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Here we have shared an amazing review of the Sorel Men’s Manawan Slippers.

I am sure you would love to read our updated guide in 2019.

If you are still looking for good quality slippers then you can try out these Sorel Men’s Manawan Slippers. It is in the bark, mars, and kettle colour shades that these slippers are currently available online.

Just the leather material is used in the making process of them, you will see the presence of 100% leather material and nothing else at all.

The genuine leather presence is the top selling point of these slippers. We are sure that you must have never seen slippers which are designed and styled by using leather.

But here is a proof for you! The imported design and rubber sole, comfortable designing element, wool-blend faux-fur kind of lining- all these elements make this product a comfortable looking bootie.

Let us explore more of the details of these Sorel Men’s Manawan Slipper and read all the details from A to Z:

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A Complete Review On Sorel Men’s Manawan Slippers

Features of Sorel Men’s Manawan Slippers:

  • This is a whipstitched sort of moccasin toe which has a removable EVA insole and a debossed logo. It has a suede upper and too soft and a thick lining present on it, these slipper shoes will try to keep your feet all relaxed and warm enough.
  • You will enjoy the most relaxing days and times by wearing this moccasin toe. It is this natural rubber sole which shall keep your feet all covered if you want to make some quick trips outside.
  • Sorel has again made a come back by launching and making these slipper moccasin shoes which are packed with cold-weather craftsmanship elements. It is their soft suede and the presence of a fleecy lining that a maximum breathability and warmth shall be given to you on a combine note.
  • These are the recommended Manawan slippers for the chilly days and times. Their rubber sole will guarantee a warm and cosy experience if you are going out for some outdoor activity during chilly and winter time days.
  • It is their high back heel which will keep these slippers to remain in a snug and embracing the position on your feet. You will not worry about the sliding out problem because these shoes will keep your feet and yourself all intact. You will never slip-out while climbing up the stairs or climbing down stairs.
  • These slippers are a name of cushioned comfort, the delivery of extraordinary comfort is possible because of the high-density memory foam installed on this moccasin shoe. They have a supportive midsole so that these shoes can absorb shock every single time.
  • The phenomenon of diffusing underfoot pressure, it is also presented by this moccasin shoe. These are great looking house shoes which can treat and keep your feet secure. An excellent fitting and adjustment are offered because of the memory foam insole and too micro suede upper present in these slippers.

Why Buy the Sorel Men’s Manawan Slippers?

  • These are quite stylish looking booties, they are designed according to the modern aesthetic trends. There is this debossed logo which is made with the help of hand-stitched embroidery. These are the classic slippers which are added with the wool-blend faux-fur lining part as well.
  • These shoes are packed with the extremely exquisite and refined detail, the style and design of these shoes are not sacrificed at all and the person will enjoy an all-time comfort.
  • As these shoes are made for indoor, outdoor times, that is why they are installed with waterproof properties and also anti-slip properties. The rubber sole successfully makes these shoe slip-resistant.
  • A safe and secure footing experience is delivered if you are walking on the indoor and outdoor surfaces. These slippers are a perfect and 100% appropriate choice if you want to walk to your bedroom, or outside from your house, or you want to fetch a morning mail or you want to water the lawn.
  • These are adventure ready shoes which shall give you a warm and cosy time for 24 hours. These shoes are not made for the specific times, in fact, while taking a walk in your courtyard or lounging in your couch, walking with your dog- it is for all of these routine times that you can wear Manawan Slippers.
  • They are economical booties, they are no doubt pocket-friendly and a great gift item. Do not think for a second and present these shoes to your dad or brother.


  • 100% Leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Comfort bootie slipper.
  • Wool-blend faux-fur lining.
  • Debossed logo.
  • Very warm.
  • More efficient.


Try these Sorel Men’s Manawan Slippers as we have given you a detailed review to you about them. If you have preferred some other slipper types then share your reviews about them. We know that some exclusive and extended variety of slipper and moccasin shoes have arrived in the market. Now you decide that whether these slippers will be added in your shopping cart or some other moccasin shoe!

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