Scale is a good option for you.

As this postal scale is mostly used in the postal services.

But there is no problem in it that give you some slight error in the measurements they are known as tolerable error.

But one thing that you have to keep in mind is that if you want to make it your package as close as then this USPS Style 25 Lb.

Digital Shipping Mailing Postal Scale is a good option for it. As this postal scale can weigh up to 25 pounds which as compared to other is less?

It has got some positive response from the people as it is also of the great postal scale in its own measurements.

If you plan to get this specific postal scale then do share your opinion and rating on this web page. As the third ranking is given to this product, so there must be great qualities present in it.

7- Weighmax USPS Style W-2812 5Lb Postal Mailing Scale – Gives Precise Measurements

Weighmax USPS Style 5 Pound Postal Mailing Scale (W-2812-5LB)
  • Max weigh up to 5lbs in 0.1 oz graduation
  • Read in lb, oz, and g

If you know that your parcel isn’t being heavy then 5 pounds then I think this USPS Style W-2812 5Lb Postal Mailing Scale is the end of your research. Because we have found such an amazing postal scale for your use.

This postal scale is very efficient as like others. It also likes the same memory function as other.

By placing your parcel on it then after removing the parcel you can note the measurements.

This postal scale also has the same “Tare” function and “Hold” button make you display you the measurement after it is being replaced.

But one thing is sure about this postal scale is that it gives you the exact value and more precise measurement of it.

And can weigh up to 5 pounds. It also has a positive review of

6- LW Measurements Digital Postal Shipping Postal Bench Scales – Extremely Precise

Digital Postal Shipping Postage Bench Scales 35 lbs
  • Auto backlight, shut off and hold all selectable and available on this model
  • Capacity 35lb x 0.1oz with the following available units: kg, g, lb, oz, lb: oz

As we have introduced many weighmax postal scales which is very simple to use.

They have a very dominate name in the postal scale market.

But there is another manufacturer of the postal scale which we have mentioned in our top 10 Best Postal scale list is Digital Postal Shipping Postal Bench Scales 75 lbs.

It has a “Tare” function and can give you a very accurate reading.

It is a very big postal scale which can be used to precisely give you the reading. It has also had a memory function.

It also got some positive reviews on Amazon. It means that it’s also recommended for many people that want reading on a large scale.

So if you were looking for the postal scale product which to comprises tare function then here is this option in front of you. It offers accurate as well as precise measurements and results and quite easy to use.

Moreover, you can easily read the figures on it as it has a big postal scale screen present on it.

5- Weighmax Postal Shipping Scale – Lightweight

Another amazing and cheaply postal scale which also gives you a very precise reading as similar to others.

This Weighmax 2822-35 lbs. capacity postal shipping scale is also one of the best-selling postal scales. It has its own quality.

Like if you want to send some small packages each month then this postal scale will an amazing option for you as it is very low in weight and can be placed anywhere you want.

The design of this postal scale is very unique and attractive.

It also has many positive reviews on Amazon with a rating of 4.4 from about 120 customers.

For sending small packages each and every month then this postal code will be a good option for you.

You can carry it with yourself without any hesitation for your own personal use.

As you have to come to know such a great feature of this postal scale product, we are confident that by now you must have made the decision of buying this product.

4- Smart Weigh Digital Kitchen Postal Scale – Use For Kitchen As Well

Smart Weigh Professional USPS Postal Scale with Tempered Glass Platform, Multiple Weighing Modes and Tare Function, Silver Shipping Scale, Platform Scale, 11 pounds/ 5 Kilograms
  • Durable: Made with a strong tempered glass platform so it stands up to the wear and tear of everyday use
  • Accurate: High precision sensor system gets an accurate reading, within 1g/0.1oz. Feel confident that you’re getting an accurate reading every time

This Smart Weigh Professional Digital Kitchen and Postal Scale are also mentioned in our top 10 best postal scales and I will give you 2 main and important reason for it.

That’s why you should buy this postal scale?

One important reason is that this postal scale can be used for the kitchen purpose as well like you make your recipe you can simply place the bowl on it and according to your recipe can add the ingredients.

The second important reason is that it has earned a 4.8 rating on Amazon from about 500+ people which I think the best rating of all the postal scale.

It is extremely cheap and provides you with precise data on it.

One of the best-selling postal scale in the market its design is very attractive and it is very low in weight.

You can place on the counter for use on a continuous basis.

3- Weighmax 50 Pound Capacity Postal Scale – Highly Durable

This 50 Pound Capacity Weighmax 2822-50 Postal Shipping Scale only cost for few bucks.

It is mostly used for the heaviest parcel for shipping. It means that this postal scale is made of durable material and are of high quality.

So, as this postal shipping scale is made of the highest quality materials and it shall likely to remain durable for you, for the reason that, you should buy it.

Most of these postal shipping scales fail to bear heavy weight and do not give precise readings and measurements. But this review postal scale will not let you down.

There are many more captivating qualities present in it and you can explore them by using this postal scale. Its only drawback is that it is a bit heavyweight, so moving it from one corner to another corner will be difficult for you.

2- WeighMax Xtro 330 Industrial Postal Scale – Maxium Weight Capacity

WeighMax W-4830 Industrial Postal Scale 330lb
  • Weighmax Digital Wireless Postal Shipping Scale 330 lbs.
  • Xtro 330 is the perfect digital shipping scale for postal, packaging, shipping, manufacturing or industrial requirements. (Clock bulited-in)

Now moving towards the 9th product of the top 10 list is WeighMax Xtro 330 Industrial Postal Scale.

One of the heaviest and most durable Postal scales ever made is Weighmax 330.

It can weigh up to 330 pounds. It is more durable and slightly expensive.

If you are parceling the heavy thing then this postal scale will be very useful for you and it can reduce your time intervals as well.

The unique selling point of this WeighMax Xtro 330 Industrial Postal Scale which is mentioned above is that is it is highly and extremely one of the durable options for you.

It will remain to be used by you for a long time.

Weight range up to 330 pounds can be placed in this postal scale and this is the feature which makes it a convenient option for specific people who are in need of this product.As maximum weight bearing capacity is guaranteed by this product.

So feel free to buy it.

1- DYMO Pelouze M25 Digital USB Postal Scale – Get Connected With Computer

Now the last Product in this list is DYMO Pelouze M25 Digital USB Postal Scale.

This Postal scale is of very unique features. You can simply connect the postal scale to your computer via USB cable.

As this product is pre-programmed you can record the reading directly from your computer. You don’t have to write the data from your own side.

Just record it from the scale directly to the shipping software.

And this is the top property which is present in this DYMO Pelouze M25 Digital USB Postal Scale.

This is a time saving and time-consuming option for you. As you do not have to record the readings by your hand and the computer system is going to record these readings automatically.

So far the tenth ranking is given by us to this postal scale. Let us know what you think about this suggestion! It is its time-consuming feature that people are going to buy it instantly.

Types of Postal Scales

  • Manual postal scales
  • Digital postal scales
  • USB postal scales
  • Programmable shipping scales

Benefits of Postal Scales

These scales give you accurate measurements and readings. Such a postal scale offers high accuracy all the time.
Your job will become less time consuming as weighing the job will be done by these scales.

They greatly and significantly reduces and eliminates the chance for human errors.

The digital postal scale offers and serves you a high degree of accuracy. Its scale readout part can be displayed and showed up on a large LCD screen. Its onboard intelligence performs all the needed math functions.

Tips for Choosing the Best Postal Scales

Be careful when you record reading on a manual postal scale or on an electronic postal scale.

If you are using manual scales then place parcel exactly on the platform and wait for the moment when the spring is going to adjust according to the weight.

You have to keep yourself updated about the postal rate charges. It is true that shipping rates change and very frequently. You need to become aware of revised rate changes if using a postal scale.

Before you weigh parcels, make sure that you select a scale which comprises a large, enough platform as well as capacity so that it can weigh the package correctly and accurately.

As there are more and more people who are converting their business online to buy and sell the product for this they should own a postal scale which will be very useful.

Well, obviously this isn’t that much necessary. But selling some high quality in between 30 to 50 bucks is good for you.

While taking into consideration that most of the mailing service gives you some sort of discount on weighing some products so this way you can make your money back within the first month. 

Best Postal Scales – Buying Guide

Below you can have a look at the important and critically essential details regarding the buying guide of postal shipping scales.

We hope that now the individual will be able to pick a trustworthy and high-quality postal scale for his specific jobs and tasks.

Check out this buying guide and see if you keep in mind these crucially important factors or not:

Ease of Use

Your chosen and purchased postal scale, it has to be as easy to use and easy to operate as much as possible. We know that a postal scale which is extremely intuitive to be used, it can then be quickly and fastly incorporated into any of the daily workflow routines.

Your scale should have an easy-to-read keypad and it should also have large buttons. Its display should comprise clear prompts.

Weight Capacity factor

It is true that the size of the weighing platform as well as the maximum weight capacity which is tolerated by the postal scale, they are one of the two important features which should be considered when buying any version of the postal scale.

We know that almost all of the postal scales, they can easily handle small weight documents which are less than 2 lbs. But your chosen scale should be able to weigh a diverse mix and weight of outgoing documents. You need to buy that model which can conveniently handle any of the over-sized packages and too heavier weights.

Compatibility With The Rest of The Devices

If you are looking for a digital postal scale then make sure that it should be connected directly right to a postal meter so that the meter can be automatically set up.

It has to be designed in a way so that it can work with any of the mid-range and also high-end postal meters.

Provision of Exact Readings

Your selected postal shipping scale should offer you exact and accurate readings.

It means that it should not show any possibility of errors. Buy it from the trusted brand so that you may not face issues of getting wrong and inaccurate readings.


The price factor has to be considered. Though these digital postal shipping scales are a bit expensive you can compare different prices and buy the affordable option for yourself.
Guarantee time and durability: Rest you have to make sure that your opted postal scale has to be packed with a long warranty time. You should be able to use it for at least two to three years.

Note down its manufacturer warranty information and details and then get your hands on the desirable postal shipping scale. Moreover, it should carry stronger construction elements in it.

Its composition should comprise of high-quality materials so that this scale does not get damaged when you put high weight items on it.

Tare Function

The last important point on buying a guide, your chosen postal scale has to be packed with tare functioning mechanism. It means that if it is able to fulfill kitchen purposes, then it is a great product.

For weighing kitchen food items and ingredients, this scale can be used. Before you buy a scale, ask from the shopkeeper that whether this specific tare functioning is present in your chosen postal scale or not.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

So here are the details of the top 10 best postal scale which will be very helpful for your business.

We have briefly explained the features of each individual. Just click on the link and order it. It will smoothly run and expand your business.

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