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Computers are a basic need nowadays and almost everyone now owns a computer. Whether you are a computer geek or an enthusiastic gamer, the major issue that everyone of you is scared of is that of your PC slowing down and getting all heat up.

On the other hand we all are well aware of the fact that technology has grown to a whole new level and there are devices and gadgets being invented on daily basis, there is solution to almost every problem now and same is the case for computers, power supply units are those devices which are here to resolve the issue of you PC, slowing down.

There are a number of power supplies in the market now and it becomes difficult to choose the best suitable one.

The EVGA Super Nova 850 is one of the top rated power supplies available in the market and no one can compete its uncompromising capacity and numerous features that it provides.


The Super Nova 850 has never failed to impress its customers and there are thousands of happy and satisfied users out there who recommend this perfect power supply unit.

This unit comes with 80PLUS Platinum certified high efficiency and a 140mm fan which produces optimal air flow that the system needs to get cooled down.

Another plus point of it is that the fan is really quiet and there is no noise of the unit itself, so that you can use your PC in a noise free environment.

Another feature in which this power supply excels is that of it reliability and durability, this unit possesses high quality Japanese brand capacitors that ensure long term performance without losing quality.

Here are a few Pros and Cons of the EVGA Super Nova which will give you a much more detailed overview of what this product actually is

  • 140mm high efficiency fan which is very quiet
  • High quality Japanese capacitors
  • Heavy duty protection

The Super Nova power supply is going to be the best thing that you will buy this year as it possesses almost all those qualities and features that you want in a perfect power supply unit.

It comes with the best ripple suppression that you will ever see and not only this, in, fact it comes with an excellent and strong built with amazing cable management.

It surprising to see a high-quality power supply which comes, in a really low price, yes! the EVGA Super Nova is extremely low in price too. Isn’t it all so wonderful? So, if you want something that is worth the every penny that you spend on then the EVGA Super Nova 850 is the perfect choice for you as it is high in quality, excellent in performance and low in budget.

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