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Here we have shared an amazing review on Old Friend Men’s Step In Open Toe Slippers.

I am sure you would love to read our updated guide in 2018.

Be it the buying time of your slippers, make sure that you choose an exceptional design and style for them.

Though while buying them up, comfort has to be your top priority, at the same time, your slip-on shoes and routine based slippers have to look stylish, trendy and comfy enough.

Here is the review for you on Old Friend Men’s Step-In Open-Toe Slippers. By looking at the image of these slippers, we can say that their overall design looks ultra-flawless and appealing.

Such a fine design and stitching induction are present in them, we have collected more details for the individuals about these slippers.

Do read the details on Old Friend Men’s Step-In Open-Toe Slippers and if you buy them, share your A to Z experience on this page source:

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A Complete Review On Old Friend Men’s Step In Open Toe Slippers

Features Of Old Friend Men’s Step In Open Toe Slippers:

  • These open-toe slippers are made of leather material, these slippers somewhat come in the semi-formal category shoe line. A classy design presence is first seen and observed in these shoes, their backside is closed and their front side has open toes. These slippers can be fused with the traditional wear or western wear outfits.
  • For summer or winter time, these open-toe shoes can be worn. As they are made of leather and their lining is made of 100% sheepskin, that is why it is suggested to wear these shoes for winter and cold times.
  • An imported design and moreover the induction of a rubber sole makes these leather shoes the top favourite among men. The presence of 100% sheepskin lining will keep your feet warm, now during the harsh cold season time, you do not have to wear long boots. The upper portion of these shoes is made of leather, the inside portion is composed of sheepskin lining and there is a velcro closure present on it so that proper fitting can be given.
  • It is because of their adjustable closure upper that you can completely open up these shoes so that a proper fitting and complete adjustment can be carried out. Even if you have a narrow and wide in size feet, these slippers will fit right and correctly on you.
  • These shoes are developed primarily for those individuals who have sensitive feet. And moreover, those people who have sore feet, these are the ideal open-toe shoes for them.
  • These super comfortable and relaxing slippers will disappear all of your day’s deadlines and also stress. You will get breathable cushioning experiences and all warmth all because of the open-toe design, sheepskin lining. And also because of the rubber outsole, you can walk and run as many steps as you can in a relaxed and comfortable manner.

Why Buy the Old Friend Men’s Step In Open Toe Slippers?

  • These Old Friend Men’s Step-In Open-Toe Slippers offer a complete support to your feet and toes. You will experience an anatomical kind of arch support because of the cushioning heel pad attached to it. While you will walk for hours and hours, your feet and your toes, they will remain extremely comfortable.
  • The element of comfort is delivered and enhanced by these open-toes shoes, your foot pain will get alleviated while you will wear these shoes. An easy gait and walking time are delivered on a continuous basis by these shoes, it is because of their cushion system and lightweight sole that comfort gets added to your steps.
  • These slippers have a biomechanically engineered design so that all stress and pain can be alleviated on time. You will feel no pain on your joints, knees, toes and feet. These shoes can easily facilitate your foot motion and you will notice an enhanced stability and balance in your body.
  • Now you can walk comfortably and in a pain-free way with the help of these slippers. They have a non-binding design or you can say that these shoes carry an extra depth design in them. It is their soft and non-binding upper which can give an extra depth experience to the individual. You will feel no pressure on your bunions or on your hammer toes because of the wide toe box.
  • Its interior lining is all soft and seam-free, as the sheepskin lining is present which is further padded with a foam, that is why the individual will not feel any sort of pressure on his joint points.
  • You will get a superior comfort and as well as complete protection if you have sensitive feet. So get an overall great experience and walking time by putting on these open-toe shoes.


  • Leather made.
  • Imported design.
  • Rubber sole
  • 100% sheepskin lining.
  • Air can flow through the front area.


  • They are limited in stock.
  • They don’t fully protect the foot.

As the complete review and all features about these Old Friend, Men’s Step-In Open-Toe Slippers are shared. Now we are waiting for your review when you will also try these open-toe shoes.

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