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Skating is the oldest game and no matter how many professional players are out there who have years of experience, yet they need some sort of protection gear or helmet that can keep them safe from severe injuries.

Skating is more common in kids and youngsters nowadays and we all know how sensitive they are to injuries and sometimes these injuries can cost a life, so we always need to be careful with the best kind of protection.

Choosing a skate helmet needs a lot of research and care, you need to be careful of the material and the quality of the helmet so that in a case of some severe bump or fall, you can stay safe and the helmet can protect you.

The Punisher Jinx Helmet is all new and innovative, it is both, beauty and brains and you will experience a much stronger and reliable skating helmet experience like never before.


This series of Punisher has all those desirable qualities and features that you would look for in a perfect skateboard helmet. It comes with ABS plastic outer shell which makes it extremely strong and tough in fact the design of this helmet is decent, beautiful and unique in its own way.

It possesses 11 Vents to allow direct airflow to keep you calm and cool during high-intensity skating. This helmet CPSC certification which makes it completely safe to use and you no longer have to question its strength and reliability.

Not only this, but it also has an EPS foam in the interior which ensures much more protection and comfort.

The chin straps of this amazing helmet are made up of nylon so that the straps do not irritate you while you have buckled it up. It possesses the twist lock adjustment mechanism which makes it very easy to open in case you are in a hurry or something has gone wrong.

Here are a few Pros and Cons to the Punisher Jinx Series helmet which will give you a much more detailed overview of what this product actually is

  • Comfortable to wear with a plastic ABS protective shell
  • It is certified to CPSC standards so yes it is totally safe to use
  • Adjustable straps and a perfect fit
  • A little big and bulky in size

Like all other products in the market, this one also comes with a flaw and that is one its size but the qualities and features that this helmet possesses are excellent.

It is extremely light in weight and it will give you a whole new comfortable level once you wear it while skating.

The users are highly satisfied till date and they have recommended it due to its quality and excellence in performance. So, if you are looking for a helmet that is worth every penny that you spend then yes the Punisher Jinx Helmet is what you need to get right now!

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