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Today we are reviewing the best high wooden chairs. Nowadays these chairs are very trendy. These baby chairs are very soft and provide the ultimate sitting experience.

These chairs are suitable and recommended for kids or babies. There are so many useful features in it. These chairs have durable build quality and stylish design.

Many customers use this chair as a decorative furniture piece. In the market, there are so many high chairs available. But choosing the right durable chair is not easy, So below down we have picked some of the best wooden high chairs. 

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Top 10 Best Wooden High Chairs in 2020

So check it out.

10. Foho, Baby High Chair

Wooden High Chairs

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On 10th, we have this Wooden high chair named as Baby high chair. Discussing the size and the build quality of this chair. The size is very ideal or compact and the measurements of this product are 15.8 x 15.3 x 13.5 inches.

This Wooden chair seems very durable because the material which is used is very durable and strong. In this Foho chair, there are so many useful features.

This chair has an adjustable and removable tray. It also has 3 Plate Adjustment modes. With every aspect, this foho baby chair is very good. The height adjustment feature of this chair is loved by all customers.

Key Features;

  • Ideal size & Good build quality
  • Height adjustment features.

9. Costzon, Wooden Baby High Chair

Wooden High Chairs

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Moving on to the next product so we have this costzon, Wooden baby high chair. Starting from the build quality of this product, This chair is made up of high-quality Wood but the structure or the frame of the chair is made up of hard aluminium.

This chair is very durable. The seat and the back of this chair have a padded cushion. This cushion adds comfortability in the chair. Moving on the size of this Costzon chair.

In size, this chair is very compact and portable. The dimensions of this product are 22 x 18 x 33 inches, Also the weight of this chair is very light. The lightweight of this chair is about 15 pounds.

The Costzon wooden chair has an adjustable tray and anti-skid rubber on handles.

Key Features;

  • Compact and light in weight
  • Anti-skid rubber on handles
  • Adjustable rubber
  • Cushion On the back.

8. HeartWood, Adjustable Natural Wooden High Chair for Babies and Toddlers

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On 8th, we have this Heartwood adjustable chair, Discussing the design of this chair. This chair has 3 beautiful colours, Birch, Grey, and dark walnut.

This Heartwood chair has an eye-catchy design. If we measure the dimension of this product so in size this product is 32.4 x 20.6 x 3.3 inches and the weight of this product is 15.4 pounds.

The manufacturer of this chair offers a 3-year warranty. Moving on the features, This chair has an adjustable height feature and on the bottom of this chair, we see Anti-skid rubber.

This anti-skid rubber keeps your chair in a single position.

Key Features;

  • Multi-colors
  • 3 Year warranty.

7. Asunflower, Wooden High Chair Adjustable Feeding Baby High Chairs with Tray

Wooden High Chairs

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Starting the review of this beautiful high chair with the build quality. This chair is made up of high-quality wood.

The whole frame and the structure of this chair are made up of steel and the used steel is stainless and Anti-rust. This Asunflower chair has a sturdy hygienic PP seat and one aluminium tray.

This chair is very durable because all the material which is used in this product is very premium. The design and the colour of this chair are also very attractive.

The colour of this whole body is Off-White and the Tray colour is natural wood colour. The Two-Toned colour combination of this chair looks very nice. The size of this chair is 22.8″L by 22.04″W by 38.18″H.

In weight, this chair is about 11.68 lbs. This chair has a removable tray. The design of this chair is compact and space-friendly. This chair does not occupy so much room.

Key Features;

  • Lightweight and ideal size
  • Two-toned Color combination

6. HM-tech, Baby Wooden High Chair With Removable Tray

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On 6th we have this Stylish chair named as HM-tech baby wood chair. In size, this chair is very compact. This chair has a very beautiful design and the assembling of this chair is also very easy.

If we deeply discuss the construction of this chair, then this chair is made up of pure Wood. This chair seems very durable. The manufacturer of this Hm-tech chair offers 100% satisfaction.

Also, they offer total refundable money in case you aren’t satisfied with your product.

This chair has so many useful features. The HM-tech chair has removable tray availability, Has an adjustable height adjustment and. The most unique feature of this product is that the seat of this chair is 360% rotatable 

Key Features;

  • Money-Back offer
  • 360 angle rotation

5. Keekaroo, Height Right High Chair with Tray

Wooden High Chairs

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This keekaroo, the high chair is very unique from others because this chair is certified by JPMA. Due to this certification, this chair is very trendy and worthy.

Moving on the useful features of this product so this chair has an eating tray and the tray is dishwasher safe. This chair has an adjustable foot and seat plate.

This chair is very comfortable because it has a cloth cushion seat. The cushion which is used in the seat is very soft.

It provides a very amazing sitting experience. The colour of this chair is Mahogany wood colour. Discussing the size of this product so the size of this chair is 34 x 20 x 24 inches and in weight, this product is 19 pounds.

Key Features;

  • JPMA Approved
  • Comfortable
  • Mahogany wood unique colour

4. EXcellante, Wooden High Chair

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On the 4th, we have this Excellante wooden high chair. With every aspect, this chair is very ideal. This chair has 3 unique colours. All these available colours are very unique and beautiful.

EXcellante wooden chair has a Durable Safety harness strap, Provided strap is very useful. Moving on the build quality of the chair so this chair is very durable, it is made up of solid wood.

Used wood is very pure. The assembling and cleaning of this chair are very easy. Excellante chair is the customer’s Favorite because it has Space-friendly design. The dimension of the chair is 19.6 x 20.4 x 28.5 inches and the weight is 12.55 pounds. 

Key Features;

  • Solid wood is used in the making
  • Multi-colour
  • Durable Safety harness straps

3. OXO, Tot Sprout High Chair

Wooden High Chairs

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This oxo Tot sprout high chair is one of the best chairs available in the market. In this chair, there are so many unique features. OXO Tot Sprout high chair has adjustable height features and has 3 levels of tool-feel high. Discussing the build quality of this chair.

So oxo, Tot sprout high chair is made up of high-quality wood. The frame is made up of stainless steel and the seat has memory foam which provides ultimate sitting experience.

Now discussing the size of this chair, Measured dimensions of this chair are 18.8 x 23.2 x 37 inches. Due to the heavy construction, this chair is a bit heavy. This durable chair is extremely good. 

Key Features;

  • Have so many unique features
  • Memory foam placed on the seat
  • Ideal size
  • Detailed construction

2. Winco, CHH-101 Unassembled Wooden High Chair

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On the 2nd we have this Winco wooden high chair. Starting from the size of this high chair. Dimensions of the Winco high chair are 20.1 x 19.4 x 29.2 inches.

The Winco high chair is one of the best chairs for kids because the weight of this chair is super light in weight. The weight is around 3 pounds. According to the physical characteristics, this chair is travel-friendly.

In the making of this chair, the material which is used is rubberwood. Due to this rubber build… Moving on the features, This Winco chair has 2 safety straps and adjustable height features.

The price of the chair is also very justified and affordable. This is our budget pick. 

Key Features;

  • Adjustable height
  • Strap for safety purpose
  • BUdget-friendly

1. Abiie, Beyond Wooden High Chair With Tray

Wooden High Chairs

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On the top of the list, we have this Abiie, Beyond wooden chair. We rank this chair on the top because this chair has so many unique and useful features. First of all this chair has very detailed build quality.

The wooden chair is very durable. Material which is used is Rubberwood. Due to the detail and heavy construction, this chair can support weight up to 60 lbs.

In this chair, you will find all the basic features and some advanced features. With the set price tag, this chair is justified. Abiie wooden chair has Adjustable strap for safety and has memory foam in the seat.

Key Features;

  • Heavy build quality
  • Support up to 60lbs

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A Complete Buyer’s Guide for Wooden High Chairs

these are some things you should check before buying…


Before buying any High wooden chair you just need to check the construction and the build quality of this product because there are so many chairs that will not offer you great build quality.

If the build quality is not good so you are not able to use it for long, durability always matters. 


You’re spending so much money on the high chairs so before buying any of the high wooden chairs make sure your chair has some advanced features such as Anti-skid, AdjustableStraps, memory foam seat and many others.

Good Size and Sitting Capacity

Before buying any product make sure that the size of the chair is ideal. Space-friendly size is always loved by all customers.

FAQs – Best Wooden High Chairs

Are Wooden High Chairs Safe?

The Answer to this question is yes. These wooden chairs are very safe. There are some safety features. All wooden chairs have Adjustable strap and Anti-skid rubber on the bottom.

Also, the build quality of these chairs is very good. They are made up of pure wood and able to support up to 60 lbs weight. 

How Long Do Babies Use High Chairs?

These babies’ high chairs last for long-lasting use. But once your kid can sit consistently without falling so you should stop using this high chair. And now should move to a booster seat.


So we have reviewed so many babies’ high chairs. These high chairs are very ideal. From the size to the build quality everything in this product is just perfect.

All the mentioned products are tested in a very good manner. The ranking of the products is not random. We hope that you get all the information about these. Now it’s your turn to buy any product from our list.

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