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Here we have shared an amazing review on Stoneware frypan.

I am sure you would love to read our updated review in 2018.

For all kitchen lovers, they always love to put up high-quality frying pans in their kitchens.

The quality and top trait which should be present in any best frying pan, it should have a non-stick coating.

Here we have Ozeri Stoneware frypan review for the readers, it is of 10 inches size and it is also 100 PFOA and APEO free.

It consists of a non-stick coating and available in the grey color. Let us have a look at the detailed review of this Stoneware frying pan.

A Complete Review on Stoneware Frypan

This frying pan basically and primarily utilizes a stone-derived kind of coating from Germany, it is due to the presence of this coating that this mentioned frying pan receives a non-stick perfection at its end.

It is 100% free of APEO and also PFOA, moreover, the lesser known chemicals which are NMP and NEP, they are not present in this frying pan coating material.

Features of Stoneware Frypan

  • l You can call it as an eco-friendly pan because it can successfully deliver an unprecedented and best of the non-stick performance, there is no risk of exposure involved while using this pan, You will not be exposed to any of the controversial and risky perfluorinated chemicals.
  • l It is featured with a hardened and scratch-resistant coating material, this frying pan is convenient to clean as well. The interior side of it is made of a durable and long-lasting heavy-gauge and die-cast aluminum material. It is too composed of a magnetized base so that instant and rapid amount of heat transfer process can be carried out.
  • l It is boasted and constitute of a silicone coated handle which is heat-resistant, this handle is comfortable to be used. This silicone coated handle is reinforced and attached to this frying pan through 3 solid rivets.

Why buy it?

  • l It is 100% APEO, PFOA-Free, it is one of the world’s leading frying pans which can deliver non-stick perfection and free of APEO and PFOA chemicals which are most of the time found in almost all traditional cookware items.
  • l This frying pan makes use of an inert kind of coating which is inspired by nature and this coating is mainly applied by using a water-based Sol-Gel Technique and this technique is free of potentially dangerous chemicals.
  • l This frying pan is comparatively more durable as compared to other frying pans. Its non-stick surface and scratch-resistant property let yo to saute and fry as well as bake, boil easily.
  • l Its construction material which is die-cast aluminum, it will allow you to have even cooking experience. Its magnetized bottom works well on all kinds of induction stove.


  • l Easy to clean.
  • l Scratch-resistant coating.
  • l Best non-stick performance.


Conclusion – Wrapping It Up

So we have given you the review on this Ozeri Stoneware frypan if you have tried other of the best frying pans as well then share your review. Rate this Ozeri Stoneware frypan too if you buy it! Let us make this cooking experience more enjoyable by getting the best and user-friendly frying pan.

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