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Here we have shared the review of the best toilet plungers.

Everyone desires to have a luxurious house in which all the comforts of the worlds could be placed in and this same goes for the bathrooms.

A well-furnished house should also have a well-furnished bathroom but placing an expensive toilet in the bathroom does not ensure better performance.

So, you should keep in mind to buy a better quality toilet for your bathroom.

The most common problem which is faced by the toilet user is the clogging of the amalgamated stuff in the toilet drain but you don’t need to worry about that anymore because we have a fine solution for this problem.

Best Toilet Plungers – What You Should Choose?

In this article, we will provide you all the latest information about the best toilet plungers in the market which are best for your toilets and have a really nice look when you place them in the bathroom.

We will also tell you about the most efficient toilet plunger which will surely help you in clearing all kinds of clogs from the toilet drains.

Make sure you know about using Accordion Plunger before purchasing them from the list below.

We will also tell you various methods to use the best toilet plunger and what you should see in a plunger before buying it.

It doesn’t matter, if you are using a sanitary toilet the article will still help you to choose the best one.

There is a whole range of different plungers for various types of toilets in the market but you should not worry about finding the best plunger.

Because we will also provide you all the information you need to know about the best toilet plungers we will also tell you about the top ten best plungers in the market which will help you in choosing from a variety of best toilet plungers.

Plungers are the best source of clearing all the amalgamating stuff which is stuck in the toilet drain.

Best Plungers On The Market

8- Korky Telescoping Adjustable BeehiveMAX Universal Plunger

Korky 96-4AM Telescoping T-Shaped Handle BeehiveMAX Universal Plunger, Black
  • POWERFUL PLUNGE: This toilet plunger is the first plunger designed to fit old & new HET toilet bowls & the beehive shape allows for an effective plunge to unclog toilets, unlike standard oblong plungers. The t-handle provides an optimum grip, and the adjustable handle allows for easy storage.
  • ADJUSTABLE, TELESCOPING HANDLE allows for the plunger to be easily stored under a sink or vanity, out of sight and out of mind. The handle is easy to adjust, allowing for quick extension when needed for use.

Korky max-performance plunger is the best plunger in the market which provides the best performance compared to any other toilet plungers in the market.

The Korky max-performance plunger is a universal multi-purpose plunger which fits every type of toilet easily and provides the best performance with every sanitary toilet.

Whether it is big or small. This unique and multi-purpose plunger is basically made in the United States of America.

It is made of high-quality mark less rubber which is reliable and durable in all sorts of conditions and helps to clear every kind of clog which closes the drain of the toilets.

Korky Max fits all type of toilet plungers even it is KohlerAmerican standard, elongated, TOTO and all the other top brand toilets can easily accommodate this plunger.

It has an incredible and unique beehive shape which is ideal for most of the toilets and provides the best fit for different kinds of toilets.

With the help of better seals, minimal efforts are needed to unclog the drain of the toilet with the help of this unique plunger.

It is made up of non-marking or marks fewer rubbers which help to provide a better grip and seal in the process of unclogging the toilets.

Most of the toilet manufacturer recommends the kooky max-performance plunger and refer to it as the best plunger in the market which is no doubt that it is.

You can also use the plunger for American toilets.

It has the best customer review and it is the best-selling plunger on many online selling websites because it works for all kinds of models and toilet designs.

It also comes with a holder which is made of durable plastic. This holder can easily be placed in the bathroom and it looks elegant because the holder mixes up with the bathroom environment and provides a cool look to the plunger.

It comes in a whole variety of new and attractive colors which easily adapt to the environment of the toilet and can even be placed beside the toilet without being seen.

7- MAXClean Toilet and Drain Plungers

Plumbcraft 7506250 Plunger, White
  • MESS-FREE - The innovative design of the plunger provides maximum cleaning power without the mess of a traditional plunger. This combo kit comes with sanitary storage to keep your bathroom neat and clean. The design keeps the plunger flange in place and prevents toilet water from collecting inside the cup, creating a mess-free, sanitary experience
  • UNIVERSAL - Our plunger combo can be used on any toilet. The flange-style plunger clears clogged toilets of even the most stubborn blockage with minimal effort. It works on all toilet types and shapes, including both standard and high-efficiency toilets

It is one of the best and most used plungers in the market.

It is also an amazing plunger which is really good for all kinds of toilets and it is best for elongated toilets.

This helps in removing hard clogs in the toilet drain by providing minimal effort in all kinds of toilets whether they are elongated, round, American style or any other in the market.

It is really efficient especially elongated toilets. It has a high-quality rubber cup for making perfect suction phenomena so that the toilet drain is unclogged easily.

Max-clean Toilet Plunger has an innovative plunger cup design which keeps the plunger flange in the right place for avoiding any kind of amalgamated stuff scenario and providing you a mess-free plunging environment.

It also restricts water which starts collecting inside the cup of the plunger so that the water would not drip on the toilet floor and your bathroom would remain neat and clean.

Our Verdict

MAXClean Toilet and Drain Plunger has a unique design and also comes in a huge variety of colors.

It consists of light color blended plungers which get along just fine with every type of bathroom environment.

This product has a marvelous customer review because it is really preferred by the users due to its performance, design and its reliable material.

It is the sturdiest plunger in the market and it comes with a full sanitary kit of durable material with it.

It comes with easy and really good sanitary storage which helps you to cover the rubber of the plunger and place it anywhere in the bathroom.

With its compelling design, this plunger can fit anywhere in the bathroom and look good everywhere.

6- Simplehuman Toilet Plungers

OXO Good Grips Toilet Plunger & Canister - White
  • The Hideaway Toilet Plunger & Canister Set is easy to tuck away unobtrusively in the bathroom. Covered Canister prevents Plunger from touching other household objects when stored in a closet or cabinet.
  • Canister springs open automatically when toilet plunger is lifted and neatly stores plunger when not in use

There is no doubt that this toilet plunger is one of the best toilet plungers in the market nowadays.

It is a high-quality plunger which is really popular among the users because it comes with a stainless steel body and it is made up of remarkable quality mark less rubber cap to ensure a perfect seal on the drain of the toilet.

It also has a good grip handles on its end which helps you and provides the best grip to hold the toilet plunger firmly.

This firm grip also helps you to minimize the effort and increase the performance of plunging when you are plunging the toilet with the help of the toilet plungers.

Simple human toilet plunger has a rustproof rod which stays solid and firm when you apply any kind of pressure and most probably doesn’t bend even by applying the intense pressures.

It consists of a good quality rubber which has the ability to adjust according to the size of the drain.

The most important thing is that it comes with a five years warranty, so you can buy it without taking tension because if there is a faulty piece in this plunger or an error you can claim it to the company and get a completely new one absolutely free

It consists of a narrow flange which works efficiently with all sorts of toilets, particularly with American standard toilets.

It also has a dome-shaped cover which holds the plunger in its place. A lot of people are using this plunger for their RV Toilets and I am sure if you have RV you would love as well.

Our Verdict

I am sure it will make RV Unclogging a lot easier.

The dome-shaped oval covering or storage equipment for the plunger consists of a big opening which makes the plunger easy to detach from the cover of the plunger.

It has an astonishing magnetic collar on the holder’s body which ensures the security of the plunger up to the neck of the rod of the best sanitary plunger.

This product helps the users to choose both of the toilet plungers and the entire brush plunger for elongated and other toilets with its kits combos to store the plunger easily.

It also helps the plungers to move and passed from one place to another easily without dripping water and creating any kind of a mess.

It comes in a whole new range of color schemes and gets along in your bathroom just fine.

This plunger easily fits according to the environment of your bathroom with the help of its unique color scheme.

5- Neiko 60166A Toilet Plungers

NEIKO 60166A Toilet Plunger | Single Pack | Patented All-Angle Design | Heavy Duty | Aluminum Handle | Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Building Sanitation Use
  • [PATENTED]: Each toilet plunger has a unique 4-step level suction cup that fits securely in all different types of toilet bowls and/or sizes of toilet drain openings to make easy work of the toughest clogs.
  • [DESIGN]: The plunger’s special cup design is engineered to never flip back and over itself to get stuck like other comparative and traditional bowl plungers.

It is one of the most demanded and efficient plungers in the market which is according to the customers and can handle the load of the work easily.

As the Neiko toilet plunger has the best market review its demand is also high in the market because of its performance and the quality of the material.

It delivers efficiency and high-class performance for unclogging all types of toilets and especially the American standard toilets.

It is very light in weight because it is made of the good quality plastic material.

These efficient toilets consist of a rustproof body and mold resistant aluminum handle which is easier to carry around and helps in minimizing the effort of unclogging the toilets when it is amalgamated with stinky poop like stuff.

It also has a small hole in it and with the help of this peg hole you can easily hang the toilet plunger anywhere you like in your bathroom.

Our Verdict

NEIKO TOILET PLUNGER consists of an amazing four-step heavy-duty suction cup which adjusts itself properly with all sizes of toilet drain openings to ensure the best unclogging experience.

These are some of the useful and different steps which provide you all the instruction for creating a firm seal on the toilet drains and prevent the spillage of the water from the toilets and help to keep your bathroom clean and germ-free.

Its special and unique rubber cup design neither flips back nor stuck inside the toilets like the old plungers.

Neiko 60166A consists of high-quality material with mark less, reliable and durable rubber which drains the clogged toilet from all angles and sides.

This also creates an ultra-tight seal around the drains of the toilet to unclog them in minimal time. It is best and convenient for both residential and commercial purposes as per your need and requirement.

It has a smooth edge elegant design and it does not possess any interior ridges to deteriorate the basic design of the plunger, thus water always remains in the cup of the toilet plunger during suction process.

4- iDesign Toilet Plunger

iDesign 93720 Kent Plastic Toilet Bowl Brush and Plunger Set, Slim Combo Set for Cleaner Storage, Ideal for Master, Kids', Guest, Office Bathroom, 10.04" x 5.96" x 21.64", Bronze
  • BATHROOM CLEANING SET: Matching toilet bowl brush and plunger set perfect for use in master bathroom, kids' bathroom, guest bathroom, or office bathroom.
  • DISCREET STORAGE: Tasteful designs enclose bathroom cleaning devices for tidy storage when not in use

When it comes to cleaning toilets and providing the best toilet cleaning experience no one can match the qualities of the interdesign toilet plunger.

It is definitely one of the best plungers in the market which has the best customer review as it fulfills all the needs of the customers.

It is the best toilet plunger because of the unique and compact form and sleek design because it fits everywhere in your bathroom easily.

These types of plungers are very multi-purpose and can also be used to clean your RV toilet from every angle with great ease and comfort and without any external help.

If you are using Elongated Toilets, then I am sure you would love to use it.

This plunger is one of a kind because of its elegant and useful design and powerful performance. It is made of best quality plastic material and also consists of a mark less rubber cup of the plunger which is firmly attached at the end of the plunger.

Our Verdict

It has a normal weight and a medium height. The plunge of this plunger fits nearly all size of all toilet drains whether they are narrow or wide.

This plunger also has an amazing feature of the movable lids so you can cover the plunger every time after you use it.

In this way, no mess is created by the plunger. It has a very high quality holding grip to hold the plunger steady and intact when you are using it.

It also has a wide range of colors to choose from and it looks evidently beautiful and clear in the bathroom. Including all these benefits this extraordinary plunger plays an important in clearing all sorts of RV toilet, American style toilets, etc.

This amazing toilet plunger will definitely provide a spotless clean each time you use it for unclogging your toilet.

3- OXO Good Grips Hideaway Toilet Plunger

OXO Good Grips Toilet Plunger & Canister - White
  • The Hideaway Toilet Plunger & Canister Set is easy to tuck away unobtrusively in the bathroom. Covered Canister prevents Plunger from touching other household objects when stored in a closet or cabinet.
  • Canister springs open automatically when toilet plunger is lifted and neatly stores plunger when not in use

This is altogether a complete package and the best Toilet plunger in the market.

OXO Good Grips has a lot of different and useful features which help in providing the best performance in unclogging the toilets.

It comes with a full combo pack consisting of a hideaway plunger and a canister set to solve the storage problem of the toilet plungers.

It is a multi-purpose plunger and its head is made of mark less rubber and with high-quality plastic which fits in all types of toilet drain sizes.

Our Verdict

It has a ridge-free design for better cleanliness of the toilet. This amazing toilet plunger even works in the low flush toilets and provides a smooth and mess-free unclogging experience.

It also comes with a storing canister shaped holder with it. This holder consists of cup shaper design which is attached to the base due to springs.

This toilet plunger storage is really awesome because this amazing canister storage has ventilation points on both sides of the holder which helps in evaporation of the water after unclogging and provides a mess-free environment.

The holder has opened automatically when the toilet plunger is pulled out of the holder.

Its handle has a flat top which provides a comfortable grip in holding the plunger when you are unclogging the toilet.

2- SurePlunge Automatic Toilet Plunger

SurePlunge - Automatic Toilet Plunger - Extremely Effective - Heavy Duty - Powerful Co2 Air Pressure - Safe & Easy To Operate - The Unblocker for Clogged Crappers.
  • IT'S DIFFERENT. The SurePlunge is an Automatic Toilet Plunger - WATCH THE VIDEO - It is not your traditional plunger - it's Much Better - a High Quality Professional Tool - Powered by co2 gas to blast away the most stubborn clogs.
  • IT'S POWERFUL. The SurePlunge is a powerful - yet safe for your toilet - professional plumber's tool - It uses a single-use, replaceable 8g co2 cylinder for its heavy duty power. It is fast & very effective. It Really Works. [Check Our Real Customer Reviews].

It is the most advanced toilet plunger in the market which use the latest carbon dioxide technology to unclog the toilet filled will amalgamate fluid and stuff.

It provides a quicker and easier way of cleaning with the help of latest technology.

With the use of this plunger, you can forget about the use of nasty chemicals and acids and you can also forget about the expensive plumbing and unclog services if you are using this latest toilet cleaner which cleans the toilet with it advanced CO2 technology.

Our Verdict

SurePlunge Automatic Toilet Plunger can easily clear the slow draining clogs irrespective of the severity of the clog.

It also comes with a beautiful stand and a cover which hold the plunger and looks good in the bathroom.

It also comes in a huge variety of colors to choose from, according to your bathroom decor.

1- Kleen Freak 3019000 Antibacterial Toilet Plunger

KLEEN FREAK 3019000 Antibacterial GERM GUARD, White/Polished
  • GERM GUARD PROTECTION RESISTS BACTERIA BUILDUP- provides defense against odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew to protect the product.
  • MESS-FREE PLUNGER – The innovative design keeps the plunger flange in place plus prevents toilet water from collecting inside the cup, creating a mess-free experience. Works on both standard and high-efficiency toilets.

It is one of the best toilet plungers for unclogging toilet drains which has an amazing design which provides a remarkable performance when it comes to unclogging a toilet.

It is a heavy-duty plunger which consists of a best-grade rubber cap for the plunger and the rubber ridges are round that help to create a tight seal in the toilet drain when you are performing an unclogging process.

Would be much better if you use some baking soda to clean even much better.

The best part is that it is forged with an anti-microbial body which has a germ guard protection.

Our Verdict

The germ guard protects and helps to resist or kill bacteria and diseases spreading germs.

The caddy tray will remain clean and sanitary because of the bacteria resistant material of the body. It gives the fastest and cleanest unclogging experience that you can ever feel.

It consists of a stainless aluminum handle which will help you to get a tighter grip when you are unclogging your toilet.

This plunger also has a with a full combo kit with itself which consists of a plunger holding tray and the toilet plunger is itself an extremely nice twister caddy.

It also has a lot of positive customer reviews.

Best Toilet Plungers – Buyer’s Guide

Buying a toilet plunger is not an easy task and it takes a lot of observations and cares to many aspects before buying a good toilet plunger with combo brush plunging toilet plunger.

The steps for new buyers who do not know enough about toilet plungers and what steps we should know before buying a toilet plunger.

Before we go further, let me tell you that you can still unclog a toilet even without a snake and with a snake as well.

Having a clogged drain, the toilet can be frustrating, and the same situation can even turn more frustrating if you don’t have an inefficient plunger.

With so many products in the market, it is essential to research the product before you buy it and also look for the current owner’s comment on their experience with the product.

It is also important to investigate how they are designed and for what situation they are designed.

Toilet plungers can range both in quality and price, therefore, if your solution is to buy a plunger that will get the job done quickly and efficiently, then you need to know what type of plunger you need.

Make sure the plunger you chose for your home must be good at unclogging your toilet properly. In fact, you can use dish soaps as well to unclog your toilet.

Each toilet plunger manufacturer uses different technology in their design to make their toilet plunger durable and efficient.

They come in all shapes and sizes, with different price tags. Toilet plungers are extremely important for household objects.

It helps us to deal with blocked sinks and clogged drains and toilets.

Dealing with blocked sinks and blocked toilets are the most annoying things. The frustration will build-up even more, once you realize that there is no toilet plunger around.

Things to consider before investing in a top-rated toilet plunger are that it should be efficient and reliable.

However, choosing the best toilet plunger is not at all easy task because there are so many plungers available in the market.

Therefore, it is important to read reviews of a toilet plunger and also the toilet plunger comparison chart, so you will be able to choose your perfect match.

A buyer should buy those which toilet plunger which has a large suction cup so this will take less effort and will save you precious time.

A lot of people are also using a wire hanger to unclog their toilet.

Now you must know every plunger range in price and quality, so you have to take notice that a $10 plunger does not work in the same way as a $40 unit.

However, once you have completed your research, you can easily buy with the informed decision without spending too much, and you will end up with a reliable toilet plunger that will last for many years to come.

Why My Plunger Doesn’t Fit My Toilet?

It is the most asked question when it comes to the usage of the toilet plungers.

There is a whole range of new and different toilet plungers which includes elongated toilet plungers, square drain plungers, rectangular plungers and also have different plungers for RV toilet cleaning.

The biggest problem which most people face is that the plunger they use does not fit their toilets.

There are certain reasons by which a plunger do not fit the toilet.

  • Firstly, the drain of the toilet must be the same shape of the sanitary toilet plunger and this is why the plunger is not able to fit in the toilet and is unable to perform its task.
  • Secondly, The drain of the toilet can be very narrow insides and the plunger can not plunge the poop in the toilet.

The size of the plunger can sometimes be very different from the toilet drains which cannot provide the required seal to the best toilet plunger as a result of this the plunger doesn’t fit the toilet.

The shape of the toilet can also be different from the sanitary plunger.

Some Great Ideas to Hide Your Toilet Plunger!

Storing a plunger in your bathroom is a serious task and it is something you should pay heed on.

A plunger, if left in the bathroom without proper storage it can create a lot of mess.

There is a whole variety of different and useful ways to store a toilet plunger in the best manner.

Most of the plungers come with a combo storage kit which helps the user to keep the used or dirty plunger away from the bathroom without making a mess.

These storage kits also help the water from dripping out from the plungers and keep your bathroom safe and clean.

There is a whole range of different storage kits in the market in which you can store a toilet plunger.

As a matter of fact, most of the plungers in the marker come solo which means they do not have any kind of storage kit with them and it raises the question of storage of your toilet plunger.


You don’t need to worry about that now because we have a solution to this problem.

You can install a canister combo cabinet which is commonly known as the plunger house in your house to store all kinds of plungers and items related to the toilet plungers into it.

There is also an interesting solution called Hi-dit for the storage of the best toilet plungers.

These are small cabinets made on the walls which help to maintain the privacy of your toilet plungers in a very secure manner.

You can even store your toilet plungers by hanging them up on someplace safe where it cannot create a mess and also should stay away from direct sight.

Over to You!

So here is a list of some of the best plungers in the market and solution to the most common problems of the toilet plungers.

We have provided you the best ways to store a toilet plunger and how you can buy the best toilet plunger from the market.

I am sure you will love this article to the extent of your heart because it contains a whole bunch of useful content and information related to the best toilet plungers and how you can buy them or use them easily from the market.

This information will be really beneficial for you.

I hope this article will help you clear all the doubts which are stuck in your head related to this article and provide you all the solution to your problems.

But if something still remains then feel free to ask us anything you want to know about the best toilet plungers.

We will be really glad to provide you all the important information you need to know about the best toilet plungers and answer all your queries and questions.

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