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Gamers nowadays are very sensitive about their gaming devices specially when it comes to computer cases and headphones, they just won’t compromise on quality and want the best product available in the market.

Same is the case here that the Turtle Beach Headsets always come with uncompromising quality, surprisingly these headsets have never failed to impress their users and the Turtle Beach always comes up with something new and innovative which can do wonders.

The Turtle Beach Ear Force Z22 comes with complete perfection and it might be the best headset choice you will make this year. The design of the Z22 is one of its kind and once you wear it, it tells a story of uniqueness and professionalism.


It gives a bulky, beautiful yet a functional look. Coming towards the features and qualities of this headset, well it is mere perfection and nothing else.

The Ear Force Z22 comes with treble boost and adjustable bass which will aid you a lot in having a real gaming experience, with this headset you can actually hear every single detail of your game in a crystal clear sound. Isn’t it so exciting to feel real while gaming?

It also is unique due to its dynamic chat boost, the volume of the chat raises automatically during intense and loud gaming situations. Which is a proof that this headset, is both beauty and brains.

Here are a few Pros and Cons to the Turtle Beach Z22 headset which will give you a more detailed overview of what this headset is.

  • Crystal Clear sound quality
  • Adjustable Bass and Treble Boost
  • Comfortable to wear with adjustable headband
  • It is a little bulky in size

Almost all headsets come with some flaws but they can be ignored if there are too many positive features and qualities in the headset. Same is the case here, the Z22 is bulky but on the contrary it is mere perfection.

There are in line separate volume controls for gaming and for chatting too. Another amazing feature of this headset is that it is a USB powered headset and no batteries or adapters are required to charge it.

Plus it is a multi-purpose headset, you can use it for gaming and you can plug your cellphone with it and listen to music for hours.

The major priority for every gamer in a headset is that of its comfort but in the case of Z22, you no longer have to worry about that as it ensures you complete comfort with its padded ear pads and adjustable headband to fit your size perfectly.

The customer reviews of these awesome pairs of headphones are highly positive till date and they have reviewed it as the best gaming headset. This headset is high in quality, numerous in features, excellent in functioning and above all, it is low in budget, what else would you look for in one ideal headset?

The Turtle Beach Z22 is worth the every penny that you spend on it and it is completely reliable!

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