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Muk Luks Men’s Andy SlippersMuk Luks Men’s Andy Slippers

Here we have shared an amazing review on Muk Luks Men’s Andy Slippers.

I am sure you would love to read our updated guide in 2020.

This Muk Luks Men’s Andy Slipper is available in the grey/taupe shade or you can have it in the light grey colour.

Before we start off with our review details, let us talk about the importance of slippers at a general level.

For our everyday tasks and routine basis, we mostly remain comfortable in the slippers.

It is true that one cannot spend his entire and whole day in boots, joggers or in the formal shoes, these slippers can really give you a heaven kind of relaxation and comfort.

Your feet need an equal amount of breathing, they need air to breathe, it is important for your feet to let air pass through them.

For these basic needs, slippers are made.

Now comes the complete review on these Muk Luks Men’s Andy Slippers, if your current slip-on shoes are not in their right condition then try these slippers.

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A Complete Review On Muk Luks Men’s Andy Slippers

Muk Luks Men’s Andy SlippersMuk Luks Men’s Andy Slippers

Features Of Muk Luks Men’s Andy Slippers:

  • These slippers are made of 100% textile fabric, it means you can hand wash them as well. The pure textile fabric is used in their making phase and it is this textile fabric which will keep these slippers durable.
  • They have their front side and back sides all open, a complete breathing and air circulation experience will be given to your feet. These slippers are made by keeping in mind the relaxation point of view. For your indoor and outdoor jobs, these shoes can be used by you.
  • Like if are walking in any corner or area of your home, if you are in your lawn or garden area, if you are out to the market to grab grocery items, then such a slipper has to be worn. They will keep your feet free from having any swelling.
  • We have seen many slippers which at times damage the toes part of your feet or hurt your fingers or thumbnails. It is because of the textile fabric induction that your feet will keep themselves in a great condition. You will not get a feel as if you have worn some hard material slip-on shoes because this fabric will give you cloth-like feeling to your feet.
  • The presence of an imported design makes these Muk Luks Men’s Andy Slippers more popular, though the design is quite simple and sleek, still, these shoes carry an edge and grace in them.
  • The sole of this shoe is made of rubber, no matter your walk for an extensive number of hours, these slippers will not wear or tear and their sole part will remain durable.
  • These slippers need hand washing and air drying, you can hand wash them simply by using a cold water, use a mild soap and then give them an air dry. It is suggested that the individual should not use hot water at any cost while cleaning and washing these slippers. The original shape of your slip-on shoes will destroy completely if you will wash them under hot water.
  • Just use a mild soap and there is no need to use harsh and chemical-based detergents for washing them. Lastly, for their drying time, there is no need to use a spinner and air dry them seamlessly.

Why You Should Choose Muk Luks Men’s Andy Slippers?

  • Its textile fabric carries hygroscopic properties and it is also encompassed with the antibacterial ability. These slippers are completely breathable, hygroscopic and they have the ability to keep your feet all day. These shoes prevent any sort of bacterial growth on your feet.
  • Its rubber sole is waterproof on a genuine basis, as a high-quality rubber material is used, that is why a high ductility experience will be offered by these rubber soles. This rubber sole is lined and installed at the bottom part of these slippers so that friction can get increased and the user may not face any skidding experience.
  • These are non-skid slippers and the inner material of these slippers is composed of a memory form. It is because of this memory foam and textile fabric induction that these slippers will get fit on your feet in an excellent way.
  • You will not feel any fatigue, tiredness or state of exhaustion while wearing these slippers. These are exceptional super-soft, extensively comfortable slippers which are suitable for your bedrooms, living rooms.
  • In any season, you can wear these slip-on shoes as they are made exclusively for all four seasons.


  • 100% Textile
  • Rubber sole
  • Hand washable.
  • Air can flow through it.
  • More efficient.
  • Slightly durable.


  • Slightly expensive.
  • They are available in a few shades.

So right now decide that whether you will buy these Muk Luks Men’s Andy Slippers or not! If you plan to buy these slip-on shoes then share your experience too. Slippers are a necessary item for all of us and our days will be incomplete and remain filled with tiredness and exhaustion if we will not wear them up.

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