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Here we have shared an amazing review in soundpeats q800 wireless Bluetooth headphone.

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Soundpeats has come up with this comfortable and fun to use the product, it is Soundpeats Q800 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphone.

If you are relaxing or you are doing an exercise, then you can simply put on these Bluetooth headphones and get the entertainment from every single activity you are doing at that time.

It is available in a pink color option. Right now this product is not available and it is not known that when this Soundpeats Q800 will be back in the market.

These Bluetooth headphones have easy to control buttons which are present on the end section of the pieces.

It offers a long standby time as well as good bass and a crystal clear sound. These headphones are suitable and made for everyone.

You can use them simply while doing sports activities or you are phone calling your friend or you are relaxing.

While you are relaxing or you are exercising and you want to listen to some quality music then put up on some best quality stereo headphones is also important for you.

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A Step By Step Review On Soundpeats Q800

Usage Time and Battery Life of Soundpeats Q800 

The usage time of Soundpeats Q800 is quite long, its standby time is up to 3-hours and its play time is 10 hours which is pretty long.

Note down that its play time is dependent and varies accordingly to the volume level and also audio content.

The charging time of these headphones is 1 to 2 hours and it is because of the 180mAH battery capacity that these headphones can be used for a long duration time.

While you are not using these headphones, it is better to plug them up into your USB port.

Vibration Notification Feature of Soundpeats Q800 

The user of these headphones will not miss a call now because this wireless Bluetooth headphone is packed with a vibration notification feature.

When the call is going to come then this headphone connected to your phone will start to vibrate.

So even if you are present in a noisy environment or you are doing exercise in the gym, simply connect these headphones with your phone and never miss a call.

How much is the Weight of Soundpeats Q800?

This Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphone is elaborately and intricately designed. It is based on ergonomic design, these are super soft and super light headphones.

This product is made by using super-lightweight materials. Its weight is just 129 grams or you can say 4.58 ounces. You can comfortably wear these headphones any time you want to!

Its ear cups are included and packed with different size options. You can have these ear cups in a small size or in medium and large size options. You can interchange the size of these ear cups at any time you want to.

You will surprise to know that ear cups of these headphones will fit perfectly on you. You will get a snug feel along with the presence of a load amount of comfort. Even if you are on the treadmill or you are playing a tennis match, these ear cups will perform in an exceptional way.

EZ-lock Design of Soundpeats Q800

This product has a magnetic sort of EZ-lock design which will make it convenient for you to carry and use it any time. This magnetic EZ-lock design will keep the earpieces stick and be with the neckband. No cord and wire will dangle or mess up around your neck.

Its band is made of a lightweight as well as flexible material so that the band remains in its shape over the time. It is due to the memory alloy material that band will be given plenty amount of leeway and you shall get a lot of comforts while you are walking or exercising.

Sweatproof Property of Soundpeats Q800

Moreover, its earbuds are equipped and covered with a Liquipel Nanocoating so that you can easily withstand all sorts of sweaty workouts. These headphones can also survive and all tolerate accidental dropping right into the water.

We know that Soundpeats has always come out as a leader when it comes to the making of affordable Bluetooth headphones.

It is one of the popular brands in this headset market for a couple number of years now. Now we have their latest release in front of them and its EZ-lock design and sweatproof properties are one of the prominent features of it.

There are wealthy and plenty number of fantastic features present in this Bluetooth Stereo Headphone as core user functional elements are installed in it. It is both for these active listeners and casual listeners that this product is made! These headphones offer a full and complete wireless flexibility, the user does not have to worry about cables or cords.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of these headphones is pretty exceptional. Though it is attached to an inexpensive price tag, still you will be offered with an exceptional sound quality experience. Its sound quality is tested and approved for a good number of 12 hours. Just a crystal clear, a top quality sound is delivered by this headphone.

Soundpeats Q800 is Fully Wireless

  • It is because of the latest and advanced Bluetooth 4.1 +EDR version that this Soundpeats Q800 has become fully wireless. The user will get a wireless freedom up to 10 meters of range.
  • Upon using a CSR8645 Bluetooth chip, you will get a fantastic and high sound quality so that it can be used in a wireless version.

Compatibility of Soundpeats Q800

All of the smartphones and Android phones which are compatible with the feature of Bluetooth, then those phones can also remain compatible with Q800 Headset as well.

Its configuration process is quiet and fairly similar to most of the smartphones.

You can set up and operate the Bluetooth functioning easily, you only need to charge this headset of yours and then this Bluetooth feature will start to work.

When you will press the power button which is present on the headset, then you will be able to see a blinking kind of blue-red light, this light is an indication that Bluetooth is turned on.


  • Made of lightweight materials.
  • Sweat-proof properties.
  • Magnetic EZ-lock design.
  • Easy-to-control buttons.
  • Soft texture.


Final Words!!

There are more reviews yet to come in the category of stereo headphones so stay tuned with us. Right now you can try using this Soundpeats Q800 and share your feedback on this web platform.

Share your honest review and tell us your usage and complete experience if you happen to buy these Soundpeats Q800 headphones.

Now, it’s your turn to check the Soundpeats Q800 and let us know your thoughts and reviews regarding the product in the comments below!

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