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The Sound Intone CX-05 is all about perfection. It probably would be the best headphone choice that you will make this year.

The Intone headphones have never failed to impress their customers with their innovations and various features. And once again, the all new Sound Intone CX-05 has made wonders, the users till date are highly satisfied with its performance and quality.

The numerous features that this headset possess are one of its kind and no other headset can compete it in this matter. Starting with the design, the Intone CX-05 is professionally designed and it is mere perfection!

It has a compact structure and is ear casted by zinc alloy which makes it durable, corrosion resistant and more sturdy than ever!


The headset gives a wonderful sleek and decent look all at the same time and the fact that it is one of the best headphone pair cannot be denied.

This headset is foldable and the metal parts connected to it make it much stronger, so even if you fold it like 20,000 times even then it won’t be damaged.

The first priority of every person who wants to buy a headset is that of the comfort of wearing it.

The Intone CX-05 has super comfortable ear pads, the inner earmuffs are made up of protein leather and memory foam which makes it much easier for you to wear it for long durations without hurting you ears. Another amazing factor of this headset is that it has an omni-directional mic which also possesses the ability of noise cancellation.

You can now have a crystal clear chat without any kind of noise and interruption. There is an in line and easy to access remote which allows you to control the volume and other sound effects.

Here are a few pros and cons to the Intone CX-05 which will help you in making a better headset decision.

  • Compact in design and easy to carry
  • Highly Compatible
  • Great sound and vocal quality

Almost all the headphones have some kind of drawback to them and so does this one but what we need to look is that is the headset providing enough quality and features that are worth the money?

And when it comes to the Intone Cx-05 then the answer is positive! This headset has always been successful to meet the needs of their customers and they know what a person would want in a perfect headset.

High in quality, numerous in features, excellent in performance, attractive in style and compact in design, what else would someone wish for in a perfect headset?

Lastly, the Intone CX-05 possesses all those qualities that you have been looking for so if you are looking forward to a quality product that won’t ever disappoint you and above all, a pair of headphones which is low in budget and high in quality is just irresistible!

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