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The Logitech H390 is the way out to all your online communication problems and among all of those issues, the major one is the voice issue either you can’t hear properly what the other person is saying or at times your microphone is giving you a hard time.

Now you don’t have to worry at all as the H390 headphones are here with super comfortable and padded headband and ear pads.

It is as amazing product with a lot of positive customer reviews till date. Not only the padded ear pads are a plus point of this product in fact it’s microphone is designed in such a way that it can be rotated anyway so that you can be at your maximum ease while communicating online.

The microphone of H390 has another amazing feature of cancelling the noise, in short, the microphone cuts away all the noise that is in the background and lets you enjoy your conversation without any disruption.

You can also adjust your volume or even mute the microphone just by pressing the button that is totally in your control.


The headphones are really easy to use, you have to plug in the USB and here the journey to a smooth and clear conversation begins!

Let’s have a look at some pros and cons of the H390 and see if it suits your requirements!

  • The ear pads and the headband are padded which makes it comfortable to use.
  • Its microphone, cuts down the noises from the background so that you can have a smooth and clear conversation.
  • It has the advanced digital USB system, just plug in the USB and enjoy the chat!
  • The head band is a little tight and there is nothing to adjust it as per the requirement.

There are many amazing features that make the H390 a Top Rated headphone but like all other products, it also has a drawback that has been reported by many users and that is related to the non-adjustable and tight headband.


But if we look towards the pros and options that are available in this head set then it surely is something that you would want. It is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10 and Mac OS X. So, here we actually do have a lot of options and it covers almost all the Windows.

Another plus point of the Logitech Headset H390 is that it is totally affordable and among all the other headsets, this one is known to be less expensive and high in quality.

The customer reviews of the product are almost very positive and people had an excellent experience of it. So, if you are looking for something that can give you an excellent online conversation experience without any disturbance then the Headset H390 is actually worth your money!

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