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Here we have reviewed the DULLA M50000 Portable Power Bank!

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DULLA M50000 is an extra ordinary power bank and is very well reputed due to its high quality and performance. This strong and 12000mAh power beast is the best thing that you’ll find in the market as it has the power to charge your iPhone, almost 5 times which means your iPhones battery can last for almost a week. Isn’t it incredible that now you can play your games with worrying about your battery getting drained?

Yes, the DULLA M50000 is a genius power bank and provides 30 hours of more playing time!

The other best part of this power bank is that is beauty with brains, it is intelligent and knows when and how to protect you from charging accidents such that over-charging, over-heating, short circuits and all other situations which can damage your phone or you. 

The design of this power bank is also perfect to fit in your front pocket, it is ultra- thin and compact in design which gives it a beautiful and decent look, all at the same time. 

t is a super- fast charger and is 4 times more faster than all other standard power banks, you can charge your devices up to 75% within a few minutes.

It is half the weight of a normal Power Bank and it comprises of lithium battery that makes it completely safe to use during your long flights or adventure tour etc.DULLA M50000 is one of its kind and it comprises of the best features that anyone would want in a power bank.

Apart from its sleek design and outstanding features, the M50000 comes with 30-days money-back guarantee and 18-months product warranty as well as professional customer service.

Here are a few Pros and Cons of the DULLA M5000, we hope you’ll make a wise choice!

However, if you are seeking for one reliable power bank which you can take and rely on during your long flights then this low in budget and high in quality & performance DULLA M50000 is worth your money and trust!

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