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by Ammar/ April 22, 2017/ Electronics, Movie & TV, Product Reviews/


Panasonic products have always been ruling the market no matter what and they always provide the best product and quality.

The Panasonic RPDJS400R headset is the way out to all your online communication problems and among all of those issues, the major one is the voice issue either you can’t hear properly what the other person is saying or at times your microphone is giving you a hard time but now you don’t have to worry at all.

The Panasonic headphones are one of their kind and they are super comfortable, this headset comes with padded headband and ear pads which will take you to a whole new exciting level of gaming and online conversations.


It is one amazing product with a lot of positive customer reviews till date, there are a thousand of users of Panasonic headphones and surprisingly they all are highly satisfied with the quality and performance of the RPDJS400R.

The microphone of the Panasonic headset is also amazing in all the possible ways. You can also adjust your volume or even mute the microphone just by pressing the button that is totally in your control.

Isn’t it all just amazing? These headphones are really easy to use, it’s all about plug and play and here you go with an amazing headset experience like never before.

Let’s have a look at some pros and cons of the Panasonic RPDJS400R and see if it suits your requirements!

  • Comfortable in use due to the padded headband and ear pads
  • Single sided monitoring system
  • Great sound quality

There are many amazing features that make the Panasonic headset, a top rated headphone pair but like all other products, it also has a drawback that has been reported by many users and that is related to its durability. But if we look towards the pros and options that are available in this headset then it surely is something that you would want. It has hard hitting bass and better highs as well.

It comes with free-style monitoring with swivel mechanism and it has a 3.9 ft long cord, which make this headset easier and more convenient for outdoor use. Another plus point of the Panasonic headphones is that these are totally affordable and among all the other headsets, these are known to be less expensive and high in quality.

The customer reviews of the product are almost very positive and people had an excellent experience with it. So, if you are looking for something that can give you an excellent online conversation experience without any disturbance then the Panasonic RPDJS400R is actually worth your money and your trust.

Not only this, in fact, every one of us want to buy a product that is worth the every penny that they spend and in case of this amazing headset, you don’t have to worry about that too as it actually is worthy of your money. You surely won’t be disappointed in any way and it might turn out to be the best headset choice you will make this year!

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