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The most desirable feature that a gamer wishes for in a headset is an excellent voice quality that will help him get lost in the game completely and give him a whole new gaming experience like never before.

There are times when we turn on the music and the high and clear volume actually excites us and makes us party well same is the case with gamers, they get excited and enjoy much more when they can hear every single move of their game with great quality.

The Razer Kraken Pro V2 is something that will give you wonders when it comes to quality and comfort. It is a much-updated version of Razer which has all those outstanding features to meet the demands of computer geeks, sports athletes or top gamers.

It will give you a perfectly balanced team communication and in game audio, rich in sound and comfortable to wear!


It is unique and design and the all new uni body aluminum frame gives it a very sleek and delicate look which will go for all kinds of people either professional or simply gamers. It is durable and it ensures a whole new level of excellent sound quality.

One of the basic drawbacks in mostly headset is that their ear pads are not comfortable and are so irritating at times that they can cause rashes but with this amazing and one of its kind Razer Kraken, you no longer have to wear those uncomfortable headsets as this one comes with highly comfortable and interchangeable ear pads that will make you feel light and overall you won’t feel any much of the weight on your head.

Here are a few Pros and Cons to this new and updated version of Razer which will help you in deciding in a much more better way .

  • Great sound quality and vocal quality also comes with excellence.
  • East to connect and can support all the play stations
  • Comfortable to wear and light in weight
  • You need to dull the bass if you want a great sound quality.

Overall this headset comes with some irresistible feature and best ergonomics that are worth appreciation. The issue of the bass can be neglected only if we look on the positive elements that this headset provide.

The customer reviews are great In all ways and the users are highly satisfied by this new innovation of RAZER. Great sound quality and comfortable in design, this is all that a gamer would wish for.

So, if you want some headset which is affordable in price and good in quality then the RAZER Kraken Pro V2 is worth your money and your trust, you surely won’t be disappointed!

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