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Whether you are a computer geek or an enthusiastic gamer, you are always going to get annoyed by a slow and heated up PC but now you no longer have to worry about that as technology has now grown to a point where there is a solution to almost every problem in the world.

Same is the case here that the solution to a slow, stuck and heated up PC is a power supply unit.

A power supply can do wonders to your computer, it’s basic function is to keep the system cooled down and to provide energy to the PC for it to function smoothly!

The Sentey HS Xplusis one of the best power supplies that you will find in the market. It has all those desirable features that anyone will look for in a perfect power supply unit.


The HS Xplus is an all-rounder when it comes to its performance. Not only its performance is exceptional, in fact, the design and structure of it is also worth appreciation.

It possesses a unique and functional design that combines modern aesthetics with the power of a high-end product, it comes with a scratch resistant coating to provide a pleasing aesthetic.

This unit comes with a 140mm Sleeve Bearing fan which is excellent in performance, it adjusts itself according to the PC and provides the amount of air flow that your PC needs, not only this, in fact, this fan is quiet and produces very less sound as compared to the other power supplies.

Another amazing quality that this unit possesses is that it comes with full protection, the Senty HS Xplus has multiple safeguards for voltage protection over and under voltage situations etc, it automatically shuts itself down when there is any bit of a warning sign by the PC or unit itself

Here are a few Pros and Cons to the Sentey HS Xplus which will give you a much detailed overview of what this product actually is

  • Scratch resistant coating which gives it a perfect look for a longer time period
  • Multiple safeguards are available in this unit
  • Excellent air flow by the 140mm fan
  • The cables are a little short in length

The flaw of short length cables in this unit is of very little value as the other positive and unique features that this power supply possesses are hardly available in the market.

So, this high in quality, excellent in performance and numerous in features power supply unit is what you need to buy right now as it won’t disappoint you in any way.

Unlike the other units, the Sentey HS Xplus is low in budget too even with so many excellent options and features, all these things make the Sentey HS Xplus a great choice for a wonderful experience of gaming!

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