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If you are looking for the Best T-shirt Press Machines, then you are at the right place!

As here we have shared an updated list of August 2017!

In a normal daily routine, the one thing you constantly change is your clothes. When you go out, when you come back home, whether you’re a business man or a school going person, clothes are something everyone needs to change.

But don’t you get bored wearing the same thing again and again?

I mean, sure you can go to the market and buy something new but how do you know that’s something you would want?

There are situations where you go on searching the entire market looking for a particular Shirt with a particular character printed on it but you find nothing and all your time and energy is wasted. Also, you’re super disappointed.

This is exactly why machines like T-Shirt Print Machines is made.

This machine will help you print whatever you want on your shirt without any complications. You can save a lot of money through this as well. You just need to buy this machine and a plain white/black shirt to print anything on. This kind of a thing is best when you’ve to get something printed in bulk.

Like if you have a promotional campaign or something and you need your volunteers to wear the same kinds of shirts, you can always use this machine to fulfill your purpose.

Once you buy this machine, you can enjoy yourself by printing your kids their favorite cartoon characters or your own personal favorite characters.

Even more so, you can print your own picture on your shirt! How cool is that? These are the kinds of things people are looking for these days because of their massive popularity.

Now, the thing that bothers people the most is ‘where do I find this’ well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore either!This following article has the reviews of the best T-shirt Press Machines. You can read the following to make a wiser and better choice.

This machine, presented by the SC series, is considered to be one of the top selling machines of all times. With the help of this machine, You get two advantages in one, You can heat press your shirt and you can also get something printed on it. So now you will have a neat and clean shirt without going through any troubles.

This machine has a vinyl Cutter that comes along without a stand which makes it easier to use.

Further, it also has an external RAM stored inside of it so that you can copy your last printed sign on it and save it there for a longer time.

This machine comes along with a package which includes USCutter SC Series Cutter/plotter unit without stand with laser point for contour cutting, Cutting blade holder, 3 high quality blades, Pen holder with blue ink cartridge (for plotting or drawing), USB cable, Serial cable and Cd with Windows Driver, Corel Draw Driver & PDF Manual.

You can get almost anything designed on your shirt with the help of this machine.

It has a Pro Design and Cut software that makes your job, even more, smoother.In order to operate this machine, the only thing you would need is a windows computer that you have to connect this machine with. Once you’re done with the setup, your T-Shirt printing process will get a lot easier and safer.

These kinds of things are usually owned by shopkeepers and they make a lot of money out of it but you can have your own personal machine at affordable prices and enjoy printing as many shirts as you like! It has a warranty of one year. It has a popular Clamshell heat press of 15×15.

9. Zeny Heat Press Heat Press Machine for T-shirt – Best T-shirt Press Machines Review

This machine is a multifunctional machine that will provide you with different options for printing your clothes.The thing is that this machine not only prints your clothes, but it also prints on mugs, caps, and hats.

You basically get a whole package with this machine.

You had to buy a whole other machine for getting your mugs printed but now, you don’t have to worry about that.This machine is inbuilt with digital LED temperature along with a timing controller so now you can set a time while you print your material.

Since it is bound to deal with things other than cloth, this machine comes along with a whole package that includes: platen press, heat press, mug presses, Plate presses and removal silicon and cotton pad.

Further, it has a 360-degree rotation swing that will help you rotate your shirt in a 360 angle and make your printing easier especially if you have to get something complicated printed.

It also has a pressure adjustment knob that helps you adjust the pressure according to your material. It has a sprint uniform pressure that gives a better printing effect.

Its design includes slides which make it easier to change the settings of your machine when you have to press different things.

With this, you don’t have to use a lot of effort just to change the whole machine settings. Last, it also has adjustable feet that you can put almost anywhere. This is the kind of machine that store owners usually want.So if you’re a store owner or looking for a business to start, you can always buy a machine like this and start making money because these kinds of things are used by modern day generation.

8. Five in One Heat Press Machine by F2C – Best T-shirt Press Machines Review

This machine is no different than the others but the best thing about this is that it is CE certified which makes it 10 times better than all the other machines.It is due to its smooth printing and multi-functioning that this machine has been considered to reach the top 10 best machines and is also CE certified

It is due to its smooth printing and multi-functioning that this machine has been considered to reach the top 10 best machines and is also CE certified. Its size is 12×15 which is large enough to fit in places.

It has a 360 rotation swing with it that helps you rotate your shirt and get a better printing effect.

Its functioning is super simple without any complicated settings. You can easily access it without going through any troubles of any kind. It also has a Teflon coated platen press element.

Its surface is non-stick so you can easily move it around if you want. It has a rubber grip that is comfortable to use. This kind of a machine is best for usage because of its multi-functioning, it can print up to many shirts.

It can also print on mugs, caps, hats and more. No matter what size your mugs or shirts are, you can get anything printed on it without any problems.It has a Wattage of 1200W.

Its color is black. Further, it has some other specifications that include: Warming up quickly.

Also, Offers even heating and has an Upgraded aluminum alloy cradle that comes with a Detached cradle for use of the mug elements. Its size is Compact and lightweight. This machine is the full package for you and your friends/ family to enjoy!

7. Super Deal Pro Heat Press Machine – Best T-shirt Press Machines Review

This machine has its own unique features and which is why it has made it up to top 10. This machine provides you with savings such as time, energy and heat saving. You can also control all of these three things according to your needs.

The gross power this machine with holds is 1200W. Its heating plate is perfectly stable and is guaranteed to stay with you for a longer time. This plate is made up of aluminum that keeps the temperature stable.

The heat plate also has a Teflon coat that keeps your shirts protected. There is a silicon coat present that can endure 350 degrees without any distortion. This is the kind of thing that you can easily use in your house because of its non-complicated setup.

For extra safety, this machine provides you with a Dual electric system so you can avoid any electric shocks or something that would cause you any kind of pain.

Some of its specifications include its temperature that ranges from 0~ 200°C ( 0~392F), it’s time ranges from 0~ 999 seconds, it also has a working table with the size of 15″ x 15″ and it’s printing area which is 38 ×38cm.

Further its Weight is 52lbs, which means it’s easy to carry with you in case you’ve to shift or do something. Its LCD display shows you the time and temperature on it so you can easily know what’s going on inside. You can keep this Heat press in your home and use it whenever you want.

6. Multi-functioning Heat Press Machine by Zeny – Best T-shirt Press Machines Review

This heat press machine is one of the most multi functioning machines out of all others. This machine has 6 different functions which also include printing on shirts, mugs, hats, caps, and plates.This is the complete package of printing usually owned by store owners who often need to get different prints on different things.

It has multi spring balancer with it that you can adjust according to your requirement.

Another notable feature this machine has is that it comes along with is that you can select your Fahrenheit and Celsius scale according to your need. Its heating board is 4/5 thick which means you can adjust larger items in it easily.

It has a quick warm up system present in it that helps you print your things in a much easier and quicker way. It has a build in structural support that helps maintain the flatness of this machine.

It’s made up of a rigid steel frame which makes it strong enough so it can stay with you for a longer period of time. It’s a well-built machine that won’t gets ruined anytime soon. It’s time can be electronically controlled.

It has a silicone and cotton made a plate that will keep your printing material smooth and silky and won’t ruin it in any way. Its design is also pretty cool and its good looking black color adds a little shine to your table.This kind of machine can be easily and you can find it almost anywhere. Read the specifications and make a wiser and better choice in what you want for yourself.

5. DG Digital Heat Press Machine – Best T-shirt Press Machines Review

This machine is a digital heat press that provides you with the smoothest printing you’ll ever experience. You can print whatever you like on your shirt without any trouble.This machine is built for reducing complications. Its smooth surface keeps your clothes clean and safer to use.

It’s pressure can be adjustable so you can add pressure according to the kind of clothes you have to print on.

The frame that this heat press is made up of is also pretty cool because it is made up of Steel. Steel gives this machine the strength that it needs and the material won’t get ruined anytime soon.

You can keep this machine in your homes and use it whenever you want. It is perfect for a home setting.

You can get your shirts printed in whichever design you like, you just have to connect this machine to your computer and once you’re done selecting your design you’re good to go.

You can also use this machine to print on your household accessories such as mats, bags, jigsaw puzzles and much more small products.

Its power is more than any other Heat press machine which is 1800W. This means that this machine will give you the best-printed material.Now you can choose whether or not you want this machine because it is perfect for household use.

People who like to keep their houses decorated, this machine is ideal for them. You can find it easily in the market and due to its authenticity, it is considered to be in the top 10 best heat press machines.

4. Heat Press Machine Swing Away by BestEquip – Best T-shirt Press Machines Review

You can use this machine to print on almost any cloth material, for example, shirts, garments, bags, mouse pads, plates and much more such flat surfaces.

This machine can be used by anything since it has no complicated setup. You just have to connect this to your computer and you’re good to go.

The best thing about this heat press machine is that it can print words on almost anything; glass, cotton, fabric, ceramic or metal. You can decorate anything that is present in your house.

This machine is perfect for making your house look ten times more beautiful than it already is.

As its name says, it has a swing away design that helps you rotate your material on a 360 element for safer use.This is also best for time and temperature control so that the material you are printing on doesn’t get ruined.

This machine is equipped with an LCD that shows your time and temperature on it. With this, you can accurately measure your readings while you print. It has a Teflon-coated element that is already installed in it.

It is a fully assembled machine that is double boxed so it is easier for you to use. With the help of this machine, you can have a lot of advantages and print out whatever you want whenever you want it. Don’t hesitate while buying something this good looking for yourself!

3. Mophorn Heat Press Machine – Best T-shirt Press Machines Review

What if I tell you that a company Mophorn has launched a machine named as ” mop-horn digital swing away rigid steel heat press for t-shirts, 12×10’inch, which can save you from this whole buying your favorite shirt with your favorite thing printed on it?

The upper plate can rotate up to the angle of 360 degrees which not only helps you to move the heating element on different sides but also saves you from the mishaps which can occur if you touch the plate.

Well known from the name you might be guessing you need to learn a lot of science in order to use it but trust me it is really very easy to use and you can keep it anywhere in your apartment as it is small in size. In order to provide you with the proper thickness of the heating oils, HP 230-B is fitted with the proper layering of Teflon 12×10’inch.

Now we all know that our t-shirts are made up from different materials due to which they need a proper temperature, pressure and time so that the quality of your shirt isn’t ruined.

This machine gives you the choice of temperature up to 230 degrees and you can set the timer to 999 seconds which is 16.

65 minutes and you can easily set it with the knobs which are assembled in this machine already.One of the best features of this machine is that it not only press your t-shirts but with the help of different plates like wood and metal you can press your other home items too just in few minutes.

2. T-Shirt Sublimation Heat Press Machine by Gecko – Best T-shirt Press Machines Review

Its plate is non-stick so you don’t have to worry about your T-shirt getting ruined or destroyed while you print something on it.

The weight of the machine is a little heavy, 64 lbs so you will have to adjust it to one place without moving it a lot but once you have it adjusted, its performance will open your eyes wide.

It is great for use and you can get the smoothest printing that you’ll ever see. You can also adjust the temperature of this machine up to 435 degrees. This is also CE certified which means that its performance is definitely good enough to be certified.

This machine is large enough to fit in stores and its unique qualities are perfect for store owners or eve for someone who wants to use these for their personal use.

Further, It has an adjustable pressure knob. It also has a digital temperature and time control system so you can check your time and temperature according to your needs and requirements.

It Can also be used along with all of the traditional transfer materials that include: standard, plastisol, sublimation, inkjet, laser or color copier.This machine might just be something you need.

1. Industrial quality Heat press machine by PowerPress – Best T-shirt Press Machines Review

Nowadays, we all want to wear our favorite celebrity shirts or some of want our bags to be printed with some kind of logos or designs etc but this isn’t possible with the shirts we buy from the local stores as they don’t have such choices.

The product about which I’m going to tell you about is really very helpful for you if you own a small business of printing in U.S.

Previously a model was launched by France studio, but now they have launched a brand new model of 15 by 15 inch which can not only be used by industries but also by the people who own a small business of printing and from this product you can earn a lot of profit.

This machine includes a coated sheet with the layer of heat on the plate which distributes the pressure equally.In order to save the space, the new model is small in size as it weighs only 53 pounds which is around 24 kilograms and the unique feature of this product is that it has an upward opening which makes it easy to use.

The base of this new model is glued with silicon due to which this product can be perfectly used for not only printing letters but also garments, bags, tiles etc.

The temperature and pressure can be adjusted with the help.of electronic timer and on this product you can set the time to 999 seconds which is 16.65 minutes and you can set the temperature uptil500F. You can easily find this product anywhere!

So, It was the review of the best selling heat press machines in 2017, so if you have any question, then feel free to ask and we will make sure to answer your question as soon as possible.

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