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Here we have shared an amazing review on Star Wars Slippers.

I am sure you would love to read our updated guide in 2018.

If you are a fan of Star Wars then try out these Bioworld Star Wars Chewbacca Men’s Plush Slippers.

They are featured and have the presence of Chewbacca face on them, no doubt that these are super-cute looking slippers.

Both men and women can wear them, these shoes can be the best and greatest gift item which you can give to your friends.

And the best part is that if your friend or buddy is the fan of Star Wars then he or she will triple love these slippers.

The induction of the cutest looking face on these shoes, this is the adorable thing about them. As these are the furry looking slippers, so that is why your feet will remain warm enough.

The design of these shoes is extremely simple and sleek in its terms, at the same time, they look extremely appealing and catchy.

Below we have written down more features of these Bioworld Star Wars Chewbacca Men’s Plush Slippers:

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A Complete Review On Star Wars Slippers

Features Of Star Wars Slippers:

  • These are quite warm and furry looking routine based slippers, they are officially licensed by the Star Wars. If you really want to tell the world that how great you are the fan of Star Wars then put on these slippers.
  • These reviewed furry slippers are available in a medium size right now, for women, the medium size range is 10-11 and for men, their medium size range and option is 8-9. It is in the brown colour that you can have them, their front side is completely covered and surrounded with fur. And the back side of these slippers is open.
  • 12 x 9 x 8 inches is the product dimensions, these are 100% man-made shoes. These slippers will not ever scratch, they shall not wear or tear and continue to serve you for many years.
  • After spending a 10 hour day right at your office, it is quite self-explanatory that your feet and toes need utmost and complete breathing and relaxation. These furry shoes can give you a continuous amount of relaxation. Even if you are in heels and uncomfortable long boots, then do keep a pair of such slippers in your bags, you never know when your feet start to get hurt. In these situations, the reviewed furry Star Wars slippers will help you out.
  • They are quite relaxing and soothing in their texture, you will feel all fur all around your feet. No hardness is encompassed by these slippers, only a warm and a cosy time will be given to you. These shoes have flat soles and you will feel as if your feet are bare. You will feel no burden or any added weight on your feet.

Why Choose the Star Wars Slippers?

  • These Bioworld Star Wars Chewbacca Men’s Plush Slippers are embossed with the cutest and extremely adorable looking design. Especially women and girls will love these slippers, it is their design which is the unique selling point of them.
  • If you could not think of a gift item for your buddy and at the same time, he is a huge fan of Star Wars then without thinking for a second, grab these slippers and wrap them up in a gift wrapper and take it along with you on your buddy birthday party,
  • It is the furry quality of these slippers which make them so famous. Bioworld has designed these slippers in the other Star Wars characters as well, we will update you sooner about those designs and styles as well.
  • It is also the warm aspect of these shoes which convince the individuals to buy these shoes for themselves. No cold can enter into them, just the cosy feeling and warm time will be given to you.
  • If you have a joyful personality then these exciting looking shoes will compliment you a lot. These shoes get exactly matched up with the personalities of those individuals who remain to stay joyful and exciting in their lives.
  • So these plus slippers are waiting for you that when you will add them in the cart! These are economical shoes and will not empty your wallet at any cost. If you love these slippers then you will equally love the rest of the designs attached to this shoe version too.


  • It is featured with a Chewbacca face.
  • Very eye-catching.
  • A great gift.
  • Very warm.
  • Furry.


As we have given you the glimpse on these Bioworld Star Wars Chewbacca Men’s Plush Slippers, now come up on the final decision that whether you want to buy these cutest looking slippers or not! To all Star Wars fans out there, these shoes are a great launch for them. There are many other designs of different Star Wars characters which are styled and manufactured by Bioworld. We will let you know about them too.

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