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What is the one thing that everyone has in their house? It’s a toothbrush. Toothbrushes may seem like something people just randomly pick up at a store but its actually healthy to be picky about the kind of teeth brush you use. The best kind of tooth brushes are electronic tooth brushes. They make your teeth brush easier, especially when you wake up in the morning and you’re half asleep, you don’t have to struggle with brushing your teeth.

There are thousands of companies in the market that sell different kinds of tooth brushes but one of the famous names is Sonic. It has now become one of the well known names in electronic tooth brushes. While choosing a tooth brush you’re always concered about its different features and designs or even brush heads. Here is a list of top 10 best teeth brushes that are mentioned along with their specifications for you to make a wiser decision about which tooth brush is better for your personal use.

10. Sonic Edge Electric Toothbrushes

Sonic edge is one of those tooth brushes that help keep your teeth safe in many different ways. It will help you whiten your teeth and you will realize that every time you brush your teeth. It also helps prevent many teeth related diseases such as plaque.

The best part about this brush is that this can be used by anyone with any kind of tooth sensitivity. It has two modes, one is soft for people who cant brush their teeth too hard and one is the gentle mode for sensitive teeth, so you don’t have to worry about your gums being destroyed or any other such problem. Sonic edge has a super fancy design as well and it comes with four brush heads in case you ruin one or you have to share it with more than one person.

This tooth brush is made for families or friends who happen to live together. You can find this anywhere easily in an affordable price and since its so easy to use, I would recommend you to buy it without hesitation.

9. Sonicare Essence Electric Toothbrushes

Here we have this amazing tooth brush that holds many unique and startling features. One of these features allows us to brush each quadrant for 30 seconds, all you have to do is set a 2 minute timer to it so now all your teeth will be cleaned and you don’t have to worry about tooth decay or any such problems.

Your teeth will be fresh and new. This brush has a soft grip so that you can handle your brush easily. It also has a contoured brush head that reaches the hard-to-reach areas of your mouth.

Basically, this brush guarantees you a full clean mouth and fresh, whitened teeth that you can may be show off if you want. Soniccare essence is definitely the ideal brush for many people, not only because of its qualities but also because of its classy design, it can also be added as an accessory to your bathroom.

8. PurSonic High Speed Electric Toothbrushes

Pur Sonic High speed, as the name suggests is high speed with highly functioning features. This brush provides you with not only 2 or 4 or 6 but 12 brush heads! So this can be used by a big family or just for one person if he loses or ruins any one of his brush head or even if he/she is conscious about their brushes and need a change after every month, this is absolutely perfect for them.

It also features about 40,0000 brush strokes per minute when it is set to its highest power. Another astonishing feature this brush withholds is its multiple modes of brushing. This can be used by people who either like to use sensitive teeth brushes or those who need soft teeth brushes.

It also has a massage mode fo people with softer gum lines or people who have any problem with their teeth. This teeth brush is the full package. If you’re going on a long trip where you cant find teeth brushes, this might just be something you’d want to pack with you.

7. Sonicare HX3351 Electric Toothbrushes

There are many people who wear braces and have to brush their teeth more often than normal people. This brush is made for these people. Since it is gentle but effective, people who have braces on, can easily use it without damages their braces.

It has high velocity bristles that help you cover more area in a lesser time so if you’re in a hurry or something, you can rely on this brush to clean your teeth in no time. For doubling your comfort level, Soniccare HX3351 comes with a wider base, it is easier to handle and gives you optimal care. You can easily brush your teeth without any harm or damage.

6. Sonicare HX9382 Electric Toothbrushes

This brush right here will whiten your teeth up like no other brush! Many people prefer to buy this which is why this is a limited edition. This cleans your teeth 10 times better than any other brush so if you’re a conscious person who wants their teeth to shine all the time, this brush is for you. It doesn’t only whitens your teeth, it also removes plaque and 7 times better than other brushes which is why it is one of the leading Sonic brushes of all times.

Another feature that makes this brush so awesome is that it be charged for a couple of weeks so you don’t have to worry about charging your brush every night before going to sleep. One of its most famous and unique quality is that it has USB cables! How cool is that? Not all chares provide you with such an exquisite feature.

It also includes two heads. This brush is one of a kind so you shouldn’t hesitate while buying it, it will surely provide you with many benefits. Also, if you like the color black, you will find this brush rather interesting and in accordance with your personal taste.

5. Health HP Electric Toothbrushes

Health HP is the kind of brush you’d need for better health care of your teeth. This is so because of its different brush heads with different colors so every individual can differentiate the brush with their own colors. Except that, there are three different modes this brush works in, one is the regular mode, for people with no such teeth problems, one is the soft mode, for people who have a little less stronger teeth and then there’s the sensitive mode for people with sensitive teeth.

Its ultrawave technology produces 30,000 brush strokes each minute.  You can choose your mode according to the kind of teeth you have. There is further a timer mode in this brush that helps you adjust your time of when you have to brush your teeth and there is also an ato shut off present so if you forget to shut your brush down, it shuts down itself. This brush is perfect for people who are always in a hurry since it has a quick brushing mode that helps you brush your teeth as quickly as possible.

4. Phillips HX6921 Electric Toothbrushes

This teethbrush is different than any other teeth brush you’ve seen before. What makes it so different is not only the fact that is has a patented Sonic technology that produces upto 31,000 brush strokes but also the fact that it operates with five different modes. It has a clean gum mode that cleans your gums in the most comfortable way possible and in no time your gums will get healthier and stronger. This brush also removes plaque in the best possible way and its not only plaque but Gm inflammation and recession are also reduced.

This brush is basically a complete clean-mouth kit for you. It will take care your teeth and gums and prevent you from any kind of disease. For people who often have problems with their teeth, this brush is ideal for them.

3. Sonicare Flex Care Electric Toothbrushes

This sonic Flex care brush comes with multiple qualities. It’s a full package with many different qualities. This brush comes along with many different things that you might need if you’re leaving house for a few days. This is a true travelers brush. It is so because it comes with 2 handles, a sanitizer, a travel charger ad 2 diamond head brushes. This is like every travelers dream come true. It also has three modes including a sensitivity setting that you can adjust according to your level of sensitivity.

This brush provides you with a guarantee of having whiter teeth and a healthier gum line within one week. You will notice the difference yourself. This brush is a complete package for you. Don’t wait up and buy it before it runs out.

2. Phillips HX6511 Electric Toothbrushes

This brush is a little more technical than others due to its quality to handle maneuverability. It has a 2 minute timer along with it which provides you a notification after every 30 seconds.

This brush comes with three different brush modes. It also prevents from plaque after using it for two weeks only. You will notice the difference yourself once you start using it.

1. Phillips HX6510 Electric Toothbrushes

Our final, number 1 brush here is Phillips HX6510. This brush has been choosen as number 1 due to its extravagant features and ability to remove plaque 2 times more than any other brush. This brush is the whole package, it has a soft grip handle for maneuverability. It also has a contoured brush head that helps you reach all your teeth with ease. It comes with a case that holds a charger head as well. So if you’re into traveling, this brush is made for you! It also has a two minute smart timer function. This also has a sensitivity setting for people who cant use too powerful electronic brushes. This brush is perfect for many reasons so you wont regret buying it.

Phillips is the one company that provides you high quality products so that you can make a smarter choice. Depending on your personal taste and the way your teeth operate, you can choose your brush. These are affordable and you can easily find them. These top 10 were chosen to be the best after a lot of research so you wont regreat buyng any of these brushes if you choose to buy them. Make you decision wisely without compromising your health.

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