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Computers are a basic need now a days, who doesn’t have a computer in their homes? Probably the people that live in the stone age. Computers are pretty important and they can provide you with all the benefits in the world. Although, there’s one thing that computer users hate the most in the world and that thing is slowing down. When a computer slows down or freezes at a point, it really annoys you. This is why we have power suppliers. Power suppliers keep your computers cool and prevent them from overheating which is why they are also useful for keeping your computer functioning for a long time.

There are many different kinds of power suppliers of different watts and modular activity but we help you choose the best suppliers that are affordable as well as easy to use. With our help, you don’t have to go on searching for the best product for your computer, you can save your time and read the following article to fulfill your needs. If you’re super into computers and games and stuff like that, you’ll find this article pretty interesting since every power supplier is mentioned with its specifications. So give it a read!

10. PC Power and Cooling Silencer Series 850 Watt (850W) 80+ Gold Semi Modular Active PFC Industrial Grade ATX PC Power Supply 7 Year Warranty PPCMK3S850

The PC Power and Cooling PPCMK3S850 is a high performing power designed specifically for DIY and Gaming Professionals. This product is or first class quality and reliability in power solution. Its 80 Plus Gold rated and delivers robust power through single 12V rail. Engineered with only premium components which includes Japanese 105°C Capacitors and heavy duty protection circuitries. This product maintains continuous 50°C for trouble free operations in any situation. The performance of this product is not only the whole story, the modular cable design of the product reduces clutter inside the chassis and the dual thermal cooling system allows the PSU to change between modes either silent or normalseamlessly. It is also ERP compliant for the power which is low in usage in standby or off mode.

The PC power and cooling of this product provides continuous 850W, 50°C of safe and reliable output for your computer systems. The 80 plus gold certified power supply provides high power efficiency of at least 87% at any load between 20% and 100%, saving your money on electric bill, reducing heat in your PC and prolonging its life.

The modular cable design allows use of only the cables you need for reduced system clutter and improved air flow. Metallic Modular connectors enables industrial grade durability and excellent conductivity. 140mm double ball bearing fan of this product varies RPM by load and temperature for whisper. Dual Thermal Control System which will allow seamless switch between Normal and silent Modes operation for optimized acoustics and thermal performance.

9. CORSAIR RMx Series, RM850x, 850W, Fully Modular Power Supply 80+ Gold Certified

Corsair RMx Series power supplies will give you highly intense voltage control, quiet operation, 100 percent efficiency and cable with a fully modular set. The product is built with all Japanese 105°C capacitors which are great choice for high performance computer systems where reliability is essential. 80 plus gold efficiency will reduce operating cost and excess heat flow. The Zero RPM fan mode in this product ensures virtual silence at low and medium loads. The fully Modular DC Cables in this product makes builds and upgrades easy with clean and great looking results.

The Gold certification of the product makes sure that in less excess heat and lower operating costs the product provides high efficiency for operations. And the premium internal components installed in the product makes sure that solid power is delivered and provides long time reliability for the product.

Since the fan installed in the product does not turn on until it’s needed the users will enjoy virtually silent operation at low and medium loads. This product comes with the warranty of 10 years that will last across several system builds.

8. CORSAIR HXi Series, HX1000i, 1000 Watt (1000W), Fully Modular Power Supply, 80 Plus Platinum Certified

HXi Series Power Supplies gives you the extremely tight voltage control, virtually silent operations, and a fully modular cable set. With all Japanese 105°C capacitors, they are a great choice for high performance computer systems where reliability is more essential. 80 plus platinum efficiency reduces operating cost and excess heat and together with zero RPM fan mode technology, this gives you silent operations.

With Corsair link digital support, the user will be able to monitor performance of power supply, the toggling of single rail or multi rail mode, and will be able to control fan speed directly from your desktop. And the fully modular low cable set installed in the product can make builds and upgrades much easy with cleaned and great looking results.

80 plus platinum efficiency and zero RPM fan mode mean that at low to medium loads the fans doesn’t turn on at all and when the load is pushed to hard the thermally controlled fan starts spinning and it only spins as fast as it needs to. But this is not all about this product it is quieter than most power supplies when the fan is not spinning too. The HXi is built with capacitors and other internal components are specially selected for the purpose of reducing coil whine and other electrical or electronic noises.

7. PC Power and Cooling ModXStream Pro Series 700 Watt (700W) 80 Plus Semi Modular Active PFC ATX PC Power Supply Performance Grade (OCZ700MXSP)

Fire Power ModXStream Pro 700W 80 Plus Semi Modular High Performance ATX Computer Power Supply 700MXSP, formerly Pc power and cool the ModXStream Pro Series is the superlative solution for driving todays gaming systems. This product is NVIDIA SLI certified to power dual graphics. Professional grade yet designed with gamers and Modder’s in mind, this power supply system is stable, robust, ports a sleek look and compact from factor. It is kept ultra-cool with a load controlled 135mm fan, the ModXStream was designed to run whisper quiet in your computer system.

The power supply is ready for your SLI or Crossfire configuration with 2 PCle connections. There are also 6 SATA, 4 Molex and 2 Floppy connectors so you load your system as you please. The four rail configuration balances the power output for the consistent performance. Keeping it cool is a 1354mm fan and an openwork grille on the back panel. With its 80 Plus certificate where less energy is dissipated as heat or interference will be delivering more and more power to your Hungry system.

This product is compatible with ATX 12V v2.2 and ESP12V standards, the OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ500MXSP will provide maximum power and stability to drive the latest and uniqueIntel and AMD processors as well as other computer components for desktop and server computer systems. A maximum power of 500Watt and a reliable output for high end gaming computer systems. Dual industry leading independent +12V rails are provided for more stable and safer power output.

6. EVGA Super NOVA 750 B1, 80 Plus BRONZE 750W, Semi Modular, 5 Year Warranty, Includes Free Power on Self Tester, Power Supply 110-B1-0750-VR

The EVGA Super NOVA 750 Power Supply is here with Bronze Rated Efficiency. This product is designed with enthusiast needs in mind due to which super NOVA series is the best choice to next generation which is enthusiast in latest computers. Combining 750W of continuous power with exceptional high performance, stunning efficiency and beautiful cutting edge designs and super features the super NOVA series power supplies are what you need to take your system to next level.

Modular cabling is installed to reduce clutter and to improve air flow. It designed in semi Modular way. This design which is semi modular will allow some cables to be removed from the power supply for the ease of installation and removal. You can also leave of unnecessary cables to reduce case clutter and maximize case airflow. Highest quality Japanese Nippon Chemi-Con solid state capacitors are installed in this product. You can get the most reliability and the greatest performance with the use of the highest possible quality Japanese solid state capacitors.

This product is also featured with double ball bearing fan. A high quality dual ball bearing fan gives super NOVA 750 B an excellent thermal and acoustic profile and the high reliability will ensure a long PSU life. 80 plus certification also ensures that your power supply is not wasting power and turning it into excess heat which will be lost. Under typical load this power supply is 90% efficient or higher.

5. EVGA 500 W1 80 Plus White 500 Watts (500W), 3 Year Warranty, Power Supply 100-W1-0500KR

When building on a budget, the EVGA 500W is a great choice at low cost. Supporting 40A on a single +12V rail provides more options without having to reduce the product’s requirements. You can save space with the 500 Watts compact design, well placed power switch and fully sleeved cables. The 500 Watts of this product offers the connections and protections which are needed for the basic system builds. With a standard three year warranty of this product and ultra-quiet fan design the 500 watts will be a great asset for your next build on a budget.

This products comes with the exceptionally three year warranty and unparalleled EVGA customer support. 80 Plus certified of this product provides with up to 80 % efficiency under typical loads. This is a product with high Ampere single rail design for the purpose of maximum power and efficiency. The quiet and intelligent auto fan for near silent operation is installed in this product. Heavy duty power protections in this product provides peace of mind during its operations.

You can trust EVGA to label all of your power supplies in continuous Power so that the steady power a PSU can generate continuously rather than the amount delivered at its short lived peak. A single 12-V rail in the product offers the best power output, rail stability and compatibility with the latest hardware. This product is an energy efficient product. See the difference with the top quality 80 plus certified power supply be EVGA to offer highly efficient, clean power to all products and devices. 

4. EVGA Super NOVA 850 G2, 80 Plus Gold 850 Watts (850W), Fully Modular, EVGA ECO Mode, 10 Year Warranty, Includes Free Power on Self Tester, Power Supply 220-G2-0850-XR

Users can unleash the next generation in power with EVGA Super NOVA 850 G2 Power supplies. Based on the award winning G2 Series Power supplies from EVGA these power supplies further feature 80 plus golf rated efficiency and clean and continuous power to every component of the power supply. The new ECO thermal control fan system of the product offers the fan modes to provide zero fan noise during low and medium load operations. This provides improved efficiency for longer operations of the users. Due to this amazing feature the user can is being provided with less power consumption, reduced energy costs and minimal heat dissipation.

Due to backing of 10 year warranty and amazing Japanese capacitor designing, the EVGA super NOVA 850 G2 is not only the right choice for any users systems bur it is also the best choice for users systems tomorrow.

80 plus gold certified product is capable with up to 90 % efficiency under typical amounts of loads. The superior double layer main transformer increases the power output of the product. This product is installed with an ECO friendly thermal control fan system which provides with zero fan noise when temperature is lower than 45°C. Highest quality Nippon Chemi-Con solid state capacitors ensures the long term reliability of the product. This is a fully modular device for the improvement of airflow and reduction of clutter. This product comes with the amazing 10 year warranty for the ease of the customers.

3. EVGA Super Nova 650 G1, 80 Plus Gold 650W, Fully Modular, 10 Year Warranty, Includes Free Power on Self Tester, Power Supply 120-G1-0650-XR

The EVGA Super NOVA 650 Power Supply is here for the users with the gold rated efficiency. This amazing product is designed with enthusiast needs in the mind. The super NOVA series are the best choice to power next generation enthusiast computers. Combining 650w of continuous power with exceptional performance, stunning efficiency and cutting edge design and many more amazing features, the super NOVA series power supplies are what any user would need to take his system to the next level.

All EVGA power supplies includes EVGA’s unparalleled customer support. This product features 80 plus certified with up to 90% efficiency under typical loads on the computer systems. Highest quality Japanese brand capacitors installed in the product ensure the long term reliability of the product for the ease of the user.

Fully Modular is installed in the device to reduce clutter and with the purpose of improving airflow system. This device features quiet fan for near silent operation of the user. High Ampere Multi rail system is designed in the product for maximum power and higher efficiency.

2. CORSAIR CXM Series CX550M 550W 80 Plus Bronze Haswell Ready ATX12V and EPS12V Modular Power Supply

This product is new name of Performance, Reliability and convenience of Modular cabling for basic system upgrade. CX Series Modular power supply units are an excellent choice for basic system builds and desktop PC Computer system upgrades. Which offers high reliability, low noise and the flexibility of modular cabling. 80 Plus Bronze certifies efficiency and clever fan design allows for little or no detectable design noise during normal operation which includes low and medium operations.

The modular cabling system allows users to see the only cables they need the most for their use. With this amazing feature if the product users can save space and can reduce clutter for a cleaner looking build and improved airflow. CX Series Modular is built and tested to strict standards for trouble free installation purposes and for smooth operating. Since the peripheral power cables are not hard wired to the power supply, users can connect the only cables they need for exact configuration of PCl-E cards and storage devices.

This product is known for its good looks. The looks of the product include matte black finish, black sleeved cables and black connectors which helps users it give their system a restrained and high-tech look. Every COSAIR power supply is designed by the California Engineering team according to the needs and demands of people round the globe.

Once you have installed a power supply you shouldn’t have to think about it. Employing a thermally control fans makes the CX series Modular quitter and idle, and the large diameter reduces noise even when you are pushing your system hard.

1. CORSAIR CX Series, CX750, 750 watt (750W) Power Supply, 80 Plus Bronze Certified

This is the best computer gaming power supply available in the market for the needs of the users. This product is an ideal choice for value conscious system builders and upgrades. CX Series power supply units are excellent choice for basic system builds and desktop PC Computer system upgrades. CX Series PSU’s are available in variety of power configurations, and include features that are normally found in products of premium power supplies. 80 plus Bronze certified efficiency and clever fan design allows for little or for no detectable noise during regular operations of the users.

CX Series is built and tested to strict standards for trouble free installation and smooth operating. Every Corsair power supply is designed by our CaliforniaEngineering team and built to our exact specifications. The same care that goes into design and testing of renowned high power enthusiast power supplies also goes into the CX series because you need confidence and reliability regardless of your budget.

Once you have installed a power supply you shouldn’t have to think about it. Employing a thermally control fans makes the CX series Modular quitter and idle, and the large diameter reduces noise even when you are pushing your system hard. The matte black finish, black sleeved cables and black connectors helps give your system a restrained and high tech looks. This product comes with the amazing warranty of 10 years.

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